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Keeway RKS 125 user review by Masum Talukder


I'm “Masum Talukder” a director of a IT firm along with a student of Computer Engineering faculty in “Daffodil International University”. I purchased a “Keeway RKS 125cc” in the last Ramadan and using it till now. After having this bike I have made so many tour including some long tour and there is hardly any day passed without riding this bike. There are so many good things in this bike and there are some negative parts as well. Now I'm going to share my experience with you all about this “Keeway RKS 125”.

From the starting of my childhood, I always love to ride cycle and that love not yet finished. According to the need and flow of the time my demand switched to the Motorbike. From this interest I made my debut with my elder brothers “Yamaha RX100” few years ago. From that time to till now I have ridden so many bikes including “Dayang Runner AD80S Deluxe”, and "Honda CB Trigger".

From home to varsity and the jam of the roads make me think seriously about a bike for a long time and I decided to have a bike. According to my height and weight “Honda CB Trigger” was not suitable at all and thats why I always looking for a bike with good design and also according to my budget. With all the features I was looking for I found “Keeway RKS 125cc” on the top of my choice list but very its a matter of sad that the bike was not available in the showrooms of Dhaka. For this reason I have to purchase this bike from Tangail.

Just after its closing of break-in period, I had made tour with this bike in so many places as like Dhaka-Tangail and this is more then once. I have also traveled Natore, Mymensingh with this bike. I feel pretty much comfort with this bike and its control is just amazing. Specially its downward structure give me the best advantage to grab balance and control.


If the question is the performance then I must praise this bike at first when I have ridden this bike from last 45 days or so and the traveled around 3000 kilometer. On the matter of mileage of this bike I found 45 kilometers per liter or more and top speed on it is 112 kilometer oer hour. In a day I have traveled 376 kilometer. From all this side I'm pretty happy with this bike. Its control is just amazing, performance is very much praise worthy in the long tour. I never feel any back pain in the long tour and I can feel its strong structure.

As like the Moon has some spot on it and the same way my bike has some bad parts which are should be have and I would be the happiest biker if those problems are not seen in this this bike.
I face some problem in the breaking and gear shifting. Maximum of the new bikers face this problem. I have seen exhaustion in some of the metal parts. The customer service of the Dhaka is really praise worthy. They often serve the bike by coming in my home. There is always a complain about the service centers out of the Dhaka city. I think the company should think seriously about the customer service which are out of Dhaka and also about the availability of the parts.

In a reasonable price this kind of powerful bike is really amazing. By the over all performance I will give it 9 out of 10.
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