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  • Hero Eid Gifts Continues
    “Niloy Motors” extend their special price reduction offer which they started during the Eid festive. They are giving their customers a big chance to purchase Hero motorcycles within reasonable price and to add more options for the users they also brings two new bikes of Hero. One of the largest Indian motorcycle manufacturer company Hero Motocorp has good reputation in our country because of their motorbikes and scooters. Niloy moto... English Bangla
  • Hero Motorcycle Price June 2017
    Hero motorcycles have a large number of popularity in Bangladesh, specially their commuter segments. In Bangladesh Hero splendor plus as commuter and Hero Hunk as Sports commuter are two very popular motorcycles of this company. Hero is one of the largest two wheeler manufacturer of India, for this reason no doubt about their product quality at least but one of the biggest issues was their prices. Many people wants to have mid range Hero b... English
  • Hero and Hunk: Wind of change
    At the year 1984 no one knows that the joint venture which was signed between Hero and Japanese Honda Motors will be crowned as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers within 2001. In 1984 this joint venture was started with only 16 crore Rupees and Honda has a share of only 4 crore rupees. A point was mentioned in this joint venture which is, their products will only be sold in India. It could not be exported to any other countries in t... English Bangla
  • Hero motorcycle price list 2016 in Bangladesh
    Hero MotoCorp Limited which was formerly known as Hero Honda Motorcycle Company is a Motorcycle and Scooter manufacturer in India. At the year1984 India's popular bicycle manufacture Hero and Japanese Honda started their journey with the name Hero Honda. At 2010 Hero purchased the whole share of this company and started their journey as Hero moto corp. We know about the status of Hero Company they are the largest manufacturer as well as largest b... English
  • Hero Motorcycle Updated Price from June 2015
    Many motorcycle manufacturing companies manufacture motorcycles and export them to different countries along with Bangladesh. Among these companies one of the most popular company is Hero motorcorp. Hero MotoCorp Limited which was known as Hero Honda company is the manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter in India. Hero Motors is the largest bike manufacturer in India. This company manufactures high quality motorcycles and exports them to our count... English
Hero motorcycle reviews
  • Hero Pleasure 2017 Features Review
    As we all know before 2009 Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero and Japanese manufacture Honda was combined and at joint venture they produced lots of two wheelers in their banner. At the two wheelers category they made commuter, sports commuter and scooters. Different category of two wheelers is scooter and this company was able to establish this category with their quality product at the lo... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour Fi Features Review
    There is nothing to say special about India’s one of the largest two wheeler manufacturer company Hero Motocorp. With the flow of time there two wheeler products gets fame and gradually upgraded. They not only upgrade the design but also the inner condition of the engine. Many of their previous popular motorcycles are newly launching with new shades, design and features. Among them one of ... English Bangla
  • Hero Achiever 150 Feature Review
    In our country there is a good reputation and popularity of Indian motorcycles and with the flow of time that popularity is increasing. Indian motorcycle manufacturer’s offers well configured motorbikes within reasonable price and those can fulfill all the demands of the motorbike uses. That’s why they gradually introduce different category motorbikes along with different segments. Among... English Bangla
  • Hero iSmart 110 Features Review
    Hero Moto corp. is one of the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. They provide their motorcycles not only in their own country but also in Bangladesh. At the commuter segment many of their popular bikes are running at the country roads of ours. A few years back one of their 100cc commuters was launched named Hero Splendor iSmart 100. Good response of that bike was heard in India ... English Bangla
  • Hero Honda Hunk 150 ownership review by Tamal Das
    I think in modern world motorcycle is the symbol of stylish vehicles. Without style it is very much capable to provide comfort which makes a rider very happy. People of every ages and standard can afford and ride this enjoyable vehicle with pleasure for their better pass through. For easy and fast movement we all need a vehicle, and if the vehicle is driven by you is the most pleasant thing. In ou... English Bangla
Hero MotoCorp Limited ( formerly Hero Honda ) is manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter in India. Hero Motors is the largest bike manufacturer in India. In 1984 India's popular bicycle manufacture Hero and Japanese Honda jointly started their journey with the name Hero Honda. In 2010, when Honda decided to suspend the joint venture with the Hero. Hero purchased rest of the share from Honda and started with the name Hero.
