Motorcycle engine cc limit should be increased at least 250cc in Bangladesh : June Shadiqullah Bangla Version
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His name is Mohammad Shadiqullah, but he is commonly known as “JUNE”. JUNE-BIKE-TRAVEL these three words are connected to each other. He always use motorcycle for travelling one place to another, whether he want to go for office or his hometown Dinajpur or the neighbor countries like India and Nepal. He must need his bike for all the tours he completes. In one day he travelled Teknaf to Tetulia where he had to ride around 1000 kilometers, within five days he completed the journey of 64 districts of our country, he passed through almost four thousands kilometer ride to see the Himalaya mountain, Nepal and many other memorable tours are completed by him with his bike.

Recently he visited the Motorcycle Valley office. when he was in a conversation with the team members of motorcycle valley he shared many of his memorable activities like how he started his motorcycle riding life, national and international tours he made, how much passionate he is about motorcycle and many more. Few questions were asked by the team motorcycle valley and Mr. June answered all of them.

MotorcycleValley: Please tell us about the starting story of your motorcycle ride.
June Shadiqullah: As I remember it was 2006 or 2008, I used work at EPZ (Garments sector). My office provided me a car, that’s why I was not in need of a motorcycle. My work place was far enough from my house and few days later I made my mind and changed the job. I took an employment at Uttara, Dhaka. On that time I was used to live at Kallyanpur (backside of Khalek Petrol Pump), Dhaka. I had to reach my office with the help of Public Bus. One day I realized that I need a motorcycle and called a friend of mine. I asked for his suggestion, where I can get motorbike at installment. Few days later I came to know that Singer Company provides motorcycles at installment on that time. On that note I visited the showroom of Singer and choose a bike, it was a 100cc bike and the price was near about TK 56000-60000. I have to pay around thirty thousand as the first installment and I can pay the rest within one year. Because I have no money on that time I requested my parents and some other family members for money and they gave it to me. One of my friends was working for Singer and he helped me to get my bike at installment, because of him my purchasing process becomes easier and I took a bike of my own. Many days past I was enjoying my ride with that bike but I felt now I must change the bike and take better one. Therefore I changed my bike and took Bajaj Pulsar 150 because on that time this bike was very popular in our country. Though I had Pulsar but I was afraid to travel long journeys only because this bike didn’t have Tubeless tyre. Few days later I took Yamaha FZS which was one of the finest bikes I have ridden. I had taken many trips with that bike and my first long ride was with my wife and the place was Bandarban.

MotorcycleValley: 1000 kilometer rider in one day (Teknaf to Tetulia), what was your motive about this ride?
June Shadiqullah: Actually it was around 967 Kilometers and because I love to travel and bike riding is like one of the biggest passion to me, that’s why I made this trip, there were no special motives. My hometown is at Dinajpur district and I used to travel to my house with my bike and return at the very same day so this tour was not a big issue anyway. Without that I have never faced any kind of physical or mental problems at the riding periods during long journeys so I got the courage to make it. I would like to give some suggestions to those who want to have this kind of tour, firstly rider must have the habit of riding motorcycles for long times and before making a very long tour they must take some trips gradually, like 200/300 Kilometers for their own good. Taking rest time to time is one of the biggest parts of a long tour for both the rider and the vehicle. Drink water as much as you can it will be very helpful during the journey.

MotorcycleValley: What was the biggest challenge of yours when you travelled 64 districts of our country within 5 days?
June Shadiqullah: When I made this trip I had no idea about the Barishal Division and I must say it was one of the biggest challenges on that trip. At Barishal Division most of the cities are near to each other and connected with different paths, it is not like you must follow the highways there are many passageway to reach one place to another. So I started to follow the map, selected the Upazilla’s and travel. One of the mysterious thing happened at Shunamganj, Sylhet. There is road which is only seen at the winter season because other times it is under water. I was lucky to ride on that road because I made that trip at winter. Total count of this trip wasn’t very large at all as we talk about the tour of Teknaf to Tetulia which was about 1000 kilos you just need to add 2000 or 3000 kilometers more. Ride near about 4000 kilometers and you can travel all the 64 districts of our country, just need to follow the maps and correct directions. I tried to made this trip within 4 days but I wasted my time because of few places where river, water, roads were big problems.


