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Mahindra Centuro Rockstar user review by Sukumar Saha
2018-07-14 Views: 381
Owned for 0-3months   []   Ridden for 1000-5000km

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Mahindra Centuro Rockstar user review by Sukumar Saha


Motorcycle is not only a common vehicle of Bangladesh rather, its mostly well and topmost popular as a personal vehicle. As because easy transport system with it, there are hardly any family in our country who don't have a motorbike. Same time, it going to be pretty hard to find out a person who don't know the advantage and disadvantage of motorcycles. Well, my name is Sukumar Saha. I was in foreign country a long 7 years. 5 months ago I came back to my country and currently involved with a business and for this reason I always have to run here and there where a motorbike can made my way easy and free from all the sides. Just with this thought, I pay a visit in the “Real Motors” of Taherpur, Bagmara of Rajshahi district. My motorbike “Mahindra 110cc” I have been using this one from the last 4 months or more and ridden it near about 6500 kilometers without any accident. Now it becomes something like my part of life. Why because, it I hard for me to move on the road without my bike. Same time, very often I made some fanatic tour with my family through my motorcycle. As I am here today. Mainly to share my view on the matter of quality and performance of my bike. It is better to uphold a line that. This review is completely my opinion and there is may some difference with yours opinion. I hope my review is going to help a lot who are thinking to have the same motorcycle for personal use.


At first, I want say about the Engine of my bike why because Engine is the key part of a bike. My bikes Engine performance is over up to the mark. It is very much powerful and don't become hot easily. Meanwhile, I don't notice any bad noise in the engine. On the other hand, I am having the mileage of 60 kilometer per liter. Considering all these, Engine of my bike is positive from all the sides.

Lets move to the matter of Design. My bike has totally different shape and design from the others. Its design, graphics and others shape is praiseworthy in my view. Same time, its build quality is strong enough so far I can feel. Along with the good design of my bike, one more part I have sensed that the plastics over its body are quite strong and parts are build with excellent quality. I think the design this bike has, is going to choose by any person and its shape is going to suit with any rider of any age. There are so many bikes in the market but this one look like different in my view and I choose it for me.

Comfort is one of the important part of a bike and my bike serve me good enough comfort and I am positive with my bike on this matter. Seating position is good enough comfortable in my feelings. As because the seating position is quite soft by which I feel the real comfort of riding a bike. Meanwhile, it is long and for this reason I never feel any problem to ride this one even with 3 person. My bikes height is not so tall by which I can touch the ground easily from the seating position. Same time, I feel really good by holding the handlebar. But I never pick up more than 55 kilometer per hour. I dislike badly to ride bike in high speed why because, life is very much important then time. I have ridden my bike 70 kilometer or so in a day and this is very rear to make long tours. So far I can sense the suspension of my bike, I think it would have been better then it is. Whenever I am on the rough road, I have to tolerate a huge shake. Looking glass uphold the exact picture of rear side.

Its controlling function is very much charming and I never feel any hesitation to control my bike whatever the situation is, only because of the excellent breaking system. Disk break in the front wheel play an excellent role to stop it wherever I am or whatever the situation. Its switches are really nice in quality and I am pretty positive to use those. Headlamp serve me good quantity of light to have the clear view in night ride.

I purchase this motorcycle to have good mileage. In a word, I am having the same mileage that I expected from it. Same time, as the showroom serve me the information about mileage, my bike serving almost the same mileage. I found the similarity in their words and result. I am really happy to have so. As a 110cc bike, it has the running of 60 kilometer per liter and I think is is more good enough which is rear in others bike of same segment.

But I am not happy with the price range of my bike by comparing this with the others bike of the market. It is ok from all the sides ignoring the price. I think, if the company can reconsider and fix the price then they may better selling rate that they ever had.

In this period of time I have using my bike, I just receive the service once from the servicing center and that service is only the tightening the Nut and Bolt and checking the others things thats all. I found them pretty good in their service and they are cordial enough to their customers. Same time, their working environment is charming enough.

Those who are thinking to purchase a bike of 110cc segment, you can put this bike on the top your choice list and took it as your personal vehicle. This going to make you amaze by its Engine performance and Mileage.

Good sides:
1. Engines performance is very good, 2. Design is exceptional, 3. Mileage is more than up to the mark, 4. Switches are nice, 5. Servicing center service is praiseworthy, 6. Breaking system is much better, 7. Seating position pretty nice.
Negative sides:
1. Price is high, 2. Suspension is not so good.

At the last, wishing you a nice and healthy life, Thanks to all for staying with me for this long.

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