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There is nothing to say special about the popularity of Bajaj Motorcycles in our country. Since this Indian motorcycle company has arrived, they set their position very strongly at the local motorcycle market. Undoubtedly they provide quality products and offer new variants. At the present days they have many of their motorcycles running in our country. Uttara Motors LTD is the importer of this Indian motorcycle in our country and also the sole distributor. Downward the lines let us look at the available motorbike list of Bajaj in our country; along with that let also see the Key features and current prices of those bikes.


Avenger Street 150
This motorcycle is one of the latest models of Bajaj and formed with cruiser category outfit. Overall design, color combinations, seating position, fuel tank and other body parts gives this bike cruiser attitude. At the features this bike is also pleasing. 150cc Twin spark 4- valve DTS-i engine Air Cooled engine, 14.54 @ 9000 (Ps @ RPM) max power, 12.5 @ 6500 (Nm @ RPM) max torque, Front Disc brake, better suspension, 14L Fuel capacity everything is charming of this bike. Current Price of this bike is TK 1,99,500.00

Bajaj V15
This motorcycle from Bajaj is like half commuter, half Cruiser. Without outstanding color polish this bike contains decent outlooks for attracting peoples. Without that this bike has 149.5cc Single cylinder, 4 stroke, SOHC 2 valve, Air cooled, DTS-I engine which can produce 12 @ 7500 (Ps @ RPM)max power and 13 @ 5500 (Nm @ RPM)max torque, this type of engine is able to give better mileage and excellent performance. Suspensions, brakes, tyres are also perfect as 150cc commuter. Present price of this bike is TK 1,67,500.00

Bajaj CT 100
This bike is one of the best 100cc commuters existing in our country. Decent outlooks, normal graphics but fantastic performance is the belongings of this bike. 99.2cc 4 stroke, Si engine, 8.2 ps @ 7500 rpm max power, 8.05 Nm @ 4500 rpm max torque, are the engine specifications of this bike but approximate 80 KM/L mileage, better speed, fast acceleration are the performance output of this engine. Most recent price of this bike is TK 95,500.00

Bajaj Platina 100
At the commuter and 100cc segment this model is the other finest and little bit stylish designed bike from Bajaj. This bike contains the largest seat among all 100cc commuter and design, features and everything of this bike is satisfactory to all. This bike is available with both kick and electric starting option and not just the starting method their price also varies. Up to date price of Bajaj Platina 100 ES (electric start) is 1,17,500.00 and Bajaj Platina 100 KS (kick Start) is 1,06,500.00

Bajaj Platina 125
This 125cc motorcycle is the updated collection of Platina series of Bajaj. At the outlooks and design Platina 100 and Platina 125 is almost similar but the features, engine power and performance are different between them. Present price of this motorbike is TK 1,33,500.00

Bajaj Discover 100
This bike is Stylish and perfectly featured bike at the 100cc segment from Bajaj. Discover-100 contains 94.36cc 4 stroke, DTs-i, air cooled engine which give 7.7Ps @ 7500rpm max power and 7.85Nm @ 5000rpm max torque as the output. Mileage, speed, brakes, suspension over all everything is perfect as 100cc commuter. Latest price of this motorbike is TK 1,29,500.00

Bajaj Discover 125
Like the Platina Series Bajaj Discover Series also got some collections and Discover-125 is one of them. Design and dimension are almost same as 100cc Discover but the engine output, mileage power, sped and other facilities vary and much better. This motorcycle is available with both braking system. Disk brake Discover 125 price is 152500 and Drum brake price is 1,41,500.00

Bajaj Pulsar 150
Finally we came on to that bike which are most popular as 150cc motorcycles in Bangladesh and Bajaj Pulsar is that name. Bajaj Pulsar 150 motorcycles are constructed with 4 strokes, DTs-i, air cooled 149cc engine. This type of engine can produce 15.1Ps@9000 rpm max power and 12.45Nm@6500 rpm max power which is really good. Without the engine the engine part, electrical, design, braking, and suspension everything is perfect of this bike. 15 liters large tanker gives the pleasure to travel with this bike as long as you want. Current price of this popular motorcycle is TK 1,77,500.00

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150
With this bike Bajaj increase the number of product of their Pulsar family. This bike is basically made with the title of Adventure Sports (AS) which suits this bike. Aggressive looks, stylish colors and attractive features are the belongings of this bike and that can satisfy every rider. Enhanced power output of 17.0 PS @9500 rpm and , 13.0 Nm @7500 rpm max torque, better suspension, braking, muscular body everything is build with the touch of sports category motorbikes. Latest price of this bike is TK 2,23,500.00

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