Top 10 bikes July 2019
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Top 10 bikes July 2019


Hello guys again we are here with the top ten bike list for July 2019. Every month ends and we team motorcycle valley become concern about the top bikes for that month, because users and buyers must know what are the position of their own bikes and nowadays which bikes are getting on top. Therefore it helps the non bike users to have a good choice in future when they are going to have one and also for the companies to improve their effort. As we all know on daily basis the rating and position of a bikes are changing because the users are showing their different interest among the motorcycle market, new bikes are adding to the list some are going out of the list. We always try to make our list with few components, and they are the search records of the users, sells record, overall demand, before and after arriving report and the own opinion of team motorcycle valley. From the last couple of months we have decided to add the sells record, search amount of the last three months and user ratings. Doing that a few bikes holds their positions strongly as they always do based on their demand and sells number and some bikes fade away from the run. For July the prepared list of top ten bikes are given bellow with all the information as much we can provide.


1. Bajaj Discover 125
For the last few months this bike is heading on the top because of the upgrade features, performance and overall demand. For the last two months it is topping the list and for this time as well we have listed this bike on top based on this month’s sells volume, users search and rating this bike is topping the list.


2. Hero Glamour
From 8th number to 4th and now in 2nd spot, so constant improvement and popularity of this bike shows how much spark it has left. In April this bike was at the 8th spot, based on the sells volume search results and user feedback this bike successfully decreased 6 steps and become the 2nd bike of our list. There is a saying, old is gold and for the last one decade Hero Glamour is proving that. For July this bike is spotted 2nd.


3. Bajaj Pulsar 150
With the arrival of many new bikes this bike was losing its position but not the popularity. As well all know how much popular still is. For the last few months gradually the sells volume and search records decreased of this bike because of new versions and new bikes which arrived at the market. But still users love this machine and as always it has good number of users. Therefore this for this month this bike is staying at the 3rd spot based on, users search, sells record, overall demand and the own opinion of team motorcycle valley.


4. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V
A couple of months back this new version of RTR lost its spot and decreased to 6th spot. But still this bike is at the choice list of the users and the feedback is pleasing. New outlook of at the RTR series, new technologies, smart color combination and the old racing DNA has that ability to attract people and it does. For this month this bike is staying at the 4th position of our list.


5. Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc
Another member of Bajaj Family and comes with the popular name of Pulsar series. This updated version of Pulsar 150 shows good performance and features among the users for that it was staying on top three for the last few months but based on the July search records and sells volume, users opinion and our own sayings this bike spotting at the 5th position of top ten bike list for July.


6. Yamaha FZS Fi V3
It has been admired by all that a new product always shows some craze for a few days. No doubt that Yamaha always brings in quality products but after a few days the craze just starts to slow down and for this bike that happens precisely. From Yamaha this is the latest gift, Bolder design new matte edition colors, upgrade braking, latest technology all are added at this bike and for that reason with in no time this bike gets in to the top five favorite list, for this month based on the all the components we use to make our list this bike has earned the 6th spot which was a decreasing number according to the previous ones.


7. Honda CB Hornet 160R SD
In our local market CB hornet always maintains a stable position. Sometimes because of the sells number it gets in top but in general this bike maintain the mid-range spot. For the last few months this bike is seen at 5th-7th spot and for this month his bolder and muscular bike is placed at the 7th number based on the entire criterion we maintain to make our list.


8. Bajaj Pulsar NS 160
If we see the last four months record we will see gradually this bike is losing its spot. In March it was at the 5th spot then came up strongly in April with the 4th position but for the last couple of month this bikes sells volume, search results all are decreasing. But in July it has managed to stay in a stable position rather than on the edge. NS 160 is now on the 8th spot of our top ten bikes list for July.


9. Hero Hunk 150
This bike from Hero still has something lest in it to hold a good market and satisfy the users. In general this bike enters and goes out from the list it has no fixed spot but for this month based on all the components of ours ties bike is spotting at the second last number of our list.


10. Honda CB Shine SP
A new entry inside the motorcycle market and also a new entry in top ten bikes list for this month. As this bike is newly introduced users rating is not that much important but based on the sells, and search this bike just managed to enter the top ten bikes list. Honda is expecting thrilling performance form this bike therefore users are getting interested. So this is the last bike of our list for July 2019.

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