Technical Reviews
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 3500km ride review by Abdullah Al Asif
    Bajaj-Pulsar-NS160-3500km-ride-review-by-Abdullah-Al-Asif I was the first one who shared the riding experience of Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 at MotorcycleValley. Today I am to share my 3500 kilometers riding experience to let the readers know more about the quality of my bike. It is need to say that, whatever you use in the new condition, this will appear to you positive from the core but as the ... English Bangla
  • TVS Metro Plus user review by Rasel
    TVS-Metro-Plus-user-review-by-Rasel At first, I want to say that there is no alternative of motorcycles as a personal vehicle whatever your class is. Same time, I don't have to mention the quantity of popularity of the motorcycles in the recent world. When the question is about our country then most of the people are more comfortable with the motorcycles then the four wheelers. TVS Metro Plus 110cc is one of t... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF user review by Nobab
    Suzuki-Gixxer-SF-user-review-by-Nobab I am Nobab and I do business. I live in Rajshahi and here I have a shop inside the market called RDA Market. At present days I am using Gixxer SF Double Disc. Four months back I bought this bike so you guys can say it is still new actually. As I love to ride bike so I traveled around 3220 kilometers with my bike. Before using Gixxer SF I have used two or three bikes, ... English Bangla
  • Roadmaster Delight user review by Habib
    Roadmaster-Delight-user-review-by-Habib First I want to thank team motorcycle valley for giving me an opportunity to share y very own user review. I never knew that in Bangladesh there is such team who works for motorcycles. Before I get started let me introduce myself. I am MD Habib Ali and I am working for a company for many days. Company job! So hope you understand how much I have to travel for my works. O... English Bangla
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Dulal Hossain
    TVS-Apache-RTR-160-user-review-by-Dulal-Hossain My identity is, I am a businessperson and my name is MD.Dulal Hossain. I am from a village and most of the village living peoples want to have a fuel efficient motorcycle for them. That means lesser fuel higher mileage. As I said I am a villager but I always prefer bikes performance then its mileage. I think if the engine is consuming more oil then it ... English Bangla
  • H Power Zaara 110 user review by Sohel Rana
    H-Power-Zaara-110-user-review-by-Sohel-Rana Motorcycle is now one of the most popular vehicle these days no doubt about that. Using a motorcycle we can move fast and easily from one place to another. Without that motorcycle are very helpful to different circumstances. However let me introduce myself before I say anything else. My name is Sohel Rana and I am business person by the profession. Reason behin... English Bangla
  • Mahindra Centuro user review by Rasel
    Mahindra-Centuro-user-review-by-Rasel First let me introduce myself, I am MD.Rasel Ali and I am a business person. The name of my motorcycle which I use for my personal purpose is Mahindra 125. I bought this bike for my personal use and also for doing some business works as well. I was outside of Bangladesh for ten years. After I came back in my own country I realize that I need a motorcycle for my daily moveme... English Bangla
  • Roadmaster Velocity user review by Mamunur Rashid
    Roadmaster-Velocity-user-review-by-Mamunur-Rashid First I am starting with my identity, my name is MD.Mamunur Rashid. Every person holds a dream inside them, man to man those dreams vary but everyone have one for sure. So I also have a dream to have my very own motorcycle which I will carry with all the time. I never dreamed of a premium quality motorcycle, I always wanted to have a bike with good mil... English Bangla
  • Yamaha FZS Fi v2 Rear Disc user review by Arif
    Yamaha-FZS-Fi-v2-Rear-Disc-user-review-by-Arif Bike is something like a Jewelry for the boys and every boys dream to have a bike of their own which not only save his time on the road rather enhance the aristocracy of personal life. Specially to the young people bike make them so craze that they often quarrel with the parents to have a gift from them a modern bike. When I was in class 6, my father purch... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 user review by Monirujjaman
    Bajaj-Pulsar-NS-160-user-review-by-Monirujjaman I am MD. Monirujjaman Sony. I am studying at Honors third year at present. I live in Rajshahi and my address is located at kadirgonj area. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t love to ride bikes. I don’t want to be in that list, I really love bike riding. I have learned bike riding using Honda 100cc bike. At present days I am using Bajaj Pulsar N... English Bangla
  • Honda CB Hornet 160R user review by Mehedi Hasan
    Honda-CB-Hornet-160R-user-review-by-Mehedi-Hasan Few days ago when I was on a tour Natore to Chapai nawabganj, I met with the Team MotorcycleValley in the middle of the way. It is better to mention in the same time that our meeting was a sudden circumstances as I met with them while I was resting. It is really exciting for me to share my bikes review through team MotorcycleValley why because this is th... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 user review By Ibne Forhad
    Bajaj-Pulsar-NS160-user-review-By-Ibne-Forhad Bajaj is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in Bangladesh and we all know that. From the city roads to the broken village roads Bajaj motorcycles are seen and the best reasons for their popularity are the mileage and the performance of their bikes. For many days people has a craze over bikes and if we are looking for a mileage friendly bike then we will... English Bangla
  • Victor-R V100Link user review by Abu Sayed
    Victor-R-V100Link-user-review-by-Abu-Sayed Before I start talking I want to give my identity first, my name is Abu Sayed and by the profession I am a businessperson. As I am here to place a review about my motorcycle so it is better to know the bikes name first. The motorcycle I am using is named Victor-R V100Link. For the last four years I am using this motorcycle and within these four years I have used it ... English Bangla
  • Speeder Countryman 165cc 2600km riding review by Onyrul Anam
