Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone DD user review by Sourav Hossain Bangla Version
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Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone DD user review by Sourav Hossain


Hello guys, I am Sourav Hossain (Shuvo) I am a BBA student at Varendra university of Rajshahi. Recently I have purchased Suzuki Gixxer because of my passion about motorcycles and for better transportation. I have been asked from Motorcycle Valley to share my very own experience about my bike and because of their request I am writing my own familiarities which I came to know about my bike.


As I mentioned earlier that I am passionate about motorcycle since my childhood and for better transportation I think it is the most suitable vehicle for me. Few years back when I first saw this motorcycle from then I want to have this bike. Budget was not an issue but due to family reasons I was not able to have my dream bike. But after I completed my higher secondary exams and admitted to university for I was in need of a bike. After one and half year discussion they allow me to have a bike. So without wasting any time I visited K.R bike center and choose the model and color and pay the money. I purchased the dual tone Black and green model of Suzuki Gixxer 150.


When I first saw this bike I just fall in love and set my mind to have it, so obviously I like the outlooks. This bike offers muscular design with good color combination and the overall dimension gives the outlooks excellent finish. This bike is designed with small size seating position I think for both the rider and pillion it can be larger. But when I ride alone I don’t feel any problem at all and I got good control as well. Already I have ridden at different road condition I didn’t feel any disturbance at the controlling because of good braking, suspensions and the comfortable handling. No problems occurred also at the cornering but sometimes because of the body weight I face difficulties at short turnings. This bike has wider rear tire along with the front so it was not a big problem at all and bike didn’t skid. According to my own rating I will give 4/5 for the design and control of this bike.


Till now I have got better braking and comfort because of double disc brakes and better quality suspensions. I don’t know much about these two sides specialty but I fell I am satisfied with them both. I haven’t ride at nights that much but for few times I have to ride and my experience was good. I think headlight power is sufficient and other electrical things such as indicators or the meter panel helped me a lot for better riding. In every ride I feel comfortable because of the entire features this bike contains. So for the comfort and braking I will give 5/5.


I have already said that I am giving a review of new bike and it has only completed 610 kilometers run. So it is very difficult to say about the good and bad sides of this bike but I until now whatever I felt those are given.
- Better control and comfort.
- Fast acceleration though this bike is in break-in period.
- Powerful electrical side.
- Rear design, sporty looks and better color combination as 150cc bike.
Bad things I saw:
- Short seating position.
- Paint quality could be better.


Because my bike is still in break in period I haven’t count the mileage and speed. For once I have taken the accelerator to 71 KM/H and after break-in period I can say the real top speed. Now I am getting approx 30+ mileages and it will cross 40 KM/L I guess.


After 400 kilometers run I have changed the engine oil as the experts recommended during purchase this bike. Now I am using the free engine oil which was provided with this bike but after 2000 kilometer I will use the synthetic engine oil.

So this was my own experience about my bike and if someone asks for my rating for now I will give 4 out of 5 and after the break-in period it will surely perform much better I think. And the overall build quality and the performance is very pleasant according to the bikes price. All these sayings may vary with other people because all I have written above is my personal experience and which I monitor with my bike.

Ride safe, wear helmet.
Thank you for reading.
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