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GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh March 2023


GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh March 2023


Chaiyot Ruamchaiphattanakun founded the brand "GPX" in 2007.At the time, this company was known as "ATV Panthers," and its main goals were to be a manufacturer and operator of ATVs and motocross in Thailand.They had a great deal of success after beginning their journey in Thailand.

ATV Panther was selling well and attracting a specific group of customers' attention.Aside from bikes, they began producing motorcycle frames, bodywork, and other parts. Within the budget range, GPX bikes provide the most stylish looks, appealing engine performance, and a plethora of advanced features.GPX products were available in the Bangladeshi market a few years ago, but they were withdrawn for a variety of reasons.

For the Bangladeshi market, GPX recently announced a partnership with Speedoz Limited.As a result, Speedoz Limited has been appointed as GPX's official importer in Bangladesh.Their recently launched GPX DEMON GR-165RR bike has been well received by bikers.

This well-known bike manufacturer is constantly adding new features to its models.Let's take a look at the price of GPX motorcycles in March 2023.

Updated GPX Bike price in BD March 2023:
GPX Demon GR165R Bike price in March 2023- Tk 319,999.00
GPX Demon GR165RR 4V ABS Bike price in March 2023- Tk 369,999.00
GPX RAPTOR 165 Bike price in March 2023- Tk 180,000.00

To get more information about GPX Showrooms and location click here.
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