    Speeder-Countryman-165cc-2600km-riding-review-by-Onyrul-Anam I was the first one who shared the experience with Speeders Countrymen through MotorcycleValley. Today I am here actually to share my further experience with the same bike and this time I have ridden my bike around 2600 kilometers. I purchased this bike only for its look why Cafe Racer has totally different look from the oth... English Bangla
  • Hero Hunk user review by Rakib
    Hero-Hunk-user-review-by-Rakib It was a dream to me to have a bike of 150cc along with good mileage range by which I can move very fast on the road. My name is MD. Rakib Ali and professionally I am a businessman. Currently I am using Hero Hunk 150cc about which I am here today to introduce my bike. This bike make my dream come true and same time, now I can move very fast wherever I want to. I had used 5 bikes before... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R 3000km ridden user review by Abu Sufian
    Lifan-KPR-165R-3000km-ridden-user-review-by-Abu-Sufian Hello! Guys I am Abu Sufian and before this review I already posted one with the help of motorcycle valley. That was my first ride review about my motorcycle and today after riding 3000+ kilometers I am here again. Now I am going to share my recent experiences with all of you and hope it will be at help for you sp please stay till the last. ... English Bangla
  • Yamaha R15 v3 user review by Abu Hasnat
    Yamaha-R15-v3-user-review-by-Abu-Hasnat We all know that motorcycle brings many advantages for the users but we cannot ignore the disadvantages as well. But if the riders use it carefully then it is one of the best vehicles and very supportive based on different circumstance. Those people who leads a very busy life are choosing motorcycle for their daily transportation because for them time is very important. F... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Fazer Fi v2 user review by Ibne Farhad
    Yamaha-Fazer-Fi-v2-user-review-by-Ibne-Farhad As salamu Alaikum. My name is Ibne Forhad currently I am using Yamaha's one of the most popular bike of this time “Yamaha Fazer FI”. I have used the same bike of the previous version but the current one is slightly different from the previous one why because this one replete with the modern technology and one of the well known technology of this bike is th... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 user review by Sohel Rana
    Bajaj-Pulsar-NS160-user-review-by-Sohel-Rana I guess in our country one of the most trusted and user friendly vehicle is Motorcycle among all. Within the help of this transport we can easily move from one place to another within very short time and in emergency situations they are very helpful indeed. Before I say something more I am welcoming you all in to my review and let me introduce myself first. My... English Bangla
  • Roadmaster Delight user review by Jahidul Islam
    Roadmaster-Delight-user-review-by-Jahidul-Islam For better and fast transportation there are no instead of motorcycle I think, though this thinking might vary with others. In our country most of the peoples like motorcycle and for that reason this vehicle is now becoming very popular. With this transport people can easily move from one place to another. Before I say something else let me introduce myse... English Bangla
  • H Power Zaara 110 user review by Shohag
    H-Power-Zaara-110-user-review-by-Shohag For many days I have a dream to have my very own motorcycle within a reasonable price and with good performance. Because of some family problems I couldn’t do that. Nine months back I overcome those problems and my dream comes true. I am MD. Shohag Ali and by the profession I am a businessman. For doing my business works I have to travel a lot every day. So I bought a... English Bangla
  • Yamaha R15 v3 Indo version user review by Shakhawat Hossain
    Yamaha-R15-v3-Indo-version-user-review-by-Shakhawat-Hossain Honda H100S was the first one by which I started riding the bikes. It was the time of 15 years ago when I learned to riding bike. Its seems like an addiction to me to ride motorcycles why because, each of the bikes in Bangladesh I ridden all of them at least for once. On the matter of my own bike? I have tasted the master piece wh... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour 125cc user review by Thantu
    Hero-Glamour-125cc-user-review-by-Thantu Motorcycle is mostly known and common vehicle to all class of people in Bangladesh. This is key vehicle by which a person easily commutes even a huge distance ignoring the matter of traffic. As because there are so many short of motorcycle in the market, general people are choosing according to their ability. Motorcycle is something like common furniture to all class of... English Bangla
  • Hero iSmart user review by Bulbul Ahmed
    Hero-iSmart-user-review-by-Bulbul-Ahmed My name is MD Bulbul Ahmed and I am service holder by my profession. For the last one year I am working for a company and for my company works I have to travel a lot and for that reason I bought a bike. More or less I need a bike every day. Most importantly I cannot pass a single day without a motorcycle. I have learned bike riding using my father motorcycle Bajaj CT 100.... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R Fi user review by Atik Emon
    Lifan-KPR-165R-Fi-user-review-by-Atik-Emon I started riding bike with the Honda’s immortal bike CG125 and then I have ridden so many bikes till now including Honda HS, TVS Flame, Honda CB Trigger, Lifan KPR 150 and many more. My last bike was Lifan KPR 150cc and I have used this bike for a long time then I noticed that Rasel Industries introduce the same bike in 165cc format. Just after knowing the fact, I... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF user review by Asaduzzaman Hamim
    Suzuki-Gixxer-SF-user-review-by-Asaduzzaman-Hamim My name is Asaduzzaman Hamim and I am basically a student. My current location is in Laxmipur area of Rajshahi city. I use my own bike and my current bike is Suzuki Gixxer SF 150cc. It is not so long since I am using this one purchased this one, just 2.5 months. As because I love to ride bike, my bike already traveled near around 2220 kilometers in the... English Bangla
  • Honda Hornet user review by Murshalin
