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Yamaha R15 V3 User Review by Shahriar Tonmoy

2021-07-18 Views: 86
Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Yamaha R15 V3 User Review by Shahriar Tonmoy

Assalamu Alaikum. I am Shahriar Tanmoy. My home is in Bagmara Thana of Rajshahi district but I have been staying in Rajshahi city since 2011 due to study. I am currently studying in the second year of Honors. In addition to studying, I do some online business and freelancing. I am also working as Assistant Finance Secretary in Rajshahi Bikers Club (RBC).

The story of my learning to ride motorbike and becoming a bike lover:

I have learned the basic to ride bike a long time ago but I had the opportunity to learn it well after the SSC exam because before that my father did not let me ride his bike. His first and last words were that one cannot ride a bike before passing SSC. I used to ride a lot of bicycles since I was a child and when I got up in class eight I started doing bicycle stunts. Basically, the love for bikes started to grow since then.

Bought my bike:

In the first year of my HSC, many friends got their own bikes. I also begged but my parents did not buy it for me. “Earn by yourself” it was their first and last words and then fulfill the hobby. This is what I had in mind, I had a lot of trouble at home for a while. I started not eating, not talking to everyone. But when I realized that nothing would work, I went silent and started looking for a way to earn. I had some idea about freelancing and I learned a lot from my big brothers and YouTube. I used to spend all my time outside of reading to find a way to earn money. The next few years saw many ups and downs I have worked as a freelancer, online business, online marketer and even a Foodpanda rider. I finally got the result of that hard work on 26/05/2021. I bought Yamaha R15 version 3 Indonesia 2021 with my own hard earned money. My bike dream finally came true!! It is impossible for me to describe exactly how happy I was that day.

Why I bought Yamaha R15 V3 even after having so many bikes:

Honestly, I have been a fan of Honda CBR from the very beginning. The 2016 Thai model was my dream bike then came the Indonesian version. I paid the full price for the bike. I dreamed day and night when I will be able to buy at that time I could not stand for V3 and didn't feel good at all. And everyone's complaints about the seating position made me even more hostile. Then I had the opportunity to ride both bikes. Now I broke my mistake and realized what the rest of the thing is! I drove both Indian and Indo and realized for myself why there is a difference of more than one lakh Taka between the two. If you have the budget, you can take the Indo version without any hesitation. I am going to buy a bike, at this time the CBR 2021 Indo model came I just crushed on it again. I gave that test ride too. Then finally bought the R15 v3. Before buying, I compared the two bikes by ridden again. I am sharing some experiences and opinions in that regard.

1. Look: Everyone's personal matters. However, CBR is a bit aggressive in terms of look.

2.Seating Position: Undoubtedly much more comfortable in CBR. People of any age can ride comfortably On the other hand, the seating position of the sports bike should be the same as the Yamaha R15 version 3 Indonesia 2021. If your height is low then this will be terrible for you. And when I fell in the jam with V3, then this will be horrible!! In a word, I would say that since the seating position of CBR is upright, it is a commuter sports bike and a complete sports bike.

3.Power: Of course Yamaha R15 version 3 Indonesia 2021 is advance. V3 can be easily hit 150+ while it is difficult to hit 140+ in CBR. And 2021 CBR's power is a little less than the previous generation's CBR. V3 will get the power filter of each gear. CBR's torque is also much better but Yamaha R15 version 3 will always be ahead to get more BHP. Many people say the previous Indo CBR is faster than 0-100 V3. However, I did not think it was possible to run a new CBR.

4.Control: Both bikes are good However, as the rear tire of CBR is 130, I feel a little lack of confidence in cornering. Besides, giving 130 tires to a bike that is so muscular makes it look a bit bad from behind 140 would have been the best but then the top would have been less.

5.Breaking Response: The braking response of both the bikes is great but honestly Yamaha R15 version 3 Indo’s braking, balancing and control seemed better to me. Considering the situation in Bangladesh, ABS is a very useful feature, but with proper brake + downshift, the bike can be stopped in less time and distance than ABS. In a word, I have never felt the lack of ABS in V3 Indo

6.Build Quality: V3 seems to be better in Indo’s.

7.The comparable CBR front suspension is softer and responsive. V3’s smoothness seemed better to me.

8.The CBR's mileage is supposed to be slightly higher due to the DOHC engine, but the opposite is true. Easy 45+ mileage is available in V3 but it is rare in CBR At least that's what some of the users I've talked to say. Yamaha R15 version 3 Smoothness seems better.

9.V3’s stability at high speeds seemed better.

The above 9 points are entirely my personal experience and opinion. It is natural that there will be disagreement with many people and users.

Few reasons why I bought V3 ignoring the CBR:

1. CBR rear tire is thin. The whole bike of 2021 CBR is very muscular. So when you look at it from the back, the 130 section rear tire seems to be completely incongruous, 140 section should have been given.
2. Chain noise, which is a common problem of CBR. Changing the whole chain set, I also saw bikes that cut the excess of the sprocket and even then didn't get rid from the noise.
3. Power and top speed is a bit less than V3.
4. Relative resale value is low.
5. Since 2021 CBR is brand new, there is no doubt that its parts and maintenance cost will skyrocket in the first sell and period.
6. There is no engine kill switch and the position of other switches is somewhat inconsistent.
7. Value for money did not seem to be the price at all.
8. According to user reviews, the mileage of V3 is better than 2021 CBR. Besides, VVA technology will always keep Yamaha R15 version 3 ahead.
9. And the latest reason is that there are only a few CBR users in Rajshahi. Moreover, good technicians and parts of CBR are not available in Rajshahi, so if any parts are damaged suddenly, users will be in danger. Bringing parts from Dhaka by order will be time consuming and costly.

