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Yamaha Fazer Motorcycle review by Muktar Ali
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Yamaha Fazer Motorcycle review by Muktar Ali

Yamaha Fazer Motorcycle review by Muktar AliAt present time motorbikes are the sign of style. We all know that motorcycle is one of the most stylish vehicles among all and that is why young age people like to ride this vehicle. If I say about me I use to ride car but alongside that I also have interests for motorbikes.

My name is MD.Muktar Ali and I am a cricketer of BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) by my profession. I played several national leagues, BPL, premier leagues and I am very much proud to be a player of our national cricket team. I always wanted to learn motorcycle riding but because of my practice and busy activities I don’t have enough time. One year passed I learned to ride motorbike and now whenever I got time I ride my own motorcycle. My friend named Noyon who is also a professional cricket player has got motorcycle named Yamaha Fazer. I learned bike riding from him and purchased the same bike for me. Nowadays, I ride my way to practice grounds with my bike. Few reasons were behind to have this motorbike and in almost one year I have few experiences also with my motorcycle. Bellow the lines I will try to share those experiences for the other motorbike users and viewers.

Why Yamah Fazer?
I learned motorcycle riding on Yamaha Fazer and I got used to riding this model. There were no special reasons to buy this bike but after riding this bike I just love the controlling, comfort, suspension and the outlooks. Later then I made my mind to have my own bike and thought Yamaha Fazer will be the most suitable one for me. Few days later I purchased this bike and started to ride whenever I got chance.

Those things I find good in my bike
This motorcycle gives me better balance and controlling at different roads and situation because of its excellent dimension. Along with that this bike contains superior suspensions and good seating position, for this reason I acquire superb controlling and comfort during my riding. Wide tyres hold better road grips than the others. Overall outlooks made all these things more charming.

Those things I find bad in my bike
Because this bike is my theatrical thing so everything seems perfect to me. Every single thing of my motorbike is better than perfect as a 150cc bike but every mechanical thing includes some awful belongings also. In one year only one problem bigger problem I faced which is the battery problem of my motorbike. My bikes battery bothers me a lot. Battery turns out to be cold very faster and for this reason headlight power and self-start generate problems. Without this everything is well.

Long journey I made
I ride almost 5000 kilometers with my bike and I made only one long journey. I traveled to our neighbor city Chapai. I have taken a trip almost 160 kilometers in one day with my bike. I was really comfortable and find better controlling during my journey. At the off roads which I need to ride at my journey I don’t feel that much uneasy because of the enhanced suspensions of my bike.

Top speed and Mileage I get
I am not that much concern about the top speed because I do not ride my motorcycle or cars at elevated speed. I always maintain average speeds at the city roads but sometimes I also ride at good speed at the highways. I personally ridden my bike at 80 KM/H speed and it is the highest of mine. Other riders can cross 100KM/H speed easily. I have got 40 Km/L mileages at my bike and as a sports category bike this mileage is much appreciable.

I do nothing special for the bike Maintenance; I have only serviced my bike once after three months of purchasing. Sometimes I wash my bike and tuned up if necessary at the servicing center. I use the mixture of octane (60%) and petrol (40%). I prefer Gulf pride as my bikes engine oil.

Few words for others
After I obtain this bike without the battery I didn’t feel that this bike has any other problems. Till now speed, mileage, engine performance, spare parts etc everything is giving me better performance. I have nothing to complain about. I also think this bike will last long if the users take good care of it. According to its price this bike is really a pleasant one and you can have it for your personal use. I will not be hesitated to give my bike six out of ten.

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