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Bajaj Discover 110

  • Pros
    - Better engine performance - Attractive design - Good mileage range - updated electrical features -Provides comfort and control while riding
  • Cons
    - Irritation feels in hand while speedy riding - Poor rear tyre
  • Our Opinion
    Fast acceleration, DRL and the same test of the Bajaj excellent engine makes this bike demandable.


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  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Karttik Paul
    Welcoming you all to read my review about my Bajaj Discover 110cc. professionally I am an employee and to manage my business, a motorcycle was badly needed for me. So I have chosen this one to complete my day to day life. I have been using my motorcycle from the last 6 months and ridden it around 3500 kilometers. I am here to share my 3500 kilometers riding experience with you all. So far now ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110cc 3600km riding experiences review by Anil Chandra Ray
    To make my personal life easy and free, a motorcycle was badly need and I am feeling this need from a long ago same time, professionally I am a teacher so I have to concern on the matter of matching with me whatever I choose. The bike I am to choose must be gentle and clean in look just like my profession. On the other hand, a motorcycle is not only a person’s own rather it always surrounded... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110cc 7500km riding experience review by Rabiul Islam
    Hello everyone, I’m Rabiul Islam. I’m a service holder. I have purchased Bajaj Discover 110cc to go to office and also for official work. I have already shared my review after riding this bike 4000km in 4 months. After 10 months today again I’m going to share my experience and the good and bad sides of this bike. In this 10 months I have ride almost 7500km. the graphic design of this b... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Mahtab Uddin
    My name is MD. Mahtab Uddin and the motorcycle I am using currently its name is Bajaj Discover 110cc. I have been using this one from the last 1 month and I have been ridden it around 700 kilometers. Its look is really amazing and the graphical designs over this motorcycle are really praiseworthy. Plastics over this one are seem to be strong enough to support for a long time and I am come to u... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110cc user review by Ariful Islam
    I mainly feel the necessity of a bike to make the busy schedule of my life easier. I was thinking from a long time to buy a bike but whenever I think to buy a bike the first thing come in to my mine and that is the mileage of a bike because I work at an NGO and also I need to go here and there for familial work. After thinking about everything I finally made my mind to purchased Bajaj Discov... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Bayazid
    It was my dream to ride my own bike from my childhood and my desire has fulfilled. There are a lot of people around me who has use the bikes of Bajaj Brand, after getting their opinion and also after riding this bike I really liked it. By profession I’m a teacher and I need to visit different places. Bajaj has there service center everywhere in Bangladesh which also increase the trust of the... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Mokhlesur Rahman
    Just after completing my study I always feel the need of a motorcycle but I hardly cared why because this need was not so emergency in my life but the day I got my job the distance of my daily is enhanced so highly that I can’t but to take a motorcycle to move on the road. My office is far away from my home so I take a home by paying it monthly near my office. I use my bike mainly to travel ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Santosh Kumar Biswash
    Frankly speaking, in this days if we don’t have a bike in our house it seems that there is a vital furniture missing in our house and because of this I’m facing lot of problems. Mainly it is quite impossible to move without bike. Because of this I’m thinking to buy a bike for my personal and familial use. At the same time I need a bike for my official use. After considering all these sub... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Shofikul
    I think there is no substitute of bike to move with everywhere freedom. We can move independently with bike. Bajaj Discover 110 is always very fond of me and I heard that it gives great mileage, its design is very decent and we can go anywhere with this. After considering all of this I have purchased Bajaj Discover 110 and I was also very much weak on Bajaj Brand. I’m using this bike for one... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Harun or Rashid
    I mainly purchased Bajaj Discover 110 only for my personal use. I’m using this bike for almost 1 month and almost ride 500km. I have ride this 500km very smoothly and the engine also performs well. Usually I don’t ride bike that much. I have gain good experience with this bike. The design of this bike is decent and it suits with people of every age. Today I’m going to share some good and... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Ershad Ali
    Everyone likes motorcycle. I was a motorcycle lover from before. I mainly bought Bajaj Discover 110cc with the desire of good mileage. It is also come in the market with whole new features. After seeing this I have decided to buy this bike. It has digital meter which was absent in also previous version. I’m using this 110cc bike from almost six months and during this time I have ride almost ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Sahed Biswas
    The main reason behind choosing Bajaj discover 110cc is, I have read a lot of reviews on motorcyclevalley. After read the reviews and also after getting others opinion I really feel interested towards this bike. Because of digital meter and mileage I also don’t think of other bikes. I mainly bought this bike for official use and also for familial use. Till now I have ride 1000km without any ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Hredoy Ghosh
    I’m a new biker and Bajaj Discover 110 is the first bike of my life. I must say I didn’t ride any bike before and I learn how to ride bike with this. By profession I’m a teacher, because of my house is little far from my school so I use cycle before which was painful for me. Because of this matters I have decided to buy a bike and I’m using this bike for last one month. As I told befor... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Azbin Hossain
