With the approval of 350cc, the bikes can come to Bangladesh

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With the approval of 350cc, the bikes can come to Bangladesh

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According to an online news portal, Bangladesh is on its way to approving high CC bikes. Apparently, it is heard that the cc limit will be 350cc, regarding this matter a storm raised among the bike community of Bangladesh. Inside social media and other places people already started to gossip about this matter. Discussions, criticisms, hopes and despairs all are going on with this. Many are hoping that this time high CC bikes will jiggle the roads of Bangladesh. Again, many are not so optimistic from past experience.
However, we will have the results when it will be finalized, till then let us have a discussion about those bikes, which can burn the road with its performance if the cc limit gets higher. From bellow the lines we will discuss about some of the popular bikes from popular brands, which has foremost possibilities to hit the market if the cc limitincreases.


If the CC limit extends, not only the foreign brands will be beneficial. Because we always left behind our domestic manufacturing company Runner we might not expect they will have something for us. But, Runner already produces high cc bikes and they are sold in neighbor countries like Nepal. With the incensement of cc limit Runner will be able to introduce two bike from their high cc lineup, to be exact, Runner Dominator and Runner HAWK 200.

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Royal Enfield:

In our neighbor country Royal Enfield is one of the most popular bike, due to that we also know how much capable and stylish these bikes are. Till now we haven’t seen those bikes inside our country roads because of the cc limits. As Royal Enfield starts their production from 350cc it wasn’t possible to sell in our country market. Thus, if the limit increases then it will be available. According to our information cc limit might increase up to 350cc, so if we look into this segment Royal Enfield has three bikes, namely, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Royal Enfield Bullet 350, and Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Ifad Autos is already trying to have the import partnership of Royal Enfield. If all goes right we will see these three on the roads soon.


It a good news that if the cc limit extends we will not only see the BMW bikes, we might have our hand on it. Though the limit will not allow us to feel the supper bikes, but we will have BMW G 310R and BMW G 310 GS to burn the roads.


Jawa is another iconic motorcycle manufacturer from India. They have a good product lineup and if the cc extends then they have three products for us to offer. They are, Jawa Perak, Jawa 42 and Jawa. All of them are cruiser category and ready to exploit Bangladeshi market.


We already have seen Benelli has the ability to provide stylish and comfortable bikes for users. With the extension of cc limit a group of bike can arrive again from Benelli. Namely, Benelli TNT 200 & 300, Benelli 302R, Benelli 302S and a cruiser Benelli Motobi 200 EVO.


There is nothing to say special about the Yamaha FZ series. Their 150cc FZ series is dominating the market for a decade almost. If the cc permission gets higher Yamaha has their 4 trump cards in a start things they have Yamaha FZ-25 and Fazer 25. Following them they have Yamaha R3 and MT 03. So, these four bikes are waiting for us if the cc limit increases and they might arrive in our local market.


If we talk about versatility and efficiency Bajaj is always with us. Looking into their high cc bikes they a bunch of products. Starting thing of with the popular Pulsar series they have Bajaj Pulsar 250, 220F, 180F. Besides, Bajaj has NS 200 and Pulsar RS 200. Furthermore, if all goes right and the cc limit increases along these 5 pulsar series bikes Dominar 250& Avenger Cruise 220 might also arrive in the market.


As a popular Japanese bike manufacturer Honda never let down their customers hope. Incensement of the cc limit will also allow Honda to bring in a bunch of bikes for their customers and they are Hornet 2.0 180cc, Honda CB 300R, Honda Rebel 300, Honda Hness CB 350 and Honda CBR300 R.


Suzuki Gixxer has its own fan base in Bangladesh, if the cc limit gets higher than the elder brother of Gixxer 150 series will be expected from Suzuki. In that list we have two bike Gixxer SF 250 and Gixxer 250. Furthermore, the GSX series will also be extended with Suzuki GSX 250.


KTM RC 200 and KTM Duke 200 and Duke 250will continue the legacy of duke 125 and Rc125 if the cc limit upsurges.


Kawasaki Ninja series is always known as a fastest running motorcycle. If the cc limit gets higher we will not going to have the superbikes, but at least we will have the feel of Kawasaki Ninja 250, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R.


TVS Apache series is foremost popular for the youth, looking at their lineup the probability of arriving the market we have three bikes, namely, RTR 4V 200, Apache RR 300 and Apache RTR 180.


Hero Xtreme 200S and Hero XPulse 200 will be the couple of bikes, which can reach in our local after the cc increase from Hero.


After the arrival of KPR series, it cannot be denied that those bikes were earned popularity. If the CC limit increases the KPR 200 will be seen at the local market. Besides, the KPT 200 is also in that arrival list.


A few years earlier GPX bikes were seen in our country roads, but for some reasons they were not available. If the cc limit extends, with the hand of GPX Demon GR 200R their journey might start again.

Consequently, the list will look like,

Runner Dominator
Runner HAWK 200
Royal Enfield Classic 350
Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Royal Enfield Meteor 350
BMW G 310R
BMW G 310 GS
Jawa Perak
Jawa 42
Benelli TNT 200 & 300
Benelli 302R
Benelli 302S
Benelli Motobi 200 EVO
Yamaha FZ-25
Yamaha Fazer 25
Yamaha R3
Yamaha MT03
Bajaj Pulsar 250, 220F, 180F
Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 and Pulsar RS 200
Bajaj Dominar 250
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220
Hornet 2.0 180cc
Honda CB 300R
Honda Rebel 300
Honda Hness CB 350
Honda CBR300 R
Suzuki GSX 250
Gixxer SF 250 and Gixxer 250
KTM RC 200
KTM Duke 200 and Duke 250
Kawasaki Ninja 250
Kawasaki Ninja 300
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R
TVS Apache RTR 4V 200
TVS Apache RR 300
TVS Apache RTR 180
Hero Xtreme 200S
Hero XPulse 200
Lifan KPR 200
Lifan KPT 200
GPX Demon GR 200R

Though we are not totally confirmed about the cc limitation heightening, nevertheless, if the gossip becomes true these are the top most probable upcoming bikes from different popular brands, which are ready to extend the motorcycle market of Bangladesh. Apart from all these brands and bikes many other Chinese and others will join the party for sure. If the CC limit gets higher like we thought, be ready to pick yours.

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