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To avoid traffic jam and to gain the distance of the rural places, the demand of the motorcycles is increasing day by day. To make up the excessive demand of the motorbikes some of our domestic brands are now started to manufacture motorbikes and few of the marketing companies representing them to the root level users. To spread this industry, government reduces a huge amount of taxes in the last few years and thats why combined motorbikes and also domestically manufactured bikes and its demand is increasing in a hopeful number including in the Dhaka city. By considering all these points, separate motorcycles brands are planning to producing and manufacturing bikes inside of the country and also to enlarge the investment on this sector.

According to the information of the importer and exporter, “on the scale of the demand, the users number are not so good enough” they said. By enlarging the numbers of manufacturing of the bikes, its price could be reduce and then the customers may show their interest on it. At the same time, in the last few years its tax scale falls but still 150% are still active on this sector and thats why imported bikes prices are out of the limit of the customers. By some the negative parts like these they think that, “ the Government should make some allouncement and do reduce the taxes on the imported bikes then its demand going to the top level” as they said.

As the others Asian countries producing heavy vehicles, air vehicles then Bangladesh yet not even perfect on the motorbikes-

Some of the internal company close their business with such grief and the companies are Walton, Runner and Jamuna Electronics.

So far the market research said about the local motorbikes, Runner is in the top of the choice list of the customers and this brand already exported in the different states of India. Same time, most of the exported bikes market share holder is, Indian Bajaj's and very next is TVS and Hero. But worlds topmost three brands Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are also very popular in whole the country. Specially the premium bikes are very popular among the young generations.

Marketing experts stated that, due to the political crisis, motorbikes horribly fall down in the time of 2014-2015. but in the year of 2016, sell rate gain the high level because of less number of tax and also the favorable political condition. In this way, the motorbikes market gaining the place where it was and to be. They further said that, in the year of 2016 the number of sell rate of motorbikes were 25 million, which was in 18 million in 2015. Its a matter of bad sings that according to the neighbor countries, the sell rate of bikes as well as the bikes users are still in less number in our country. According to the information of the multinational company of Japan “Yamaha” each of 161 people of Bangladesh 1 person use motorbike, in Indian 1 of each 20 people and in Pakistan 1 person in each of 17 people using bikes in their day to day life. On the other hand, in Malaysia, Thailand and in Vietnam each of 4-5 persons 1 is using motorbike.

So far a non-government organization “Market research” shows the report about the size of the motorbikes that, it is almost 3000 crore BDT. Most selling bikes are 100cc-110cc and this captured the market of around 50%. Less price in the comparison and fuel consumption is the main reason to gain the top place of these category. Next is 125cc-135cc bikes market percentage is 17% and this category of the bikes ranked third. 150Cc bikes captured the second place in the market with the percentage of 33%.

Bajaj, TVS, Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Mahindra and few others Chinese brands are imported by the importers. On the other side, Runner, Jamuna brands motorbikes produce by the local producer. By all the records, there are 15 well established brands making their business in our country. Among them, importers companies control 86% of them and domestic companies have 14%.

As the demand is increasing and with the flow of it, importers are planning to set their business to produce motorbikes inside the country. Bajaj, TVS, Honda and Hero already set to go in manufacture in our country. When these are going to produce inside our country then definitely its prices are going to reduce. The distributor of “Yamaha Motorbikes” the chief business officer of “ACI Motors MR. Subrata Ranjan Saha” said that, “the market of the motorbikes are expanding very fast. In each of the year 25 millions of bike are been sold but this number is not good enough. According to the population, the demand must have to be more then we can see.

The chairman of Runner automobiles “MR. Hafizur Rahman” said, “comparable less and affordable price, Runner always trying to serve the quality bikes to the customers.

The chairman and Managing director of “Uttora motors MR. Motiur Rahman” said that, “only because of quality, the Bajaj got the No. 1 position among the bike lovers. Highly spread sells centers, distributor and service center. Our basic parts are pretty much available in the market and thats why we achieved the thumps up of the customers.

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