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As we all known with the traffic jam of the Dhaka and major cities of our countries and the most horrible matter about the jam is, there is hardly any solution to make it easy and from this point of view “Pathao” could play a vital role on this matter. According to the modern age smartphones are pretty much available to all the persons of our countries specially to those who lives in the mega cities like Dhaka or a like. When the transport system of the mega city is somehow irritating to all class of people then the management must have to think about something extra by which the general people can feel some relief from the “Phatao” is mainly a “App” based service and anyone can take this service who at least use a smartphone. They just to install the App on their phone with Internet connection and send a request to the “Pathao” rider via the App. Then the rider will make a phone call to the passenger about his/her current position and the rider is going to pick up the passenger according to information of the passenger.

This way so many good things is going to happen:

- Motorbikes are one of the common and easy riding vehicles of this time.
- It takes very short place to move on the road and thats why less chance to stuck in the jam.
- Maximum of the bike rider move/ride alone and there is always an empty seat on their back, they can utilize this seat by sharing it with a paying service.
- Ultimately, this will open a new chance to gain or earn some money for the bikers community who is going to accept this willingly.
- People who always trying to avoid the jam and mass communicative vehicles like Buses or CNG's are going to feel free from them.
- Very easy to call and very shortly arrived on the spot, in a word it is easy to use for the both rider and the passenger.

With all these there are so many things by which the general passenger feels it safe and easy to communicate in the roads of Dhaka city. The most important information we have from the general passengers that they feel easy and free. Many of them satisfied with the matter that they don't have to see the serious face of the “Bus conductor” or the “CNG's driver”.

So far we have information from the root level there are some negative things and these can solve then this will be a perfect plan to reduce the jam and wastage of time.

This will be privilege for all of us to know about the complain and some negative matter about “Pathao” and we hope this will help to solve all the obstacles and will improve the service of this system:

At first as we all know that the whole country is very serious about the safety of the women in the whole country and thats why this often mentioned as the first complain that:

- Riders often make phone call to the numbers of the lady passenger with disturbing sound. This things put the whole system in the shame.

- So for now the most serious issue about this matter is, there is huge lack of communication in the Administration by which the “Pathao Rider's” have to face in a serious trouble by the police sergeants. This problem often become so acute that some “Pathao Rider” left the service.

As like “Khondokar Sahadat Nayon” said in the face book page: “Can anyone speak about the future of Pathao, from the last few days I'm riding with a fear, fear of Police case. I afraid, Pathao is going to close one day?

“Moyen Mahmud” said: “Change the law and legalities immediately, with a heavy rage he further said that, if there is one more serious police case then the bike and whole Pathao service is going to suffer in the Red room.

But there is one point is different in the opinion of a rider name “Bulbul Vuiyan” he said: “There is nothing to worry about the matter of Police case. Pathao authority is going to take care of that point. His picture shows that a rider have to hold a case of 1500 taka but Pathao team is going to see the matter cordially if the papers of case handed over to them.

- There is common question among the Pathao riders about the “Illegal carriage” of the passenger when it is almost impossible to search the passenger before ride. And thats why the riders wants to uphold the matter to the authority to check this out.

After all, the whole system is pretty much praise worthy and this will be a milestone in the history of road travels of our country. The authority just have to look out the irritating matters by which the “Pathao Riders” and the “Passengers” have to suffer somehow or someway. This is better to say that, nothing is out of the side effect but the effort could be taken to make the system side effect free.

At the last we can say that, its an appreciate-able thinking of the creative mind and this will gain a excellent success on the road transport system of the city like Dhaka where people often found them in depressed situation when they are on the way. We hope that the authority will find out the problem and make it more safe for the regular passenger same time they will make the proper steps to move its activity in a large number.

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