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SYM Symphony S 125cc user review by Norozzaman

2017-11-05 Views: 3205

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SYM Symphony S 125cc user review by Norozzaman


Most of the people in Bangladesh think that Scooters are ladies transportation system. But in the whole world men use scooters more than women. Scooters are mainly an ideal transport for normal riding in cities. Those people who want to ride a motorcycle freely without any problems than scooter is the best option for them. So I use the world famous Taiyuan brand SYM's Symphony 125 Scooter for better movement from my home to office.

This is Norozzaman (Jaman) By profession I am a service holder. I always need a motorcycle of my own to go to my office for better transportation system. It is hard to move from one place to another in Dhaka city. There are jams everywhere, the situations of buses and CNG etc are regular problems in Dhaka city. Thats why at first I bought TVS Wego and after using for long time I sold it and bought SYM Crox After that when I saw SYM Symphony 125 and its features I like this bike and grab it.


The main reason of loving this bike for its high wheels they are 16 Inches high. Usually scooters provide 10-12 Inch wheels and it is hard to drive on the bad and rough roads especially in rainy season when the roads are flooded. But Symphony's high wheels solved my problems. I also noticed that SYM's scooters have more powerful engine than Indian scooters.

I have experienced it of my own that the engine is really powerful as I was able to reach the speed of 60-70 KMPH very easily even with someone else on the back seat. There was no vibration at all at such speed and I am satisfied with it.

The design is simple but unique. Build quality is good enough. The scooter is beautifully designed and build strongly. Especially the body kits are made of fiber and all the other parts are very strong and qualified. Till now there is not a single scratch or stain on my scooter. The weight is 114 kg and that provide me a smooth ride. The weight is very helpful for better braking, good controlling and comfort. I have experienced it.

The scooter is really comfortable sitting position, handlebar are very well managed and good enough. Footrest is much wide and gives me better comfort. Switches are very qualified and easy to use. The headlamps are really powerful and I think it provide more than enough lights at night. The horn is powerful but not harmful for ears.


Controlling is mind-blowing. There is no vibration at all. On the other hand the rear and front both suspensions are soft and provide a smooth journey even on the rough roads. There are dick brakes both in front and rear wheels and both tyres are tubeless thats give me a very powerful braking in any situations and tyres don't skid.

Mileage is a big issue in Bangladesh. I am getting 35-40 KMPL in busy traffics of Dhaka city and I think I can get 45 KMPL on highways easily. As a 125cc scooter I don't accept more than that.

Most of the time I have to take the customer support from the servicing center. They are really helpful and friendly. I am satisfied with them.


Some good sides
-High wheels that is really good on rough and flooded roads.
-Tyres are qualified, Provide well grip and don't skid.
-Both front and rear disk brakes.
-Enough space for the rider.
-Very food for family ride.

Bad sides
-Sometimes when the rider stop his foot touches the back seater's legs
-Price is little bit high.

At last I would like to say that I am satisfied with it. It is the perfect transportation from home to office. Number of showroom must increased. Happy ridding

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