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The Infinity Meter features come in very handy for me - Bajaj Pulsar N160 user Sanjoy

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This bike purchased from Sabuj Motors, Kurigram

The Infinity Meter features come in very handy for me - Bajaj Pulsar N160 user Sanjoy


Bajaj has some masterpiece bikes in their naked sports segment and this company has recently launched Bajaj Pulsar N160 in the market Bangladesh. I like this bike because of its looks, meanwhile, I was going to buy another bike but after seeing Pulsar N160 I really like it. I especially like the dual-channel ABS braking, muscular design, and exhaust sound of this bike. I used Pulsar Twin Disc before buying the Pulsar N160 bike. After all Bajaj Pulsar N160 won my heart and I have bought this one. Still, now I have ridden a total of 700 kilometers in 15 days. Today I am going to share with you some good and bad sides of this bike.

After riding I have found these good sides
• The engine of this bike seems very smooth to me. The engine of this bike can produce more power and provide smooth riding. On the other hand, I have to speed up 95 KMPH and 70-kilometer rides in a day, so in this ride, I am totally satisfied.
• The cornering of this bike seems far better to me. As this bike has a fatty tire so generally the cornering will be good.
• The weight of this bike is high but when I ride or get stuck in a traffic jam, nothing makes sense that it weighs so much. The main reason for this is the weight distribution which makes the bike feels very comfortable to ride.
• The dual-channel ABS is rare in this segment and I really liked the ABS braking performance after a 700 km ride.
• The pillion seating position is very comfortable which makes it possible to ride comfortably for long distances with the pillion.
• I like the infinity meter and the features which remain in this meter are very helpful. These features help me a lot during my bike ride.

Some bad sides of this bike Pulsar N160
• The handlebar is now a bit stiff which is why I noticed that it hurt my hands a little for longer rides. I found the handlebar to be a bit stiff at first and then slowly loosen up.
• As the seating position of the pillion is comfortable, but riding on muddy or watery roads, water splashes on the body of the pillion which I found a bit uncomfortable. Besides, so far I have not found any bad sides.

This was my user experience with Bajaj Pulsar N160 which I got after the 700-kilometer ride. For those who want to have expressed interest in buying Bajaj Pulsar N160, I would say that you can definitely buy the bike.

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