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Suzuki Gixxer Monotone Bike User Review by – Shahria Nafeez

Assalamu Walaikum I am Shahria Nafeez I have been fond of bikes since childhood. Especially when I used to see the older broth...

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Hero Karizma XMR 210 User Review by – Apu Chandra Das

I use my bike for daily purpose and I got out for a tour wheneven I get the chance. Now I am using Hero Karizma XMR 210 and ...

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Suzuki Gixxer Monotone Bike User Review by – Shakkour

My office is about 13 kilometers away from my house, and it's the bike that helps me cover this distance. I use my bike for co...

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Zontes 155 G1 User Review by: RN Raja

Assalamualikum, I’m RN Raja from saidpur, currently I’m using Zontes G1 155 from last 2 years, and probably I’m one of t...

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Pulsar N250 User review by Himel

Assalamualikum, myself Himel, today I will share my using experience about my new bike Bajaj Pulsar N250, I brought this bike ...

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Suzuki Gixxer SF FI ABS User Review by Tuhin

I have always ridden many bikes as I have bought in the past to gain real experience before purchasing them. In the case of bu...

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Yamaha FZS V2 User Review by–Jelal Jill

I love to make tour from a long ago and for this reason I bought my bike. After purchasing my bike, I made tour regularly. ...

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Suzuki GSXR 150 User Review by – Torikul Islam Jibon

I love bike riding because it is a very pleasure for movement anywhere and I can ride it on my own way. There are so many bi...

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Yamaha Aerox 155 Feature review

Overview: When it comes down to Scooter, we always prefer handy maneuver, comfort, storage, sometimes speed. what if the con...

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Hero Thriller 160R User Review by – Ruman

Hello, I'm Md. Rokon Uz Zaman (Ruman). I am a user of the Hero Thriller 160R. When the bike was introduced to the market, we r...

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Bike Tips

How to break the bike safely

The most important thing on a bike is its brakes, and braking is also very important for safe riding. But when it comes to bik...

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Should you go for a long tour with a sports bike?

Generally there is a different type of bike for touring with bikes, which we know as touring bike and long tour with this bike...

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Bike Maintenance Tips during Monsoon

In daily use of the bike, we need some maintenance but, during the rainy season, we need to take special care of the bike, bec...

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What can happen if there is water in the bike silencer or engine?

Currently, due to rain and flooding in different cities of the country, many people are facing problems in traveling with bike...

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Riding tips in summer season

Currently, the country is experiencing summer, but because of that, bikers will not stop, we have to use bikes for our daily w...

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Things to look after Eid journey on bike

The month of Ramadan is almost at the end and after a few days the holy Eid-ul-Fitr, many of us are preparing to return home b...

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Reason behind low mileage

Bike mileage becomes a very important factor while buying a bike, because nowadays the price of fuel has increased more than b...

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Positive and negative side of installing wider tire

Bike manufacturer spend a lot of time for the research and development, because they use the best parts and accessories accord...

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Tasslock user review by Rimon Mahmud

Assalamualikum, I am Rimon Mahmud, I have to use bike for daily routine work and I have installed Tasslock security system on ...

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What is engine brake?

When talking about brakes or braking on a bike, one thing must be talked about, that is the engine brake and it is a very impo...

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Bike News

Zontes Bike Price in Bangladesh June 2024

Zontes is gradually becoming an important name in the motorcycle market and motorcycle lovers of Bangladesh mainly because of ...

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GPX Bike Price June 2024

Among the few reputable foreign bike brands in Bangladesh, Thailand's brand GPX has gained the most popularity in the shortest...

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Lifan Bike Price June 2024

Lifan is one of the best and most influential motorcycle brands among the Chinese brands in the motorcycle market of Banglades...

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TVS Bike Price June 2024

TVS is a well-known name among all levels of bike lovers in Bangladesh as it brings the best bikes in Bangladesh to the huge n...

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Hero bikes price on June 2024

Hero has always been among the best in the commuter bike segment of Bangladesh and one of the reasons why Hero bikes are so po...

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Yamaha Bike Price June 2024

Yamaha is one of the dominant motorcycle brands in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh with premium quality and price for ever...

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Bajaj Bike Price June 2024

Bajaj is one of the best and reputed motorcycle brands in Bangladesh whose every bike is proven to be the best among commuter ...

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TVS has launched the powerful TVS Apache RTR 160 Xonnect Edition with racing DNA in Bangladesh

The smooth and refined engine offers a better riding experience and optimized performance The motorcycle comes equipped with...

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Get the keys to your bike with EMI

For those who cannot fulfill their dream of buying a bike due to budget issue, YAMAHA is here to make that dream come true for...

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Yamaha Bike Price in Bangladesh May 2024

The popularity of Yamaha bikes in our country's market is quite high, especially in the 150cc segment in Bangladesh. Not only ...

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Motorcycle Dealers and Showrooms in Bangladesh
Showroom NameBrandsDetails
MR Bike CornerTVSDetails
Bikers DreamTVSDetails
Bajaj Bike CenterBajajDetails
Bike CenterYamahaDetails
Bikers GalleryYamahaDetails
NS Bike ParkYamahaDetails
Bike CityYamahaDetails
North Bike StationYamahaDetails
Fabia Bike PointYamahaDetails
Bike CenterHeroDetails
Bike CenterTVSDetails
Bikerz Paradise RayerbagSuzukiDetails
Mridha Bike TradersBajajDetails
Bike CityBajajDetails
Bike ZoneSuzukiDetails
City Bike CenterSuzukiDetails
Bike BazarTVSDetails
Sher Ali Bike CenterBajajDetails
Runner Bike PointRunner, Vespa, ApriliaDetails
Bike BazarRunner, Vespa, ApriliaDetails
Bike WorldHondaDetails
Biker BrothersSuzukiDetails
The Bike ShopYamahaDetails
Bike GalleryTVSDetails
Bajaj Bike ShopBajajDetails
New Bike CenterLifan, Victor-R, ZontesDetails
Japan Bike CitySuzukiDetails
Bike BazarBenelli, KeewayDetails
Nayem Bike PointBenelli, KeewayDetails
Bike GardenBenelli, KeewayDetails
Smart Bike PlaceHeroDetails
Bikerz ParadiseBenelli, KeewayDetails
KR Bike CenterHondaDetails
Uttara Bike CenterYamahaDetails
Rancon Motorbikes LtdSuzukiDetails
Shohag Bike CenterHaojueDetails
Bike FairHaojueDetails
Super BikeHaojueDetails
Amar BikeHaojueDetails
Bike ShopYamahaDetails
Master Bike CentreBajajDetails
Bike ValleyHondaDetails
Bikerz ParadiseSuzukiDetails
Likhon Bike CornerYamahaDetails
E BikeBDYadeaDetails
Chittagong BikersYamahaDetails
New Bike CenterLifan, Victor-RDetails
Bike CollectionHeroDetails
Bike GalleryHeroDetails
Bike MuseumHeroDetails