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Keeway RKR 165 motorcycle review by Mahmudul Hasan Shawon

My name is Shawon, I am 30 years old and I live on Mymensingh Sadar upazila. Why I love biking: First thing is I can familia...

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Keeway RKR 165 3000km riding experiences by Fahad Akid Rehman

Bike riding is my hobby and I love to ride bike. I’m a doctor and because of my profession I remain busy most of the time. W...

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Keeway RKR 165 3500km riding experiences by Shamim Arafat Rocky

Assalamualaikum! Myself Shamim Arafat Rocky. I am a college lecturer (ICT), web developer and publisher by the profession. Als...

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Keeway K Light 7000km riding experiences by Tarik Al Nehal

I am Tarikul Islam and now I’m using one of the most stylish and attractive cruiser Keeway K-Light 150. Till now I have ride...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Abid Hossain

In 100cc segment I think Keeway Rks 100 V3 is the most stylish and attractive bike because its design and features are totally...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 First Ride Review by Jahid Hasan

Design is the major attractive part of a bike. Every bike lover attracts towards an attractive designed bike. I like the desig...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by MD Rasel

I am getting 150cc bikes feelings from my Keeway RKS 100 V3. When I have decided to purchase a bike I start looking for bike a...

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Keeway RKS 100 v3 user review by Showrov Khan

I am Showrov Khan and now I’m using Keeway RKS 100 V3. I like this bike very much especially its design and latest features....

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Suzuki Hayate Special Edition Motorcycle Review by Najmul Hossain

I am Najmul Hossain and I’m a service holder. Because of my official work I need to travel various places. For this I badly ...

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Keeway RKR 165 user review by Shamim Arafat Rocky

I am Shamim Arafat and now I’m using one of the famous bikes in Bangladesh called Keeway RKR 165. Few days ago I have purcha...

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Bike Tips

Bike Maintenance Tips during Monsoon

In daily use of the bike, we need some maintenance but, during the rainy season, we need to take special care of the bike, bec...

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What can happen if there is water in the bike silencer or engine?

Currently, due to rain and flooding in different cities of the country, many people are facing problems in traveling with bike...

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Riding tips in summer season

Currently, the country is experiencing summer, but because of that, bikers will not stop, we have to use bikes for our daily w...

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Things to look after Eid journey on bike

The month of Ramadan is almost at the end and after a few days the holy Eid-ul-Fitr, many of us are preparing to return home b...

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Reason behind low mileage

Bike mileage becomes a very important factor while buying a bike, because nowadays the price of fuel has increased more than b...

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Positive and negative side of installing wider tire

Bike manufacturer spend a lot of time for the research and development, because they use the best parts and accessories accord...

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Tasslock user review by Rimon Mahmud

Assalamualikum, I am Rimon Mahmud, I have to use bike for daily routine work and I have installed Tasslock security system on ...

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What is engine brake?

When talking about brakes or braking on a bike, one thing must be talked about, that is the engine brake and it is a very impo...

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Reason behind Hard Gear Shifting in bikes

Clutch, Brake, Gear, Accelerator etc. are some of the important things in riding a bike, and through all these the bike is run...

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Important maintenance tips for a bike

Maintenance is very important for long-term use of a bike, because if you do not take care of the bike, you will not get good ...

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Bike News

MRF Steel Brace Tire Price in Bangladesh

Recently MRF Steel Brace tire has launched in the market of Bangladesh through Royal Enterprise. Introducing the MRF Steel Bra...

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Yamaha Bike Price in Bangladesh May 2024

The popularity of Yamaha bikes in our country's market is quite high, especially in the 150cc segment in Bangladesh. Not only ...

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Lifan Bike Price in Bangladesh May 2024

Lifan has brought budget-friendly bikes to the market in Bangladesh and has shown that it's possible to create bikes at reason...

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GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh May 2024

Design and features are the main attractions of GPX bikes. Currently, the bikes they have in our market have created a good po...

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Yamaha Bike Price in Bangladesh April 2024

With its bike design and constant introduction of new features, Yamaha has won the hearts of bikers, and over the past few yea...

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Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh April 2024

In the current market of Bangladesh, Hero is a very popular brand for bikes ranging from 100cc to 210cc. Many of their bikes c...

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TVS Bike Price in Bangladesh April 2024

TVS has become capable of capturing the market very well through their powerful engine-equipped bikes. They have a range of bi...

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Lifan Bike Price in Bangladesh April 2024

Budget-friendly bikes are readily available for customers, and this has been demonstrated by the popular brand Lifan. In the m...

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Zontes Bike Price in Bangladesh April 2024

From the perspective of features, if any brand has enriched its bike more, then it's undeniable that Zontes has done so. Zonte...

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GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh Aprill 2024

The daily new designs and features are the main attractions of GPX bikes. In our country's market, the bikes they currently ha...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
Runner Motorcycle Company Showroom (RAPLC)Runner,Aprilia,VespaDetails
Motorcycle GardenYamahaDetails
Motorcycle GallerySuzukiDetails
New Motorcycle MartHeroDetails
Cumilla Motorcycle GalleryHeroDetails
Rana Motorcycle CenterBajajDetails
Benelli Keeway Main ShowroomBenelli, KeewayDetails
PHP Motorcycle LtdPHPDetails
Chand AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
S.K. TardersBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bike BazarBenelli, KeewayDetails
Oyshi EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Omor MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Sumi Motorcycle GardenBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bhai Bhai TradersBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mahbub TradersBenelli, KeewayDetails
Haider & CoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Abir MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Kazi MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Abdullah MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Shiraz MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Jessore AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mridula InternationalBenelli, KeewayDetails
Sadhin AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Meghna MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mizan MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tafsi EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Asia MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Talukdar MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Al Borak MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tamim MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Madina AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Zaman MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Saptadinga SarborahoBenelli, KeewayDetails
ASB MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
S A MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Mojibor AutoBenelli, KeewayDetails
Tithi EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Samit MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Wafika AutomobilesBenelli, KeewayDetails
Madina MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Adarsha EnterpriseBenelli, KeewayDetails
Green AutomobileBenelli, KeewayDetails
Chairman AtomobilesBenelli, KeewayDetails
Sonath MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Nayem Bike PointBenelli, KeewayDetails
Master MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Janvi MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bike GardenBenelli, KeewayDetails
Kohinur MotorsBenelli, KeewayDetails