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TVS Metro Plus user review by Yeakub Ali


Based on the design and build quality TVS Metro Plus is my favorite bike. I really like the design and hopefully no one will disagree with me because at the first glance this bike can catch your eyes. Whenever I saw this bike I think this bike has better design and build quality comparing the other 1`00 or 110cc motorbikes available at the market. Because of the durable build quality I have got excellent support at different roads.

Already I have said a lot but I haven’t introduced myself, I am MD Yeakub Ali and by the profession I am a service holder. Because of my office purpose and daily works I have used Dayang 80 for many years and one day I realized I must change my bike and started searching. After a long search I found TVS Metro Plus. Now for last six months I am using this bike and I have said it before that I really like the design and build quality of this bike. Along with these two I have also seen some good things which make me happy and few bad things which bother me a lot. So no I am going to share my six months experience in front of you and hopefully it will help you to better about this bike.

I feel really comfortable during my every ride with this bike because this bike comes with vast riding seat and the combination of the handle bar and seating position is really fantastic. Night riding is also very relaxed with this bike because electrical gives good support.

Controlling is good. At the high sped sometimes vibration is seen but braking is really effective that’s why no difficulties to control the bike. Suspensions works perfectly and at different kind of roads I have tested the suspensions and I am happy with it. Tires are good enough to offer good road grip. So overall I would say that this bike is giving me good controlling at different situations and I am happy with it.

Engine performance of this bike is acceptable. Both short riding and long riding this bikes engine offers the same performance. I am getting good speed and alongside the speed 60 KM/L mileage is also offered by this bike. I am satisfied with the engine performance but the mileage needs to be increased a little bit.

I fix my bike at Natore Gani Market and they really do well. All of the workers are well behaved and they provide better service than others that’s why I am satisfied.

Few good things:
- Smoother engine sound.
- Good controlling.
- Comfortable riding experience.

Few bad things:
- Chain creates problem.
- Slightly vibrates.

Depending on the quality and performance I think the price tag this bike holds is perfect. So if someone wants to have this bike I will say this bike is comfortable for riding, offers good controlling and the engine is really fantastic. I am pleased with this bike and hopefully you guys will also be satisfied.
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