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Keeway Superlight 150 user review by Wahidul Huda Dalton

In the decade of 80 or 90's when famous model of Honda's 50cc which direct made in Japan, was very popular and widely used in Bangladesh. It was also known as the “Honda cub”. I have learned to ride bike by this motorcycle in the year of 1988. I was only 12years old then. The bike was red color, clutch less and with 3 gears and the most interesting matter of this bike is, it was so easy to ride as well as the comfort of this bike is mentionable part. With the flow of time, I have ride so many bike that I lost the count but I miss that “Honda 50cc” motorbike.

I am MD. Wahidul Huda mostly known in the name of “Dalton”. I am a Banker mainly as the manager of “Standard Bank Limited” of “Bogra” branch. Now I'm using “ Keeway Superlight 150cc” cruiser. Right now I am going to share my experience with you about this bike.

My life with motorbike
I have used so many bikes before take this one as like in the year 1993-1994 “Honda 70cc” was my bike. Next was the same bike in the year of 2007 “Honda 70cc” (second hand) and I sold it in 2009 and took Hero Honda Passion Pro, 100CC which is still performing excellently. And now in the year of 2016 I am using “Keeyway Superlight 150cc”

Why I choose this motorcycle
At first its charming looks make me weak to it. I am always weak at the bikes of the “Cruiser series”. This bikes Price, Getup, Configuration, Country of Origin everything I consider which make me feel that, this bike is only made for me. Ha ha ha....

Control and comfort
Cruiser mainly designed and used for travel a long road. There is no alternate option then the cruiser bike on the matter of comfort. On this matter of comfort I want to add something on this point that some biker keep them aloof from bike only due to some physical pain they can choose this bike without any hesitation. I am regularly commute Rajshahi to Bogra with my previous “Hero Honda Passion Pro” but I have to take a tea brake in the middle of the road for the waist pain. Recently I'm commuting through the “Keeyway Superlight” at a stretch. I never feel that I have traveled 120 kilometer at a stretch. So you can easily guess the comfort of this bike on the long ride. Only because of its heavy weight and wide tire, it gives an excellent control.

In the front of this bike there is a round shape big headlight which gives a very clear light thats why no one going to feel any problem due to less light.

Cruiser bike never made for break frequently but this bike has disk brake in the front and drum brake in the rear wheel. Each of them make their duty excellently. The wheels never skid on the road for wide body.

Good side
- Gorgeous look at first
- Stylish design
- Matt black color
- Wide tire and big break
- Big footrest
- Big wide soft seat
- Comfortable handle bar and switch
- Powerful engine

Bad side
- Two main problem for the pillion, no backrest and not comfortable as well.
- Wheelbase is heavy thats why it slightly difficult to ride in the city.

Customer service
Only for the shake of the bike each of the customer have to take the service. They are very much sincere to their customers.

For whom this bike is?
On my point of view, cruiser series have its on gorgeous personality which others common bike rarely have. Those who have travel long in many occasion, I suggest to them to take this bike. Why because its comfort make me feel so. One thing is better to mention on this point that this bike is only for the amateur bikers. Not for those who love to chase the road.

Each of the person have own choice and personality thats why my words may not match with them. All the opinion mentioned in this article is only mine. There is nothing odd to be different with others.

I have just tried my best to uphold the good and bad side of this bike.

Take care of yourselves.
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