    Most of the people of my age mainly purchased the bike because of their hobby and I’m also not exceptional because I’m also a student and still I’m jobless. Mainly my family bought this bike for me to make the familial communication easier which I’m using for one month and during this time I have ride almost 650km. I love everything of my bike except the over hit problem of the engin... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Joynal Abedin
    Still I’m a student and frankly speaking bike was not essential for me but in order to maintain communication for my study and various purpose I didn’t find any substitute of bike. So, in order to do everything on time I have bought Bajaj Discover 110cc. I’m using this bike for last 20 day and ride almost 870km. I must say, there is nothing new to say about Bajaj Brand and I’m getting ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Nahid
    Currently I am working in an NGO and this is why I have to travel a lot to manage my job properly. On the other hand, this is not going to be wrong if I mention that travelling is my job so you can easily guess that a motorcycle is how much important for me. By considering all these I made my decision to purchase a motorcycle with excellent mileage range. But it is good to mention that Bajaj w... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Mohsin Uddin
    I am a student and my college is very far from my house thats why bike was very essential for me and for that reason I decided to buy Bajaj Discover 110. I’m using this bike for last 10 days and ride almost 200km. I think the performance that I’m getting right not can impress anyone. In last 10 days which sides seems good to me are: -Excellent breaking -Excellent pickup and easily pick... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by GM Faruk
    I think to make our rods more comfortable there are no alternate of motorcycle. Middle class people always desire to have a bike for them first than other bigger vehicle. Like that I always have that dream and Bajaj Discover 110 just fulfilled that dream of mine and it is making my ways more comfortable. Before using this bike I was using Bajaj CT 100. After the arrival of Discover 110 I just ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Joynal Hossain
    I bought this Bajaj 110cc motorcycle only for simple transport and it is the very first motorcycle of my life. I’m riding this motorcycle from last six months and almost ride 2500km without any problem. Not only the graphic design but the engine performance and mileage also very good. Though the price of this motorcycle is little much but the design of its digital miter is very attractive. I... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Shohidul Islam
    I have seen that without using for free time enjoyment people use bike for their daily needs like office going and family need. I was also feeling that for my business purpose a bike was required for me, so I made my mind to have one for myself. In my choice list Bajaj Discover 125 was in the top but I didn’t like the gear shifting system. On the other hand with the same design an 110cc catc... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Salauddin Ahmed Sumon
    Bike is one of the most flexible vehicles which can be used for fast and comfortable journeys. Bearing that in mind I bought a bike for myself and without the reason behind is I live in outside of town area and I have to travel for my relative’s house on regular basis. 20 days back I have bought this bike and I am at 300 kilometers ride. As I am a government service holder so I cannot ride ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Miraj Billah
    My name is Md. MirajBillah, now I’m working in Banglalink as RSO. 21 days ago I bought this bike from Sadia Enterprise, Gaibandha. Actually I bought this bike for my job. There are a lot of bikes in the market but because of I work in the marketing sector so I gave my full focus on mileage and on that point of view I find Bajaj Discover 110 is perfect for me. After mileage I like its sound, ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Abdul Kuddus
    Bajaj Discover is a very popular name among the bikers in Bangladesh. This model is available in Bangladesh for a long time with its proud air and this is why, it’s a famous name in among the bikers of all class. Bajaj Discover 135cc was the mostly expected for the bikers for its extra ordinary quality and through this one, Discover become very much popular to the root level people but t... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Asad Ali
    12 years ago from now , I can remember when I was a student of class 7, my father had a motorcycle and very often I gazing to it same way always wondering to ride that motorcycle but never can tell my father to teach me how to ride. One day I told mt father if he is interested to teach me or not? My father positively replied to to teach riding motorcycle and this was one of the most amazin... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Mehedi Hasan
    My name is MD. Mehedi Hasan, professionally a businessman. I always have to move or run a long distance due to my business tasks and to manage these all I purchased the bike which for I am here today. My bikes name is Bajaj Discover 110cc and it is good to mention that this one is the first bike of my life. I have purchased this one from Taherpur bazar of Bagmara upazila Rajshahi district. I a... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Milon Ali
    Every men has some basic dream or demand which he/she often claiming right now but can't afford right but eventually determined to make that dream come true. My only dream was to have a bike with reasonable price along with good mileage scale. Just before a month, this dream came true in my life. To make the communication easy of my whole family, this bike was badly needed and from this poin... English Bangla
  • Quality product has quality price – Bajaj Discover 110cc user Arif Hossain
    Bajaj Discover is one of the popular bikes in Bangladesh. It was a long cherished dream for me to have a bike of Bajaj brand and my this dream come true just before 15 days from now. As to go with the time, Bajaj introduce this model to their customers. They have presented a new model of Bajaj in the year of 2018 and it is Bajaj Discover 110cc. This bike has whole new features and replete wi... English Bangla

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