MotorcycleValley: Tell us about the remarkable memories of your trip which you called “Cox’s bazar to Kathmandu”
June Shadiqullah: If I have to talk about the memorable moments then I had to say there were many because I just love all the things I have seen at the entire journey. There is nothing to say especially about, because the whole trip was remarkable.


MotorcycleValley: Comparing to other countries, is our procedures for international tour are complicated?
June Shadiqullah: In one word I will say yes, it is complicated. For the papers or the visa riders won’t face that much critical situation but at the border our procedure is much complicated than the others. When we made that journey we realized that situation. At the border when we meet customs commissioner and showed him the letter of NBR to he said it will took some time please wait. After that he sends us to the deputy commissioner. After watching the papers deputy commissioner started to ask many question and finally he give the responsibility to other person for complete the process and the process had come to an end at the evening. After finishing all the formalities we crossed the border and got into to India. I was think it took one day at the Bangladeshi border, who knows how long we have to stay at the Indian border. After the border officers seen the yellow card of the Carnet they started to behave very well. Officer took us to his room and filled our form with his own hand and then we gave our signature. It took only ten minutes, and extra fife minutes for the immigration. After spending total 15 minutes we went for Kolkata. Again we faced difficulties at the Bangladeshi border when we returned.

Actually it’s because of the carnet, at Bangladeshi border they thought carnet is one kind of problem or crime, because they don’t even know the real meaning of it.

MotorcycleValley: Which things a rider must keep in mind during their long ride according to you?
June Shadiqullah: As I said before practicing long rides makes it easier to have a long tour. So firstly rider must have the habit of riding motorcycles for long times and before making a very long tour they must take some trips gradually, like 200/300 Kilometers for their own good. Secondly taking rest time to time is one of the biggest parts of a long tour for both the rider and the vehicle. Drink water as much as you can it will be very helpful during the journey. Without that safety gears for difficult situations like fast-aid box, tool box and other necessary thing you will need to fix the bike or taking care of your own must be with you at the journey.


MotorcycleValley: You are using Lifan KPR for long time, would you like to share your opinion about this bike?
June Shadiqullah: I Think Lifan KPR 150 motorcycle is good enough for the flat roads. In our country almost the roads are flat so I would say it will give better performance. At the highways we need better sped and it can provide that easily, alongside the speed headlights also works very well. But the ground clearance and the saddle height can be better and at the off roads this bike is not suitable. Overall within this type of price range which this bi9ke carries Lifan KPR 150 is a good choice to make.


MotorcycleValley: What is your own opinion about the CC limitation in our country?
June Shadiqullah: If you ask for my personal opinion I will say that our cc limitation must be increased to 250cc. we all think that cc is for speed but we must focus on the safety also. Safety is very important during riding it’s not that riding at good speed is a very good think but riding with safety is very honorable. If we see some 300cc bike like Yamaha R3 or Honda CBR 250 we will find ABS braking on in them which is a very important safety gear. This type of braking ensures better riding with safety. Just like that AHO is also an important safety gear for the motorbikes.


MotorcycleValley: Do you have any other long tour plans?
June Shadiqullah: I prefer winter season for travelling so at the next Eid eve I have an intention to visit Nepal again. Because at the short vacation Nepal is good place to travel and nearest, without that I want to visit Ladakh, India. But Ladakh is placed at the finishing line of Indian Border so it will take very long time like 15-20 days. If I can take a leave from my office for at least 20 days somehow I will make at trip to Ladakh.

As I said before Carnet is a big problem at the Bangladeshi Border so I will take a rent bike from the border and travel.


MotorcycleValley: Thanks for giving us your precious time.
June Shadiqullah: Thank You.

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Its a great pleasure to have shadiqullah vai as a current collegue..

05 July 2017, Afternoon 3:50

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