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Gallon is a unit of volume for liquid measure equal to four quarts, in particular. One gallon is equals to approximate 3.78541 liters.


Liter is metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of 1 kilogram of water under standard conditions, now equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters (about 1.75 pints).

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  • Engine makes bad noise – Bajaj Pulsar user Abdur Razzak
    Hello viewers I am Abdur Razzak, I live in Puthia, Rajshahi. And by profession I am a teacher. I think bike is the most easy transportation ever made. The main purpose of my bike is to moving from home to office, but bike is my pleasure and I love to ride bike. Whenever I get any opportunity I go out with my bike. Well now come to the point, I am a user of Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and I have been u... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Platina 100 user review by Sattar Ali
    Why because Motorcycle is now one of the most common vehicles of this time and for this reason me too flowing with the flow of time. Welcome viewers to see my bike with my eyes. My name is MD. Satter Ali and Business is my profession. Currently my location is in Bashbaria, Bagatipara Upazila of Natore district. From the last 8 months I have been using “Bajaj Platina 100cc” and it is better... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 125cc user review by Mahabub Alam
    I am MD.Mahbub Alam and by the profession I am a business person. I live in a small town named Charghat, Rajshahi. I often have to travel from one place to another because of my business purposes so I thought no other option will better option than a motorcycle for me. So I started to look for a good bike within my budget and choice and finally I found one. With all the suggestions of experts ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 100cc user review by Momin Uddin
    Welcome viewers, my name is MD. Momin Uddin and professionally I am a Health Officer. I am from Jamnagar, Bagatipara upazila of Natore district. From the last 4 years I have been using “Bajaj Discover 100cc” to maintain my office and family tasks. I have measured the quality and performance of this bike very keenly and I think this would be a great privilege for me to introduce my bike a... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 100cc user review by Daloar Hossain
    Bajaj is very familiar name at the local motorcycle market because they are able to satisfy the users and fulfill their needs and that’s why I am also a user of Bajaj. I am MD.Daloar Hossain and electrician by the profession. At present I am using Bajaj Discover-100cc and I bought this bike only nine months back. As I am a electrician so I have move from one place to another and I required... English Bangla
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