    Honda-Hornet-user-review-by-Murshalin My name is MD. Murshalin and basically I am a student. My current address is in Baliapukur of Rajshahi city. Same time with my study, I help my father in his business and for this reason I always have to move here and there same time, riding a bike is something like an addiction of me. I learn to ride bike with Hero Splendor and just after learning, I never keep aloof myself ... English Bangla
  • Honda CB Hornet 160 user review by Istiak Kabir
    Honda-CB-Hornet-160-user-review-by-Istiak-Kabir From five years back I learned biking on TVS Apache RTR and that was my elder brother’s motorcycle. I used to ride that bike and after few days I bought Bajaj Pulsar AS150 (RED). I was really enjoyed my rides with Pulsar AS 150 because it was a comfortable bike. Time was passing away and Honda introduced their 162cc motorcycle in the local market named ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Intruder user review by Fayez Ahammad
    Suzuki-Intruder-user-review-by-Fayez-Ahammad Motorcycle is something like a basic need in the matter of road transport for the common people but there is no well known cruiser bike in and those are available, are not so attractive from both upper and dipper surface. I have seen a cruiser bike Indian which known as the Suzuki Intruder and I just amazed to see thats outlook. Suzuki declaring this one as the ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 user review by ASM Asif
    Bajaj-Pulsar-NS160-user-review-by-ASM-Asif As salamu alaikum, my name is A S M Asif and currently I am a student. Today I am here to share my experience with my “Bajaj Pulsar NS 160” and I hope my experience will be helpful enough for those people who are already become serious about this bike. I had learned to ride bike through “Bajaj XCD 125” and just after learn to ride bike, I become a bike... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer user review by Asif Sultan
    Suzuki-Gixxer-user-review-by-Asif-Sultan Well viewers, my name is Asif Sultan and generally I am a student. I am a local boy of Rajshahi, my location is in Shiroil of Rajshahi city. To be frank on the matter of bikes, it is something like addiction from the childhood. Even I like to watch riding a bike and a hardcore wish come into my mind to have a bike of my own. Although, I didn't have such chance but I nev... English Bangla
  • Honda CB Shine 125 user review by Muntaj Ali
    Honda-CB-Shine-125-user-review-by-Muntaj-Ali Those who live in the village or in the rural parts, it becomes hard for them to communicate easily why road transport in those areas are not like the urban parts. This imbalance force me to think about a bike of my own by which I can ignore the matter of road transport whatever the road condition is. It was very tough for me to choose the right one that go wi... English Bangla
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 user review by Tipu
    TVS-Apache-RTR-160-user-review-by-Tipu To complete our daily transportation need and also for fast traveling motorcycle is one of the reasonable vehicles. It is very easier to move with motorcycles and it can carry you out within very less time as well. Because of all these reason this vehicle has become popular in our country these days. Many people ride bikes for many days but I am a new rid I must say becau... English Bangla
  • Bajaj V15 Motorcycle
    Bajaj V15Bjajaj V15 motorcycle from Bajaj was in the center of discussion of all bike lover in the recent time why because it is totally different from the controversial bikes style along side it made with aircraft carrier INS Vikrant's metal. This bike not only made with this aircraft rather it also has history, emotion, culture and motion of time inside of it. At the same time, its an endeavor to come out from the controversial type of Bajaj. We hope to say that very recent this bike will be available ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar AS150 motorcycle technical review
    Bajaj Pulsar AS150For last few years India’s number one motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Auto laterally facing losses because their product sell has been decreasing day by day. Their market share also has been decreasing because of this reason to their opponent. There is nothing new with the process they applied to reclaim their market value. They introduce many models of bike with the same name; they did it at the past with Discover seriese. At first they brings Discover 135 and af... English Bangla
  • Runner Turbo 125 Motorbike Reviews
    Runner Turbo 125 MotorcycleAmong many international and domestic brand Runner is one of the major and one of the best selling motorbike brand in Bangladesh. Runner automobile company combines a perfect combination of the bike value with the class. Riders will not complain when they have their well configured bike at their budget and that’s why runner is getting popular. At present days this motorcycle company is creating different categories and segment of motorcycle for the motorcycle lover... English
  • TVS Apache RTR 150 Matte Blue Edition Motorbike Review
    TVS Apache RTR 150 Matte Blue EditionTVS Motor Company Limited is India's leading manufacturers of two and three-wheelers. This company manufactures superior motorcycles and exports them to different countries along with Bangladesh. TVS Motor Company Limited was established on 1979 in India. This Indian motorcycle company has got many uncommon types and designs of motorcycles. Among those motorcycles 150cc motorcycles are very popular in our country. At present a stylish 150 cc mo... English
  • Bajaj V15 Motorcycle Reviews
    Bajaj V15Bajaj Auto LTD. is one of the largest two wheelers and three wheelers manufacturer in India. This company has manufactured high class products for the riders from the very beginning of their company. They not only manufacture, they also export their quality products to different countries to fulfill the demand of the riders. Nowadays this company is offering a new motorcycle to the market which will create a new era at the 150cc segment. This company has named this newest motorcycle Bajaj V15.... English
  • Yamaha FAZER 150 Motorcycle Review
    Yamaha FazerYamaha is one of the leading Motorcycles manufacturing Company who manufacture and imports quality motorcycles to different countries along with our country Bangladesh. Yamaha Motor Company Limited was established on 1955 in Japan. This Japanese motorcycle company has got many different types and designs of motorcycles. Among those motorcycles 150cc motorcycles are very popular in our country. At present a stylish 150 cc motorcycle from Yamaha motor company is leading the local mar... English
