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Hero Passion X Pro user review by Ariful Islam

2019-08-14 Views: 1666
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This bike purchased from Alam Motors, Rajshahi

Hero Passion X Pro user review by Ariful Islam


Motorcycle is one of the common vehicle for personal ride by which one can move easily here to another place just according to wish ignoring the matter of traffic and road condition. As to make myself free on the road I have purchased Hero Fashion X Pro 20 days ago and so far now I have ridden my bike around 400 kilometers. My name is MD. Ariful Islam and I am a businessman by my profession. I am using my motorcycle mainly to maintain my personal and family purpose. Graphical designs over this one is more than up to the mark. Its color is very shiny and build quality is strong enough in my point of view. I am always having excellent mileage range in my motorcycle and I am very much comfortable with my motorcycle wherever I go or whatever the distance is. When to talk about the long distance? So far now I have just traveled not more than 40 kilometers at a stretch but this is not enough distance to understand the negative sides of a bike. Although I am comfortable just as my expectation. My motorcycles weight is finely balanced and by which I am always having exact control over my motorcycle as I should have. While riding on the night, headlight serves me good quantity of light to have the clear view of the front. No problem I can sense on the switches located on the handlebar as well. Suspensions are made with excellent quality why because those rarely let me feel the condition of the road even any shaking. Seating position of my bike is long enough where 2 persons can easily sit on. Self switch is working finely and the battery quality seems to be good enough to support for a long time. These are good sides of my bike which I have measured in my motorcycle by using this one from last 20 days:

New features have added to it
-Mileage range is praiseworthy
-Price is more than reasonable
-Engine is pretty powerful even as an engine of 110cc
-Breaking system is finely updated
-Self switch is working finely
-Tyres are excellent to serve the exact gripping remark

Switches located on the handlebar pretty nice to look at and same are those performance is
As I have been using my bike from the last 20 days so it is not enough time to find out something negative in my motorcycle. If I have anything like so then I will mention those in my next review.

When to talk about the reasons of purchasing this motorcycle ignoring the others bike of same segment? Then I have to mention the fact of mileage range for which the brand Hero is so renowned. Same time, I have listened about this motorcycle from so many people. So by considering these all I made my decision to purchase this Indian brand.

As the matter of mileage about which I have been praising a lot, right now I am having the mileage of 50 kilometers per liter while riding on the cities and 60 kilometers per liter while on highways. These marks are praiseworthy in my point of view as a bike of 110cc.

As to talk on the matter of control, this one’s breaking system is finely updated. My motorcycles front wheel has disk brake and rear one has drum and these are just good enough to have proper control over this motorcycle. Especially the disc brake makes me feel safe wherever I go or whatever traffic situation is. So my suggestion is, if you are thinking to purchasing bike of 110cc in a reasonable price then you can be serious about this one why because this one is just excellent enough to make you feel the trill on the road in a reasonable price.

Thanks to all for staying with me so long.

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