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Keeway Superlight 150 motorcycle ownership review by Shariful Haque Topu Bangla Version
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Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

Keeway Superlight 150 motorcycle ownership review by Shariful Haque Topu

Keeway Superlight 150 Nowadays motorcycles are becoming very demanding vehicles among all. Countries like Bangladesh where traffic is a big problem motorcycles are very helpful. My name is Topu and I live in the capital of Bangladesh where traffic jam is one of the biggest issues. That is why I prefer motorcycles for better movement at the city road. At present days I am riding Keeway Superlight 150 motorcycle which is giving me better service and easy movement through the city. I want to share my experience about best performance of the super light 150. Most of the roads are surrounded by cars and other four wheelers and this is the main reason to buy this bike. Without facing any bigger difficulties I can use this bike to any kind of roads and I was a motorcycle lover and user from the past that’s why I set my mind to purchase a motorcycle. I want to share my experience about the performance of the super light 150 and why I purchased it.

Reason to have this bike:

One of the most and first reason to have this bike is because its look and design attracted me so much. The colour combination and matt finished skin made outlooks of this bike so attractive which has attracted me at the first glance. Without this reason this bike belongs to multinational company and its features are very user-friendly. The pric3e is also affordable and that makes me to buy this bike.

Purchasing experience of Superlight 150:

There are no special experiences when I purchased this bike. After I decided to have this bike I have read the features of this bike at internet and after that during the offer period of Speedos Company I booked this bike. After that I had to wait for a while. Few days later they called me and said that from Chittagong port this bike had arrived and now I can buy it. Within one week I purchased my own Superlight 150.

Riding experience:

Riding experience with my motorcycle is awesome until now. When I made my mind to have this bike I didn’t know that this motorcycle will pleased me that much which I am know. I still can’t believe that day after day this motorcycle is satisfying me more and more. The more I use more I gathered new experience which is really charming. But for the best experience I have to wait until the braking period. I have ridden this bike to different roads and situation it doesn’t disappoint me at all.

Controlling and Comfortness:

These two things are related with each other and at this side my motorcycle pleased me so much. More or less everyone who had ridden this bike won’t complain at the controlling because this motorcycle contains very good dimension. That’s why it is easy to control. This motorcycle has fatty tires which are very helpful to provide the rider better controlling at different types of roads. Because this bike gives me better controlling for this reason I have got great comfort during my riding period. Suspensions of this motorcycle are upgraded and brakes are very effective which ensure me good and comfortable journey. I would recommend other riders to ride this bike and enjoy the riding by their own.

Top speed and mileage:

As cruiser category bike top speed and mileage is not a big issue. But I have personally experienced good top speed and mileage with my bike which is very satisfactory. Motorcycles mileage depends on mainly at fuel tuning but if I had to say about my bikes mileage at lien condition I have got 32 KM/L mileage and at rich condition this bike provides me 25 KM/L mileage. I have used my bike only 1300 KM, in my opinion after servicing and few days later this counting will change.

Those things I like about my bike:

After using this fantastic motorcycle I have to say overall there are not many things to dislike. Looks, style, design, controlling, overall performance all things made me pleased and all these things I like about my bike. Most loving thing about my bike is its comfortness which can pleased any other rider.

Those things I dislike about my bike:

As I say before overall I just love my bike but there are two features missing in this motorcycle which bothered me in different ways and they are Pass switch and Killing switch. These two features are important in a motorcycle in different situation.

How I get the best preference with superlight:

Keeway Superlight 150I am using this motorcycle for not so long but I guess I am having better performance because of the maintenance. I want to share my personal experience about best performance of the super light 150 and how I get that performance. I have got better performance by doing these things which are given bellow. I try to maintain Idle RPM of my bike always 1200 to 1400 rpm.

Pilot Air or FUEL Screw is 2.25 or 2.50 max 3.0 (counter clock wise turn out from 0) Rich condition, may be fuel will be consumed 25.5 KM/L. FUEL Type of my motorcycle is Octane I use Engine Oil of MOTUL, MOBIL 1, HAVOLINE 4T, which are certified by SAE, API, MA2,JASO and their grade is 10W-40 or 20W -50. I maintain the chain not very Tighten or not so loose I used to maintain the tyre pressure 40 at the rear side and 35 at the front side. NOTE: Please keep patient and wait for passing break in period and at least 2 servicing also.

Suggestion to other rider who want to buy superlight:

Many people thought because of china brand this motorcycle is not good enough for use. But I will suggest, read the features and study about their performance and who are using take their opinion you will get the answers.

At last I will say that this bike pleased me after started using it. In my view this bike is durable enough of long term use and I also asked the technicians they also said the same thing. Now how long lasting it will be that depends on your use and good maintenance and servicing.

Enjoy KeeWay Super light 150.

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