  • Yamaha FZS Motorcycle Review
    Yamaha FZSIn our day today life different kinds of Vehicles are the major part. For our trouble-free movement and better communication we use different types of vehicles among them motorcycle is much admired and reliable. Many kinds of motorcycles can be found in our local market from different manufacturing companies. Yamaha FZS is one of the most popular and stylish in those motorcycles. At 150cc segment this motorcycle is one of the excellent making from Yamaha Motorcycle Company and in Bangladesh it has... English
  • Mahindra Centuro N1 Motorcycle Review
    Mahindra Centuro N1 Mahindra Centuro N1 is a new edition of Mahindra motorcycle. In the segment of commuter bike there is a heavy competition among the motorcycle brands. Mahindra is a very popular brand and they are dominating for a long time in the sector of vehicle. Though this brand has lately started two wheelers journey but has brought a different thought in the commuter segment. Mahindra Centuro N1 is indigenously designed and developed motorcycle. You will find LED pilot lamp and tail ... English
  • Lifan KP150 Motorcycle Review
    Lifan KP150 BikeMotor cycle is the most popular vehicle in Bangladesh. People of all ages use motorcycle in our country. Various types of bike are available here. Moreover motorcycles are achievable in reasonable price whether four wheelers vehicles are too much expensive to purchase and also expensive to bear. Motorcycle is cost effective for daily use. It is also handy for moving one place to another instantly. You can say in our country motorcycle has become a part and parcel of daily life. There are m... English
  • Mahindra Pantero Motorcycle Review
    Mahindra Pantero BikeThe two wheeler industry in India is one of the most competitive in the world and there are a number of options in the market. Mahindra without a doubt has a stiff competition to deal with. Mahindra is one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world. They have a great position in the market of tractors, utility vehicles. But now Mahindra’s new range of motorcycles are extremely innovative, intelligent thinking machines made with thoughtfulness and driven b... English
  • Mahindra Arro Motorcycle Review
    Mahindra Arro MotorcycleMahindra two-wheeler is planning to bring a bunch of motorcycle. Recently Mahindra has launched some good quality bike. They are producing commuter in affordable cost with variants features. Mahindra Arro motorcycle is a latest edition of Mahindra brand. Mahindra Arro is a basic commuter bike and it is a bike for daily use. It has also very affordable price. This bike is equipped with simple features and yet gives a decent performance. The aim of the manufacturer is to provide comfort at less... English
  • Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Motorcycle Review
    Mahindra Centuro Rockstar Motorcycle There is a significant influence of Indian bike in the market of Bangladesh. They have occupied a large sphere in this country. They are exporting all types of motorcycle. This availability has a great impact on the consumers. You will find all types of bike whatever you want such as fashionable sporty or commuter bike, scooter etc. they are successful by fulfilling the requirement of the common people also. Mahindra is a well reputed brand for a long time. This brand ... English
  • Mahindra Centuro Disc Brake Motorcycle Review
    Mahindra Centuro Disc Brake Motorcycle Mahindra Centuro Disc Brake is a latest edition of Mahindra motorcycle. There is a tough competition among the Indian brands for motorbike, especially in the segment of commuter bike. Mahindra is a popular company for long time and they are still dominating but they have lately started their two wheelers journey. So Mahindra is facing a hard competition by the heavyweight Indian brands. In Bangladesh the Indian companies are occupying the market. Recently Mahindra Cen... English
  • Walton Plazar Motorcycle Review
    Walton Plazar MotorcycleMotorcycle is an affordable form of individual motorized transport. It may be applied for different purpose. For daily activities motorcycles are the most common vehicle in the most populous countries like Bangladesh. In Bangladesh most of the motorcycles are being imported from India or Japan. But now Walton motorcycles are competitively arising around the country. Walton is one of the very first companies of manufacturing motorcycles. Walton high –tech industries limited is producing mot... English
  • Walton Fusion 110EX Motorcycle Review
    Walton Fusion 110EX MotorcycleNow a day’s Walton is one of the most demand able motorcycle manufacturing company. As a domestic brand the demand of Walton motorcycles are increasing day after day. They are manufacturing different types of motorcycles, among them Walton Fusion 110 EX is the newest one. This bike contains some features which can be compared with other foreign brand motorcycles. At the same time this bike is quality full and the price range of this bike is very reasonable. Because of t... English
  • Walton Fusion 125 EX Motorcycle Review
    Walton Fusion 125 EX MotorcycleAs a domestic brand Walton motorcycles are becoming more and more popular day after day. Now a day’s Walton hold a huge market place in our country by its variety product and most importantly its affordable price range. There are many different types of motorcycle of Walton which helps them to capture the market. This company always tries to fulfill the demand of customers. Walton uses varieties in style, outlooks, Engine and the other features at their bikes with reasonabl... English
  • Bajaj Pulsar AS150 Motorcycle Review
    Bajaj Pulsar AS15Bajaj is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturing company who imports quality motorcycles to our country. This Indian company has got many different types and designs of motorcycles. Among those an entire series of Bajaj motorcycle is very popular and that is Bajaj pulsar series. At present this series of Bajaj is offering a new featured and stylish 150 cc motorcycle which will be known as Bajaj Pulsar AS150. This new model from Bajaj will create a new era at the 150 cc motorcycle segment becau... English
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF Price and Review
