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Taro Bikes Loan / EMI Facility

2021-12-15 Views: 2073

Buy Taro GP bikes in easy installments

Taro GP does not have its own installment facility, but if you want you can buy Taro GP bikes through City Bank Bike Loan facility. The details of the installment are discussed below

City Bank Bike Loan Details

- Loan amount is up to TK 10,00,000. In this case you will be able to receive 80% of the amount with registration fee. (For women you can get 100% money including registration fee)
- Installment period is from 6 to 36 months
- Special installment and processing fees for women are absolutely free.
- Opportunity to buy more than one bike
- 90% loan against City bank FDR
- Age range 21-65 years

Minimum experience

- 1 year for salaried person
- 1 year for business, freelancer and professional
- 6 months for Ride Sharing persons
- 6 months for foreign remittance earner

Minimum income

- TK 12,000 / - for City Bank Staff Salary Officer.
- TK 15,000 for a salaried officer receiving money in an account.
- TK 20,000 for a salaried officer receiving cash.
- TK 25,000 for businessman, professional, landlord / homeowner.
- TK 30,000 for a freelancer.
- TK 15,000 for ride sharing person.
- TK 20,000 for foreign remittance earner.

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Requried Documents for The City Bank Bike Loan.