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Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Fi ABS 2500km riding experiences by Kazi Zubaidur

2020-02-23 Views: 760
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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This bike purchased from Bajaj Collection, Dhaka

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Fi ABS 2500km riding experiences by Kazi Zubaidur


This one is the second review about my Bajaj Pulsar NS160 FI ABS and I have shared my first review where I have mentioned that there are a few reasons to choose this motorcycle and one of the key reasons to choose it is its latest FI ABS technology. It is clearly true that there are so many bikes already in Bangladesh with the same technology but I found a huge difference on the matter of combination between the price and quality of those. So I have ignored all those. But I have to think differently when I notice the news of Bajaj Pulsar NS160 FI ABS. why because not only me rather most of the bikers of Bangladesh have to confess the quality and service of Bajaj that always fixed the price range just according to the quality of the product. So I have expected the same from Pulsar FI ABS. I was so hopeful at the beginning when I purchased this motorcycle but right now I am so depress with this motorcycle just for some specific reasons which is not expected as a brand like Bajaj and from the technology of FI ABS. So as I have started to talk about my depression about this one, we better take a look on the negative parts of this motorcycle from my point of view:

-First of all, I can’t found any way to install any security materials in this motorcycle and I have talked with the service center about this but unable to give me any solution or even any reasonable reply. They just told me that this motorcycles build quality has the system that no one can install any security.
-As I have mentioned on the top that I chosen this one as the latest technology on the market so that I might have the maximum performance from it. But I am not having so even after using FI technology on the engine. When I am talking about the engine performance then I must say about the mileage as because the mileage range is no way suit with the FI technology engine.
-The age of my motorcycle is just 3 months and I have to change the plug of my engine once in this period of time.
-When I am not having the expected performance from a bike of FI technology then it is quite normal to claim that its price is too high with the compare of Carburetor version of the same model. As because I have to purchase this FI version with extra 50K. Same time, I felt the less power of the engine according to the power of Carburetor engine. Meanwhile, I hope everything is going to be fine with the flow of time.

At the same time, these are the most charming sides of this motorcycle that I have sensed by using this motorcycle in the last 3 months:
-Its design is more than good enough in among bikes of its segment which can easily snatch the attention of the people whoever passes through it.
-Its comfortness is really impressive that will inspire you to cross any distance. So far now I have ridden this motorcycle 150 kilometers at a stretch where I merely can sense any problem mainly on the part of comfort.
-On the other hand, ABS technology serve the maximum comfort on the road whatever the road or traffic situation which badly need for any rider for this short of bike. The breaking system of this motorcycle is just more than good enough and I think it is only for the ABS technology.

If anyone asks that why I have chosen Bajaj Pulsar NS160 FI ABS when there are so many bike of the same segment which has launched long time ago before this one?
Then I am going to mention the look of this motorcycle that merely has any bike of this segment same time, this one is the latest version of Pulsar which has the FI technology engine and that made with ABS control same time, its price range is reasonable with the compare of the same bikes of its class.

Meanwhile if I have to talk about the mileage range in details then right now I am having the mileage of 32 kilometers maximum on the Dhaka city and when I am on the highway, this bike serving me the mileage of 35 kilometers per liter. As a bike 160cc FI technology this mileage is no way bad but everyone expect better than this range.
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