    Suzuki Gixxer SF Different types of Vehicles are the major part of our day today life. For our easy movement we use different types of vehicles among them motorcycle is much popular and reliable. Many types of motorcycles can be found in our local market from different manufacturing companies. Suzuki Gixxer SF is the newest model among those motorcycles. At 150cc segment this motorcycle is one of the excellent creation of the Japanese company Suzuki . This motorcycle is made up with upgrade features and stylish sp... English
  • Dayang Runner DY50 Bike Price and Reviews
    Dayang Runner DY50 BikeDayang is one of the leading motorbike brands in Bangladesh in the recent time. As to say about this company, no other bike companies in Bangladesh that have so many bikes on the road as the Runner have. We are not suggesting you to believe our words, it would be better if you take a look on the road, with search of which bike is running mostly on the road. You may ask a question on this topic that why this brand/bike is becoming so popular? We can suggest you few reason on the basis of this questio... English
  • Dayang Runner AD80S Bike Specifications Price and Review
    Dayang Runner AD80S BikeThere is no need to introduce Dayang, as it is one of the most selling brand in the Bangladesh. On question about the reason behind the huge sell? They make their bikes with standard design in which anyone can ride this without any hesitation of matching of age with the design of the bike. This brand also has a huge fame in all over the Bangladesh. There is a very interesting reason behind this also. You know, maximum of the bikes of this company has a very reasonable price, at the same time, they ma... English
  • Freedom Royal ES 100cc Bike Price & Review
    Freedom Royal ES 100cc BikeAs to know about the Freedom Royal ES, first of all let’s take a look over the company Runner automobiles, the importer of Freedom brand. Runner automobile is one of the largest bikes selling company of Bangladesh. This company has all the category of the bike. You don’t have to go anywhere, once you enter in the Runner showroom. You just have to keep minimum budget to purchase a bike. You may ask a question to me, is it so easy that we are speaking? We recommend to our visitor, you don’t h... English
  • Freedom Runner F100-6A Bike Price and Review
    Freedom Runner F100-6A BikeRunner is doing something like revolution in the Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, Runner is the only company who has a big amount of models of the bikes in their showroom that no one have to be hopeless due to the budget. At the same time, Runner automobiles producing their all bikes with a perfect combination of price and the product quality. For this reason, this brand earning good reputation from all over the Bangladesh which is increasing day by day. Whereas the international bra... English
  • Freedom Royal KS Bike Price and Reviews
    Freedom Royal KS BikeIn the recent time in our country, Runner automobile is one of major motorbike selling company as well as they have a huge popularity all over the Bangladesh. If you ask me why/how they doing this? They did nothing but measure the budget of the people of Bangladesh. You know Runner automobile has all the quality bikes. You just have to put your step on the showroom of the Runner. I can assure you; they don’t let you to be hopeless on the reason of your minimum budget. At the same time, age is another f... English
  • Dayang Runner Bullet 135cc bike price and review
    Dayang Runner Bullet 135ccRunner automobiles are making their place in the market so strongly that any other motorbike can hardly compete with them. As a matter of fact, Runner company doing in the perfect thing in the Bangladesh. You know, Bangladeshi people are hard worker in the entire sector. Maximum time they dont want to waste their money in simple purpose like purchasing valuable bike. Rather they choose simple bike to win the distance. At the same time, this will make their work easy and save the time. Runner is ... English
  • Bajaj Discover 125ST Bike Price and Reviews
    Bajaj Discover 125ST BikeBajaj Discover 12ST is a flagship products from Bajaj Auto Ltd. Bajaj Discover 125ST came to the market on May 2012. It sporty commuter bike from Bajaj. Bajaj Auto pulls Discover 125ST due to poor sales in Indian market but will continue to produce it for exports. There are two major causes to pull it from market. First one is high price as a commuter bike and second one is high rear seat which is dis-comfortable for pillion, especially for women. Bike Summary Bajaj Discover 125ST is a co... English
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150cc motorcycle price and review
    Bajaj Pulsar 150cc motorcycleBajaj Pulsar was developed Bajaj Auto in association with Tokyo R&D on 2001 in India. After launching this bike, Indian young people took it heartily. In 2003 Bajaj launched second generation Pulasr with DTSi technology. In 2006 Bajaj introduces another version of Pulsar (UG III). This is one of the best selling bike in India and most selling bike in Bangladesh. It is stylish, speedy, comfortable and fuel efficient bike. Engine Engine displacement of Bajaj Pulsar 150cc is 149c... English
  • Bajaj Platina 100cc motorcycle price and review
    Bajaj Platina 100ccBaja Auto launched Bajaj Platina 100cc motorcycle on April 2006. It crossed 500000 unit sales within 8 months after launch. It is commuter bike for entry level users who are seeking for low cost bike. It is least expensive bike of Bajaj. Engine Bajaj Platina 100 is powered by air-cooled 4strokes 99.27cc engines which returns 8.2BHP@7500rpm and 8.05Nm@4500rpm of torque. It is mated to 4speed manual gearbox. All gears are down pattern. Its aim to provide better mileage not giving t... English
  • Dayang Runner Galaxy Motorcycle Price and Review
    Dayang Runner Galaxy MotorcycleMotorcycle is a popular vehicle in our country and we are happy to say that we have some local brand such as Walton, Jamuna , Runner etc. Runner Automobiles is one of the leading motorcycle brands in Bangladesh among all the domestic manufactures. Dayang Runner Galaxy is a recently introducing brand of Runner Automobiles. It is a nice looking 80cc motorcycle with conventional features. Some key features of Dayang Runner Galaxy are given below. Key Features Following mentioned f... English
  • ZAARA 100cc Bike Review