As to say about the Indian sub-continent, Hero bikes will see in a large number in all the countries of the Indian sub-continent. Bangladesh is a country which has a huge market of the bikes including national and international brands. If we take a look on the roads of Bangladesh we will find a large number of Hero companies bike. The bikes of this company have a special feature that makes it position very strong in the Bangladesh. You cannot choose any other bike but the Hero motors if you are looking for a fuel efficient bike. As we have to mention the mostly use of this brands bike, representatives of the marketing companies. On the road situation of the Bangladesh, you know the reason why we mention the name of Hero Moto Corporation. Some of the bikes of this company are only made for the long ride with fuel efficient capability. As a largest selling brand of the world, they have all the category of the bikes in their production list.
On the question about the importer in Bangladesh? It is Nitol-Niloy group who imports the whole brands models in our country. This company started their business in the starting of the 1980s. This company spread their name in the whole subcontinent in just 20 years or so. Now this company becomes a group of company and makes its business with various branches. At the same time, they got the warm praising of the customers.
Niloy Motors Limited is the sole distributor of the Hero MotoCorp and the Niloy Motors is the part of Nitol-Niloy group. We have already mentioned some information about the Nitol-Niloy group. This company mainly deals with the heavy vehicles like truck, bus and such vehicles. Most of the product of this company from the TATA Motors limited, it means Nitol-Niloy group's main business with the TATA Company. As we were talking about the Niloy Motors, they are the sister company of this group. They provide the total Hero motorbikes in Bangladesh. We know about the Hero Company, they are the largest manufacturer as well as largest bike seller in the world. Bangladesh is also inside this ratio. You can see in the road that, what the number of Hero bikes in the road is?
Very few of other brands have such a large number of bikes in the roads of Bangladesh. You cannot deny that, Hero is not only in a huge number but also it is a famous bike in the root level of our country. Another reason behind the popularity of this bike, the price of this bike is very much affordable for the common people. The most interesting matter of this company is, they have all the category of the bikes that no one has to think that they have no bike for them.

Hero Showrooms Bangladesh
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Iswardi MotorsPabnaDetails
Raj Suma MotorsSatkhiraDetails
Zinan MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
S D MotorsNilphamariDetails
RDR MotorsDhakaDetails
Boshundhora MotorsSylhetDetails
RJ Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
Boshundhara MotorsSylhetDetails
Genaral MotorsHabiganjDetails
Madina MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Sohel MotorsRangpurDetails
Potit MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Chaklader MotorsJessoreDetails
Janata MotorsBholaDetails
Ettadi MotorsSylhetDetails
Good Luck AutomobilesManikganjDetails
Shareen MotorsSherpurDetails
Seyam Motors & ElectronicsPabnaDetails
Niloy HeroDhakaDetails
Joint AutoChapai NawabganjDetails
New Motorcycle MartKhulnaDetails
S M MOTORSKhulnaDetails
M/S Yanat TradersJoypurhatDetails
New Moheshpur AutoJhenaidahDetails
Janani AutosJhenaidahDetails
Auto WorldJessoreDetails
M/S New Nafisa MotorsGopalganjDetails
Aarham Motors MuseumGazipurDetails
Hero PalaceGaibandhaDetails
M/S Romim TradersDinajpurDetails
Elin MotorsDinajpurDetails
Shamin MotorsDinajpurDetails
M/S Sarkar MotorsDinajpurDetails
Kasba MotorsBrahmanbariaDetails
Rafi EnterpriseBograDetails
M/S Salma TradersBholaDetails
M/S Awal MotorsBarisalDetails
Parsha Motors BangladeshManikganjDetails
Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
Halim MotorsDhakaDetails
