KEEWAY Motorcycles

KEEWAY Motorcycles

  • Keeway Exchange Offer
    Keeway Bangladesh is delighted to offer "Exchange Offer" for selected Keeway Models with "Brand New RKS 150 CBS" version.The first COMBINED BRAKING SYSTEM MOTORCYCLE in Bangladesh. The offer is valid for first 50 customers only. Terms and Condition:- I. The exchange offer is valid for RKS100 and RKS125 II. No bike over 20,000 KM will be entertained for the exchanges program III. Price for RKS-150 CBS is 162900 and registration cost is 15,00... English Bangla
  • Keeway Surprise Offer Round-01 come to end
    One of the enormous company of Keeway represented an surprise offer which come to wide success to their customers and last 22nd November of 2017 they announced the names of the winners. They selected lucky 45 out of 450 customers. They have purchased Keeway in the time of 1st November to 15th November and those who purchased later of 15th November, they also have the chance in the 2nd round and more 75 will be selected in the random basis. ... English Bangla
  • Keeway Surprise Offer
    Keeway is now one of the enormous brand in Bangladesh, only because its design and style attracts the bikers most. This brand has a huge demand in the recent all over Bangladesh. Very recently they have launched a bike with CBS braking system in the local market of Bangladesh. On the other hand, “Superlight” already made a place in the hearts of the bikers of Bangladesh. From the starting of their business, they offered so many offer to... English Bangla
  • Keeway motorcycle price for September 2017
    As we all know besides the trust worthy motorcycle manufacturing companies few other are trying to build up a good position at the local market in our country. Keeway is one of them and as a European brand it is now becoming well known motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. They manufacture stylish motorcycles powered with latest features and they offer those in reasonable prices. Speedoz Ltd is the sole distributor of Keeway motorcycles in Bangla... English Bangla
  • Keeway motorcycle price in Bangladesh 2017
    Keeway is now become one of well known motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. Mainly this European brand manufactures stylish motorcycles powered with latest features and they offer those in reasonable prices. Speedoz Ltd is the sole distributor of Keeway motorcycles in Bangladesh and they are having good business at the motorcycle market. Following the new government regulation of progressive manufacturing Speedoz Ltd has reduced the price of Keew... English
KEEWAY motorcycle reviews
  • Keeway RKS 150 CBS user review by Raaz Islam
    There are many Chines motorcycles in our market which are popular at present besides the Indian and Japanese motorcycles. Most of the people said that the Chinese motorcycles are not qualified and don't last for long time but Keeway proved it is wrong. Because after using Keeway motorcycle I don't feel it a Chinese motorcycle. At present I am using Keeway RKS 150cc CBS. I like its look, brak... English Bangla
  • Keeway Magnet 100 user review by Abu Kalam Azad
    Motorcycle is something like a daily need of general people of this time as this become the most common vehicle for the common communicate in the very much common way. On the other hand, some people use motorbikes to complete official works. Well, I use motorcycle for my office duty and to have some fun in the holiday by moving somewhere to have some fun. I'm MD. Abul Kalam Ajad, an empl... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Shahruk Alam Choice
    I have bought RKS 100 V3 model at 27th July 2017. Today my bike becomes three months old and now I think I can place a review about this bike. Firstly I want to say within these three months I have ride 2873 Kilometers and serviced my bike twice for free, one at after 670 kilometers and other one is after 2300 kilometers. Outlook of this bike is very charming I think. It can seize the e... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 22000KM user review by Tanvir Ahmed
    Keeway RKS 100 V1, I have purchased this bike at 13th march 2015 from the main Speedoz Showroom located at Mohakhali Dhaka. Alongside daily travel sometimes speeding and touring with my bike is my leisure activity. Like this way I have passed two years with my bike and it has run 22000 kilometers. By this time my experience level also increased a lot with my bike. I have taken sufficient ti... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Dibakar Saha Deep
    This is Dibakar Saha Deep a Software Engineer. At present I am using Keeway RKS 100 v3. I didn't hve any idea about Keeway but I get information from Facebook and many other groups. This is my first bike I haven't used any bike before. The main reason of buying this bike is its a stylish and good looking bike, its price is affordable and for better mileage. I already mentioned that there are... English Bangla
KeeWay is a multinational brand of Europe. This brand was born in Hungary in 1999. They are producing good quality motorcycle with attractive look. The design and style of bikes are inspired from the user’s experience and this brand count with a team of designers from all over the world, some expert and young entrepreneur designers from Italy and Argentina. KeeWay is manufacturing scooters, and high technology motorcycles from 50 cc to 600 cc. KeeWay is a part of the Qianjiang motor company of China group which is one of the most important manufacturers in Asia. In China and also in other countries QJ has become the successful brand after the acquisition of a majority share holding of the Italian company Benelli. This 105 years old company is enormously famous in Europe. Benelli is now the main partner of KeeWay motorcycle in the development of design and technology. Generally they concentrate on the design that set trends in the motorcycle world. So the company is proud because all designs and latest technology proposal of this brand come from the hands of the new design and development team in Benelli and KeeWay. KeeWay has taken only 15 years to become a multinational motorcycle brand and occupying in over 80 countries. It is one of the popular manufacturers in Asia now.

