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Bajaj Discover 125 user review by Sumon


Bike is something one of my basic need to complete and manage my business and family tasks same time, bike is an essential part of life to have some fun freely in the holidays with family. For all these reasons, I have been using “Bajaj Discover 125cc” from the last 3 years. This one is my first bike to say. In these period of time, I have found this bike pretty good in performance and often make me feel bad. Today I am MD. Sumon Ali here to share my experience with you guys which will be quite helpful for you to make your decision with it when you are serious to purchase this one. Lets see the features and performance of “Bajaj Discover 125cc” in my hands.

As to say about the engine of this bike, even after using this from the last 3 years, it is still serving me in a outstanding way. Till now, I can't sense any bad sound or any less performance in the engine and I hope this bike will perform the same in future. At the same time, with the good engine performance, I am having good mileage from this bike which is currently 60 kilometer per liter and I think as a 125cc bike this mileage is good enough to mention this bike as an excellent one.

On the matter of design? This bike has such design which we can mention as a classy one and no one have to think about the design and matching to ride this this one. Same time, with the good design, this bike has some excellent graphics on its body which enhance its beauty in a large number. On the other hand, its build quality is strong enough from my view. By considering all, its a nice and clean bike from my opinion.

The next matter is about its comfort. Handlebar and seating position has a nice combination and thats why I feel actual the pleasure of riding a bike by seating on the seating position. Headlamp serve the light enough to have the clear view of the front but one thing is very negative from my experience and it is its indicator switches which are not so good in quality. Beside these, there are nothing I can sense which I can mention by marking red.

Its one major negative part is, this one vibrates badly in high speed. Meanwhile, along with its good braking system, its suspension hardly let me feel any shake of the rough road. I have noticed thats its rear wheel lightly slips when I pull the brake in emergency basis. On the matter of control, this bike is good enough from my view.

I am pretty happy by visiting their servicing center. They are quite good at their duty even their behavior is good enough to make a customer smile.

Good sides:
- Mileage is just extra ordinary
- Comfortable to ride
- Powerful engine.

Negative side:
- Problem in the chain and its function.

According to the quality, performance and others features of this bike, the price of “Bajaj Discover 125cc” is fine enough from my view. But it would be better to less it little more. Those who come to for advice whether they should purchase this bike or not? I personally advice them to have it without any doubt.
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