     ZAARA 100cc BikeZAARA 100 is one of the popular motorcycle model of H Power. H Power Motorcycle is one of the prime manufacturer of two - wheelers, based in Asia. ZAARA 100 is a recently introducing brand of H Power. It has decent look with conventional features. Some key features of ZAARA 100 are given below. Key Features Following mentioned features are important for a bike. From mentioning features we can get a idea about ZAARA 100. Engine: Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, CDI Engine Displacement... English
  • Walton Fusion 125NX Motorcycle Review
    Walton MotorcycleIn the recent time, Walton is one of the most selling and demanded bike by the customer is, Walton Fusion 125NX. This bike possesses some feature that any other foreign brands hardly has. That’s the reason why this bike making its position strongly in the market. On the other hand, Walton is our domestic brand, for this reason people have something extra feelings for this Brand. A the same time, Walton making the business with thinking of the budget of the Bangladeshi bikers. They make their bik... English
  • Dayang Runner AD80S Alloy bike review
    Runner BikeBy understanding the demand of of our people Runner making the variety in their product/bike. At the same time, they are also have a great outlook on the budget of their customers. The most important feature of the business of Runner automobiles is, they have all the bike category for young to old person. No one can be hopeless once a person enter in the showroom of the Runner. As a matter of fact, Bangladesh is a country which possess more 70% professional farmer or related with the farming. Same time t... English
  • Freedom Runner Royal+ Bike Review
    Freedom Runner Royal+Runner Automobiles Limited is on their process to capture the place in the mind of the people of Bangladesh. We know the capability of the people of Bangladesh. We are hard working earning money in a very hard way and it is not so easy to take money from us. In this sense Runner making their bikes according to the ability of us. Most important part of Runners bike is, they put a perfect combination of price and the quality. At the same time, the bikes of them are for the all ... English
  • Freedom Runner Turbo Motorcycle Review
    Freedom Runner Turbo MotorcycleRunner doing the excellent thing that making the life easy of the people country like Bangladesh. They making the variety of their product according to the budget of Bangladeshi people. At the same time, they are reaching in their goal also. In the last few years, Runner made a huge business all over the Bangladesh, very few of the company do this as the Runner does. If we talk about the reason, why Runner is going up in very recent time then we will found that they are... English
  • Dayang Runner Deluxe motorcycle review
    Dayang Runner Deluxe motorcycleRunner is one of the successful motorcycle company in the Bangladesh that making their business by winning the heart of the general bikers of Bangladesh. Our country is underdevelopment country, and most of the people in our country working very for upgrade their lifestyle from their position. In this regard, Runner automobiles playing a very important role in their afford. Time is very valuable to the people who work hard, Runner is doing the work of saving time in a very much affo... English
  • Freedom Runner Kite Bike Review
    Freedom Runner KiteAs the bikers or the customers demand of variety bikes in the basis of variety peoples variety choice. Freedom Runner Kite is one of the standard, scooter look bike that can make you feel like you riding or flying a Kite. Our visitor may have a question in their mind, how can be scooter look like a bike or a bike can look like a scooter? As a matter of fact, Freedom Runner Kite has some features which makes it bike in the shape of Scooter. This scooter can make any one happy who loves to make sl... English
  • Runner Cheeta Bike Review
    Runner CheetaCurrent market situation of motor bikes, Runner is one of the toughest competitor among all the brands. As a domestic brand, its make a position that any motor bike brand can hardly do. Runner automobiles has all the quality to attract the customers. Specially its price range and variety range of product makes it very popular. As the demand of Bangladeshi people, this company make makes its bikes according to their demand. No company can be success if they don't have multiple option or choice for the custo... English
  • LML Freedom Bike Review
    LML Freedom MotorcycleThis bike as look like, a foreign name, yes it is a foreign bike imported by Runner Automobiles ltd. LML Freedom is mainly or originate from India. This bike is Runners one of the Gorgeous bikes. LML Freedom has a little history from the past. As it was appeared so popularly and suddenly gone out of market. In recent time, Runner puts it in the market again. As a matter of fact, this bike still have a secret demand to the customers and also in the market. In this sense we are bound to say that... English
  • Runner Duranto Bike Review
    Runner Duranto BikeAs the demand of the time, Runner automobiles doing a perfect thing to provide motor bikes in a very affordable price to the people Bangladesh. It is very well known to us all that motor bikes are the best single or double road transport in recent time. In this circumstances, Runner making this thing easy to among the people. They have put variety of motor bikes which are help the customer to choose the right bike for him in his limited budget(every customer/biker have a limit in their budget). As we... English
  • Freedom Runner Trover Bike Review
    Freedom Runner TroverRunner automobiles putting the perfect system in their business to run it all over Bangladesh with the enormous fame. They making the business policy according to the economic condition of Bangladeshi people. On the other hand, product variety is one of the major tactics and tricks to run a business tension free. As we know about the Runner automobiles, it has a huge variety in their product list. It is just enough to grab the market, also the customers who ever come to the showroom. ... English
  • Runner Bijoy Motorcycle Review
    Runner BijoyAs their intention to spread their business in all over Bangladesh and to make their position on the top in the sell. Runner automobiles one of the popular bike is Runner Bijoy. As a part of variation of product with the intention to attract the customers and grab the market, they just doing this excellently as an international company have to do. A question can come to our visitors mind that, how product variation is deeply related with marketing system? Well this questions answer is going to be very much si... English
