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TVS Metro 100 user review by Selim Raja


I am Selim Raja and I live in a village. By the profession I am a farmer. Because of my own work I need a better transportation and I think I didn’t need to tell you how important a motorcycle is at the village roads for better and fast communication. Because of my profession purpose I have to travel and gather my things to work and I require a vehicle for that so I chose the most suitable one for village and that is a motorcycle. I used to ride Dayang 80 but I felt that I must replace this one. Now according to my age and need I was in need of fuel efficient and decent looking bike which will offer good control and comfort as well. So after many opinions I purchased a 100cc commuter named TVS Metro. For two years I am riding this bike and gathered some experiences about it. Though I didn’t know that much about motorcycles but for the request of team motorcycle valley I will share my likes and dislikes about my bike.

Firstly I like the design and body of this bike. It is strong enough to carry loads and the design is decent but rear. Smaller in size but it can easily carry you out from different kind of roads like the village roads. Overall seating position, combination of the seat, tanker, and handlebar makes the bike comfortable for riding. With this bike I have traveled at nights as well and I think the electrical side like the head lamp, indicators, every single switches placed at the handle bar was user friendly and make me comfortable for ride. Talking about the controlling I will not complaint. I travel with my bike at the village roads mostly but because of good braking quality and comfortable suspension I get good controlling and never face that much difficulty. Most importantly this bike comes with thinner tire but I never felt any kind of skidding.


At present I am getting 60 KM/L + mileage with my bike and I am happy with that. Among all the good things this is one of best side of my bike. Speed is not important for me because I don’t need that much speed during riding and I like to run my bike in average speed but I think along with the mileage this bike can give at least acceptable speed too. For few times I increase speed the speed and I had that kind of feeling but the problem is the weight. This bike is light weighted and that’s why I felt it was floating with the air when I was in good speed so I never tried to ride on high speed that much.

Few times I visited the servicing center and I was pleased with their after sells behavior. So I would like to recommend that you can have this bike if you want to have decent commuter.

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