Torque Converter

Max Torque

Torque is the pulling power of an engine. The Torque generated by an engine is an entity which determines the pulling capacity of the bike which means with good torque and power a bike is able to create better top speed. There are some units are available to measure the max torque. They are L b/Ft = Pounds-Feet, Nm = Newton metre, and KGM= Kilogram metre.


Elaboration of NM which is unit of measuring torque is Newton metre. It is also called "moment" in the SL system.

Lb/ Ft

Lb/Ft means Pounds-foot. A pound-foot (Lb/ Ft) is a unit of torque (a Pseudo vector). One pound-foot is the torque produced by one pound force acting at a vertical distance of one foot from a spin point.

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