  • Dayang Runner Bullet 100cc Bike Review
    Dayang Runner Bullet 100ccI purchased this bike in last December. First of all, for those people who are standard class and student, I want to say few words to them; Many of us purchase bike in installment or interested to purchase. There are two companies in Bangladesh who provide or sell their bikes in the system of installment, one is Walton and another is Runner. There is no confusion to say that, Runners bike is better than least good then Walton bikes. Our visitors, who want to purchase bike in ins... English
  • Walton Fusion 125NX Bike Review
    Walton MotorcycleWalton bikes is becoming more and more popular with the flow of time. As a Bangladeshi brand, it possess a huge market place in our country by its variety product and most importantly its affordable price range. Walton bikes have a different style to capture the market, they use search mentality for demand of the customers, at the same time, they produce those bikes which are hardly in the market. They put varieties in style, outlook, Engine and many more on a very handy price. Walton Fusion 12... English
  • Walton Ranger 100cc Bike Review
    Walton RangerAs a domestic brand, Walton bikes got a huge admiration of the customers. Whereas, most of our Bangladeshi brand marked a common complain that, its quality is not in the international level. Walton puts a question mark on this complain. Specially, Walton bikes got an extra attention of all class of people in our country. The whole new edition of Walton bikes is, Walton Ranger. Walton Ranger is one of the best bike now-a-days in the 100cc range. This bike made by keeping all the complain of cus... English
  • Hero Hunk Double Disk Bike Review
    Hero Hunk Double Disc MotorcycleHero motor bike company is the worlds largest bike selling company in recent days. On this consequence, there is no need to introduce the Hero company. As a matter of fact, to gain the market each marketing company have put variety in their product on the basis of customers choice. Hero motor cop have a huge available variety in their product. Thats why they successfully gain the attention of world wide bike riders. Hero motor cop have all short of bike in their hand including sports,... English
  • TVS Phoenix Motorcycle Review
    TVS Phoenix MotorcycleAs one of the leading motorbike brand in the Indian subcontinent as well as worldwide market, TVS has huge variety in their product. TVS Phoenix 125 is one of their popular bikes, it’s not close with that rather its popularity is increasing day by day. Bikes of TVS mostly well known for its specious design, fuel efficient engine, not standard or not so sporty look which makes it different from others. Another very important quality this bike has, all class of people feel very suitable to rid... English
  • Lifan KPR150 Motorbike Review
    Many kinds of vehicles are available in our country; among them motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicle. This vehicle is fittest for our country roads and for this reason people of every age likes this. Many riders love speedy vehicle but for many reason they cannot effort four wheeler vehicle. For those types of riders motorcycle is very suitable. And nowadays in our country motorcycle is becoming a part of culture among the youngsters. So as we see there are many reasons for the popularity of this veh... English
  • TVS Metro Plus Motorcycle Review
    TVS Motor Company Limited is the leading manufacturers of two and three-wheelers in India. This motorcycle manufacturing company was is Founded on 1978. The headquarters of TVS is located in Chennai, India from their TVS operated their all activities. TVS motors has 19 years technology exchange agreement with SUZUKI company which is situated at Japan. There are many motorcycle companies is our country but among them this motorcycle company from India is one of the trusted one. This company provides good qu... English
  • Suzuki Gixxer 150 Motorbike Review
    Suzuki GixxerThere are many motorcycle companies who export their motorcycles to our country. Among them one of the most trusted and older one is Suzuki. Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the Japanese multinational companies. Suzuki was first founded on 1909 in Japan. This company manufactures motorcycles, cars, ATVs and marine engines etc. This Japanese company is also available to around 192 countries in the world. Suzuki India is the subsidiary of Suzuki Japan. Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited follows... English
  • Hero Xtreme Motorcycle Review
    Hero Xtreme MotorcycleHero Motocorp is one of the largest and popular bike manufacturer from India. This motorcycle company provides their motorcycles to all over India along with Bangladesh. In our country motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicle. To fill up the demand of the riders Hero Motocorp plays an important role. Many popular bikes are available in our country which were produced by Hero. After the year 2010 Hero modified some of their popular bikes. Among them hero Xtreme motorcycle is included. This motor... English
  • Hero Xtreme Sports Motorbike Review
    Hero Xtreme SportsHero MotoCorp Limited formerly which was known as Hero Honda is the largest manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter in India. In 2010 this company purchased the whole share of this company from Honda and became Hero Motocorp. Since then this motorcycle manufacturing company has built and modified some of their motorcycles. Among those motorcycles an entire series of Hero is involved and that is hero Xtreme series. In this series Hero Xtreme, Hero Xtreme Sports, Hero Xtreme Sports Double Disc are... English
  • Hero HF Dawn Motorcycle Review
    Hero MotorcycleMotorcycles have become one of the essential vehicles to our day to day life. Motorcycles are the fittest vehicle at the countries like Bangladesh. Because of massive traffic jam, of and village roads, vast population motorcycle is very user friendly vehicle. So the popularity if motorcycles are very high in our country. There are many categories of motorcycles which are available in our country market. Among them 100cc motorcycles are one of the popular category in our country basis. There are many compan... English
