Top 10 Bikes May 2019
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Top 10 Bikes May 2019


Again we team motorcycle are here with the top ten bike list for May 2019. Like the last few months today we are here with the top ten bikes list of May 2019 but this time we have something new for the users and manufacturing companies. These days several new bikes just arrived at the local market and the count is still on. Users are searching for those and the dealers and showroom holders are trying to sell those. For that reason on daily basis the rating and position of a bike is changing. We always try to make our list with few components, and they are the search records of the users, sells record, overall demand, before and after arriving report and the own opinion of team motorcycle valley. This time for the betterment and clean opinion we have decided to show the sells record, search amount of the last three months and user ratings. The list which we prepared is given bellow along with the details.


1. Bajaj Discover 125
one of the latest and modern creation of Bajaj with the same flavor of old performance of discover series. New generation wants upgrade things and Bajaj just does so with the discover series. No doubt about the popularity about Discover bikes. If we look into the last three months search records we will see that this bike is getting on top, even last month this bike was at the third position but based on this month’s sells volume, users search and rating this bike is topping the list.


2. Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc
we all know that this bike is the Upgrade version of Bajaj pulsar 150, new graphics, new features, new appeal and few changes makes this bike more charming. People are searching this bike on regular basis and the demand is also getting higher day after day. In march this bike was having good search records and sells volume, in April it was little bit lower and that is why this bike was spotting at the 5th position but this time all the records says this bike is deserving the second spot of mays top ten bike list.


3. Yamaha FZS Fi V3
craze of this bike and the popularity as well is increasing day after day. These days this bike is one of the most talked about bike in town. From Yamaha this is the latest gift. Bolder design new matte edition colors, upgrade braking, latest technology all are added at this bike. People are not only talking about this bike they are also purchasing. In March this bike was spotting at the last spot because users were not fully aware about the performance or details but after few days in April it was at 6th spot and based on the searches, sells volume, our opinion and users feedback this monster is spotting at the third position of this month’s top ten bike list.


4. Hero Glamour
From 8th number to 4th this bike is still popular we must admire. Last month this bike was at the 8th spot but now the sells volume search results and user feedback this bike successfully decreased 4 steps and become the 4th bike of our list. There is a saying, old is gold and for or the last one decade Hero Glamour is proving that. Still people are searching for this bike, using and giving suggestion to buy. Bearing all the components which we use to make our list this bike earned its position number four.


5. Bajaj Pulsar 150
for the last two months this bike was topping at on the list but this time one of its own siblings grabs its spot. Gradually the sells volume and search records decreased of this bike because of new versions and new bikes which arrived at the market. But still users love this machine and as always it has good number of users. So for this month this bike is staying at the 5th spot based on, users search, sells record, overall demand and the own opinion of team motorcycle valley.


6. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V
looks like Bajaj Pulsar is not only the one which lost its spot Apache RTR 160 4V also joins. Not for long time this bike is staying at the local market but the craze of this bike is decreasing because the other products are offering more. But still this bike is at the choice list of the users and the feedback is pleasing. New outlook of at the RTR series, new technologies, smart color combination and the old racing DNA still has that ability to hold the attraction. In March it was posting at the third place then it came up on second in April and now it has fallen to 6th spot in our list.


7. Honda CB Hornet 160R SD
In our local market CB hornet has a large number of buyers and the popularity never decreases attractive and muscular design, especially the X rear tail lamp design along with powerful and repeated engine performance of Honda this bike is really a trendy one. Though couple of months back this bike was spotting on the 6th spot but because of the modern trend and arrival of its new competitors this bike lost one spot and become the 7th one in April. Still based on the sells volume, search record, users feedback and our opinion it is spotting on 7th spot in our list of May 2019.


8. Suzuki Hayate
in March it was not even at the top ten list then suddenly it was spotting at the second last and now at the 8th position. Suzuki Hayate is one of the decent and well performing commuters inside our local market. It has good brand value, better mileage, and necessary all the features. People are searching and sells are getting higher of this bike. Feedback of the users are still good so we team motorcycle valley placed this bike on the 8th spot which it deserving for this month.


9. Bajaj Discover 110
Recently this bike is getting popular because of its modern features and performance. For the last two months this bike was not inside the list but based on the search records for this month, Sells volume, user’s opinion this bike has just managed to hold the 9th spot inside the list of top ten bike for May 2019.


10. Bajaj Pulsar NS160
It is very hard to believe but the fact is Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 is now down into the last position. In March it was at the 5th spot then came up strongly in April with the 4th position but for this month the sells volume, search results all are decreased. This bike hardly managed to grab the last spot with the old popularity and user feedback.

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