Runner EID Double Offer 2019
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Runner EID Double Offer 2019


Runner Brings Eid double offer for their customers. Now with the every purchase on a runner bike buyers will surely have not only Up to TK 12000 cash back but also they will have a few interesting gifts as well.

Eid-Ul-Fitr is near at the door and Runner is trying to make this especial for their customers. They brings in Eid Double offer. While most of the other motorcycle companies are giving cashbacks and scratch card offer runner is thinking about something exceptional. Now on with the every purchase of six Runner motorcycles buyers will surely have up TK 12000 cash back. To make the enjoyment double Runner is offering a few gifts along with them. Buyer might have a Television, Freezer, Air conditioner, Micro wave oven, Laptop ETC many more interesting gifts besides the cashback offer. Those six bikes which are inside this offer are,

-Runner Royal +: Regular price: TK 101000, after offer price: TK 91000
- Runner Chita: Regular Price: TK 87000, after offer price: TK 79000
- Runner Bullet: Regular Price: TK 105000, after offer price: TK 95000
- Runner F100-6A: Regular Price: TK 88000, after offer price: TK 80000
- Runner Turbo 125: Regular Price: TK 130000, after offer price: TK 118000
- Runner Kite+: Regular Price: TK 91000, after offer price: TK 83000

All these bikes will be provided with interesting gifts as well. Therefore to grab this opportunity please visit the nearest runner showroom.
Runner, Bangladeshi since birth.

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