Break in Period:

Currently my bike is running about 1800+ kilometers. 1500 km till now I have tried to maintain the break in period properly. At this time I have tried to keep the top speed between 60-70 up to 1000 and 80-90 up to 1500. I have changed a total of 4 engine oil filters at 1500 kilo and have always used Mobil1 10W40 Full Synthetic. Many people use mineral, semi-synthetic in the first choice. But since the user manual clearly says to use full synthetic, I have been using full synthetic from the very beginning. I didn't find any problems like engine overheating, performance drop, sound change. Bike Butter Smooth from day one. 1500 km After that I did the first servicing

Performance of R15 V3 Indonesia:

The bike has never disappointed me with its performance. Whether it is a daily ride or a long tour, 100/100 in all cases. I also got mileage up to 47-49 during break in period. Now getting around 45 which is more than enough for a 155cc sports bike. Since my bike is brand new, I haven't ridden too much so I couldn't check the performance 100%. However, this 1700 km. Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of the R15 v3:

Positive sides:

1. The number of people who don't like the look of Yamaha R15 v3 is very low. Its extraordinary looks can take place in anyone's mind at the first sight. The bike is as muscular as it is extraordinarily beautiful.
2. The second positive aspect is the bike's slipper clutch and VVA technology. This is a very useful feature and I think all sports bikes should have this technology. The slipper clutch helps to smooth each gear shifting like butter smooth as well as reduce back pressure when downshifting. As a result, even if the gear is suddenly reduced at high speeds, the wheels of the bike will not be locked and the tension felt from the rear during downshift is greatly reduced.
VVA technology, on the other hand, unlocks the engine after 7400 RPM and allows more airflow in the engine so that the bike can give its maximum power output at high RPM. This increases the top speed as well as the mileage. At the same time there is no loss of engine power in the top end. Thanks to this VVA technology, it has been possible to give 19.03 BHP in V3.
3. The next positive aspect is the overall braking and controlling of the bike. Its braking, balancing and controlling are advanced enough to stop such a powerful bike safely. Great confidence is found when braking and cornering. As well as the bite of the front and rear two brakes is deadly and very responsive. Thick tires with 100 sections at the front and 140 sections at the back are giving much more support in this case. I was able to reduce the speed of the bike to 90-0 in about 3 seconds. In my opinion, V3 is the best of all sports bikes available in Bangladesh in these aspects.
4. Top speed is 155 km which is the second highest in the country. I have lifted my bike 122 so far and I have been able to lift another bike up to 145. The aerodynamic shape of the bike helps to speed up very fast. Its power can be filled from 0 RPM to the red line. You will get a smooth experience in each gear shifting as well as its high speed stability is impressive.

5. Yamaha R15 version 3 Mileage is very satisfactory. Getting 45+ mileage from a complete sports bike is kind of incredible.
6. UHD or upside down suspension looks beautiful as well as performs very stable on the highway.
7. The Pillion seat of Yamaha R15 version 3 is bigger and more comfortable than other sports bikes.
8. Build quality is very premium.
9. Inbuilt hazard indicator + switch. When it is turned on, 4 indicators light up simultaneously. This increases the visibility of the bike at night and reduces the chances of an accident.

Negative sides:

1. Yamaha R15 version 3 Sitting position of the biggest negative side. If the height or the rider is below 5 feet 6 inches, then it is very difficult to ride the bike. One of the things that everyone complains about is that they have to ride very low and as a result many people get back, shoulder and wrist pain. If the height is more than 5 feet 9+ inches, it should not be a big problem. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. Of the above problems I have only experienced wrist pain. Never had shoulder/waist pain. I hope to get used to it gradually.
2. The second negative aspect is that the price of its parts is very high. The cost of Indian V3 is a bit less than that.
3. The light of the headlight is enough for the city ride but a little less for the highway. In that case it would be advisable to use fog lights.
4. UAED suspension gives good feedback on highways but performs poorly on broken roads. In that case I would say telescopic suspension is better considering the context and roads of Bangladesh.
5. When the RPM crosses 6000, there is a rattling sound from the footrest which many people may think is the problem of the engine when they first hear it.
6. Ground clearance is a bit low. If you cross the speed breaker with a heavy pillion, there is a possibility of rubbing down.
7. Another negative thing to me is that the exhaust of V3 is a bit low. This can cause rainwater to leak into the exhaust during off-roading.
8. The position of the rear view mirror is not very convenient and the viewing angle needed to be made a little wider.

Honestly, no bike can be 100% perfect The Yamaha R15 V3 is no exception. However, except for its seating position, none of the other negative aspects seemed to me to be a major issue. I bought the bike after considering all aspects and driving the test repeatedly and Alhamdulillah I am completely satisfied. Everyone will be fine and pray for me so that I can ride safely. I will come back with a long time user review InshaAllah. Assalamu Alaikum.

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