Al Amir & SonsDhakaDetails
Joy MotorsDhakaDetails
Ekram EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Auto King Bike PointDhakaDetails
M/S Al Barak MotorsBarisalDetails
JS EnterpriseThakurgaonDetails
Sabiul EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
M/S Komlesh TradersPanchagarhDetails
Shah Darbedhia AtumobilesChittagongDetails
Niassn MotorsNaogaonDetails
New Yell AutosKushtiaDetails
M/S Mamim EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
New Sundarban MotorsDhakaDetails
Ovi MotorsDhakaDetails
Jahin EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Arias Motors BangladeshDhakaDetails
Goodluck AutomobilesManikganjDetails
RS Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
Goodluck AutomobilesManikganjDetails
Shuvo EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
SS MotorsJamalpurDetails
SR MotorsManikganjDetails
Yanat TradersJoypurhatDetails
Kazi MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Niloy HeroBograDetails
The Sonargaon MotorsComillaDetails
Karnaphuli AutosDhakaDetails
New Yell AutosKushtiaDetails
Popular Auto WorksSylhetDetails
Jamuna MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Mayer Doa Palki AutosRajshahiDetails
S A TradersSunamganjDetails
Greenway EnterpriseGazipurDetails
Asha EnterprisePanchagarhDetails
Desh MotorsJessoreDetails
General MotorsHabiganjDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyNaogaonDetails
Muna AutosMymensinghDetails
MAM MotorsThakurgaonDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyTangailDetails
Anowar TradersNoakhaliDetails
M/S Orin MotorsSirajganjDetails
M/S Samit AutoRangpurDetails
M/S S.T EnterpriseRangamatiDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyRajshahiDetails
Hazi NS MotorsChittagongDetails
K.D MotorsThakurgaonDetails
Salman EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Adit Motorcycle GallerryNoakhaliDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyNaogaonDetails
Tista EnterpriseNilphamariDetails
Jamuna MotorsNetrakonaDetails
Bonolota AutosNatoreDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyMymensinghDetails
Towki MotorsMymensinghDetails
Green Trust MotorsMaulvibazarDetails
AK MotorsMeherpurDetails
Good Luck AutomobileManikganjDetails
Jamuna MotorsMadaripurDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyKushtiaDetails
M/S Ifat MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyKhulnaDetails
Fair LookKhagrachhariDetails
Mamim EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
Mahi MotorsFeniDetails
Bismillah Bike GalleryFaridpurDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyDinajpurDetails
Niloy HeroDhakaDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyDhakaDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyComillaDetails
Ador EnterpriseKhulnaDetails
New Kohinur TradersChuadangaDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyChittagongDetails
Ayesha EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
Ifty MotorsChandpurDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyBograDetails
Al Amin EnterpriseDinajpurDetails
Motorcycle BazarBargunaDetails
Jahin EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Kamlesh TradersPanchagarhDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyDhakaDetails
Hero MotorcycleSylhetDetails
M/S Chowdhury EnterpriseBrahmanbariaDetails
Zinna MotorsChuadangaDetails
Mita MotorsKhagrachhariDetails
Yamaha CenterPabnaDetails
M/S Alam MotorsRajshahiDetails
M/S Honda PointBograDetails
Nabil MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
Ayon MotorsDhakaDetails
Gofur ShowroomChittagongDetails
Jessore AutoKhulnaDetails
New Motorcycle MartKushtiaDetails
Ovi MotorsDhakaDetails
Raju TradersDinajpurDetails
Asha Enterprise Niloy HeroPanchagarhDetails
Golden Liberty Limited.DhakaDetails
Halim MotorsDhakaDetails
Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
Royal AutoDhakaDetails
Karnaphuli MotorsDhakaDetails
Sonargaon MotorsDhakaDetails
MS Modern EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
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