In Bangladesh you will find a difficult competition in the segment of motorbike. Some brands are dominating in the market. No company can survive in front of such competition except innovative feature and various value added offering. This company is a newcomer in Bangladesh and is expected to be hit for their outstanding performance. The goal of KeeWay is to deliver inspirational motorcycle comparing to the professional attitude of the established brands. The company is offering motorbikes that are powerful, fashionable and also reliable. These extraordinary models of KeeWay represent ruggedness and toughness skill. The company is confident with their spectacular motorcycle models. These bikes have excellent mileage and acceleration. The engine performance is brilliant and offers great power to the rider. There are 100cc, 125cc and 150cc bikes of KeeWay are available in the market.
Usually 100cc and 125cc bikes have air cooled 4 stroke, SOHC single cylinder and 2-valve engine. 100cc bikes have 4 speed transmissions and 125cc bikes have 5 speed transmissions with single disc up front brake in the front and drum brake in the rear. KeeWay 150cc bikes which are available in Bangladesh usually of 5 speeds, 2 valve single cylinder and 4-Stroke engine with good performance. These 150cc bikes possessed aggressive design, powerful engine and extra features like digital speedometer have made these bikes irresistible to the younger generation. Bikes of KeeWay are comfortable for long run and also safe. You will find good brake, suspension in both front and rear and very good ground clearance. Undoubtedly KeeWay’s bikes are fit to ride and all types of rider can choose KeeWay bike as it has various models and size.

Speedoz the importer of KeeWay bike in Bangladesh. They are bringing good quality for the riders of Bangladesh. Speedoz started their journey in 2009 with Megelli motorcycle. From then this company is working with different brand gladly. Speedoz Ltd. Was formed by three entrepreneurs and this company has setup assembly plant in Bogra. They have a target to go full on manufacturing within 2-3 years with KeeWay motorcycle. Keeway motorcycles are also available through well-known dealers in Dhaka, Chittagong and Joypurhat.

Importers Details:

Speedoz Ltd
Holding#60, New Airport Road, Amtoli, Mohakhali
Dhaka Bangladesh
Hotline: 01990 400 600
Showroom: 01990 400 644
Service & Support: 01990 400 615, 01990 400 645
KEEWAY Showrooms Bangladesh
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Auto PointBograDetails
Aymaan MotorsHabiganjDetails
Simanto MotorsRangpurDetails
Keeway GalleryDinajpurDetails
Maa EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
New Shovo EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Jim EnterpriseBograDetails
Nondy MotorsKhulnaDetails
Rezia MotorsJhenaidahDetails
Bismillah Enterprise & MotorsMadaripurDetails
Liton Electronics & MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Razib ElectronicsJamalpurDetails
Golden MotorsFaridpurDetails
Ali MotorsDhakaDetails
New A K R EnterpriseDhakaDetails
Alhaj Salauddin AutomobilesDhakaDetails
Islam MotorsDhakaDetails
Raziv EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
Bishal Electronics CenterLakshmipurDetails
Sami MotorsFeniDetails
Rahman & Nahar EnterpriseCoxs BazarDetails
Reza EnterprisePirojpurDetails
New Bike Center RampuraDhakaDetails
New Bike CenterDhakaDetails
Shova TradersLalmonirhatDetails
Union MotorsDhakaDetails
Soha MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Bike GalleryMymensinghDetails
Al-Zia EnterpriseMymensinghDetails
M/S Mohedul MotorsSatkhiraDetails
M/S Siyam MotorsDinajpurDetails
Taj EnterpriseNetrakonaDetails
KDA MotorsChittagongDetails
M/S Karma UnnayanBarisalDetails
M/S Aymaan MotorsSylhetDetails
M/S Saikot EnterpriseRangpurDetails
M/S Shoumik MotorsKurigramDetails
M/S F A Electronics & MotorsGaibandhaDetails
M/S Talukder MotorsDinajpurDetails
M/S Mou Electronics & MotorsSirajganjDetails
M/S Rahman MotorsPabnaDetails
M/S Western TradingChapai NawabganjDetails
M/S Shatarupa EnterpriseNatoreDetails
M/S Zaman MotorsNatoreDetails
Mahbub TradingJoypurhatDetails
M/S. M. B. MotorsBograDetails
Ridoy EnterpriseBograDetails
M/S Mohidul MotorsSatkhiraDetails
M/S New Kushtia MotorsKushtiaDetails
M/S Jaber MotorsKhulnaDetails
M/S Tareq MotorsFeniDetails
M/S Eastern Byke GalleryFeniDetails
M/S Nabil MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
M/S S.M. MotorsComillaDetails
M/S Mahi EnterpriseTangailDetails
M/S Aurin EnterpriseTangailDetails
M/S S. A. MotorsNarsingdiDetails
M/S Ratul MotorsNarayanganjDetails
M/S Amena MotorsManikganjDetails
M/S Bismillah Electronics & MotorsMadaripurDetails
M/S Speedoz PlazaKishoreganjDetails
M/S Macca MotorsGazipurDetails
M/S Hai MotorsGazipurDetails
M/S Hossain MotorsGazipurDetails
Salauddin AutomobilesDhakaDetails
M/S Bismillah Best Bike GalleryFaridpurDetails
M/S Shafiq MotorsDhakaDetails
M/S New Bike CentreDhakaDetails
Bangladesh EnterpriseDhakaDetails
M/S Shuvo MotorsRajshahiDetails
Ratul MotorsNarayanganjDetails
M/S Mahabub TradingJoypurhatDetails
M/S Mahabub TradingChittagongDetails
Mithila MotorsDinajpurDetails
Chand MotorsChandpurDetails
Speedoz LtdDhakaDetails
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