  • Hero Splendor Pro Motorbike Review
    Hero Splendor Pro For many reason motorcycles are the most popular vehicle among all. There are many segment and types of motorcycles which are available in our country. Among all 150cc and 100cc motorcycles are most popular. 100Cc motorcycles are popular to our villagers and middle-class people and 150cc motorcycles are popular to all kind of riders and it is fit for all kinds of road. There are many companies which are providing motorcycles to our country. Such as Hero, Bajaj, Honda, Yamaha etc. In them one of the... English
  • Hero HF Deluxe Motorcycle Review
    Hero MotorcycleIn Bangladesh motorcycle is very popular vehicle among all. For providing quality motorcycles there are many motorcycle companies which are available in our country. Such as Hero, Suzuki, Bajaj, Honda, Walton, Runner and many more. Among them Hero motorcycle company is very familiar and trusted company from India. Hero MotoCorp Limited is the leading manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter in India. This company exports best quality motorcycles to our country. Among their products many motorcycles are pop... English
  • Hero Super Splendor Motorcycle Review
    Hero Super SplendorIn our country Bangladesh there are many motorcycle companies who produce different category motorcycles. Hero motorcycle Manufacturer Company is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturing from India. This company exports quality motorcycles in our country. There are many motorcycles of this company which are leading our motorcycle market. Such as Hero Splendor I smart, Hero Hunk, Hero Xtreme, Hero passion pro, Hero Glamour and Hero Super Splendor many more. Among of these motorcycles Hero Supe... English
  • Hero Splendor+ Bike Review
    Hero MotorcycleAmong several types of motorcycle companies Hero Motocorp is one of the best motorcycle manufacturer in India. There are many popular Hero motorcycles are are also available in Bangladesh along with India. This company provides quality motorcycle to our country. Among them Hero Splendor plus is one of the long serving motorcycle of Hero in our country at the 100cc motorcycle segment. The Hero Honda Splendor Plus was first introduced in 2004 and later, in 2007, relaunched it with modified engine quali... English
  • Hero Splendor iSmart Bike Review
    Hero iSmartThere are many motorcycle manufacturing companies who produce their motorcycles to our country. Such as Hero, Suzuki, Bajaj, Walton, Yamaha and many more. Among these companies Hero motorcycles are one of the most popular manufacturing company. This motorcycle company from India provides good quality motorcycles for our country in reasonable price. There are many category of motorcycles in our country like 50cc motorcycle, 100cc motorcycle, 125cc motorcycle, 150cc motorcycle etc. Hero motorcycle co... English
  • Hero Passion Pro Bike Review
    Hero MotorcycleIn our country there are several segments and categories of motorcycles which are available. Such as 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc motorcycles on the other hand if we talk about categories there are standard, sports, commuter, street categories etc. Different motorcycle companies are there to provide these different motorcycles to our country. Such as Hero, Yamaha, Bajaj, Honda man many more. Among them Hero motorcycles are most familiar. This company produces high quality and durable motorcycles to... English
  • Hero Glamour Motorcycle Review
    Hero GlamourHero motorcycle manufacturer company is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturing from India. This company provides quality motorcycles in their country and also export these motorcycles to other countries like Bangladesh. There are many motorcycles which are leading motorcycle in our motorcycle market at our country. Such as Hero Splendor I smart, Hero Hunk, Hero Xtreme, Hero passion pro, Hero Glamour and many more. Among of them Hero Glamour is one of the most popular motorcycle in our country as a... English Bangla
  • Bajaj pulsar 150cc bike review
    Bajaj Pulsar 150ccIn our country Bajaj is one of the best motorcycle company. This company provides quality motorcycles in our local market all over Bangladesh. This Indian company has got many different types and designs of motorcycles. In our country Most popular of them is Bajaj Pulsar 150. Pulsar 150 motorcycle of Bajaj company is the highest selling motorcycle in our our country. People of every ages who loves motorcycle riding are pleased with the performance and stylish looks of this motorcycle. Why th... English
  • TVS Apache RTR 150cc Motorcycle Review
    TVS Apache RTRWhen we talk about speed we can see bike riding in a part of it. In our country motorcycle is one of the best vehicles. Many companies from different countries provide motorcycle for our country such as Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, TVS, and Walton etc. TVS is one of them which motorcycle company provides quality motorcycles for our country. TVS produces varieties of motorcycle in our country. Among them Apache RTR 150 is the best motorcycle. Apache RTR 150 is one of the fastest running motorcycles in our... English
  • Hero Hunk Motorcycle Review
    Hero Hunk Hero is one of the best and biggest motorcycle manufacturing and exporter company from India. This company provides quality motorcycles in their country and they also export these motorcycles world wide. There are many motorcycles which are running in our country from this company. Such as Hero Splendor, Hero Hunk, Hero Xtreme and many more. Among of them Hero Hunk is one of the most popular motorcycle in our country. Hero has used their finest technology for these Hero Hunk motorcycles. For this reason th... English
  • Freedom Runner Turbo Bike Review
    Freedom Runner TurboIn our country many international and domestic motorcycle manufacturer can be found. Among them runner automobile is one of the best domestic motorcycle manufacturer in our country. Runner Auto Mobile Limited is a part of Runner Group. This Runner Group was founded in the year 2000. This is one of the largest automobile companies in Bangladesh. They have many more activities without motorcycle manufacturing. In their automobile they produce from 50cc to 150cc different types of mo... English
  • Yamaha R15 Motorcycle Review
    Yamaha R15 MotorcycleYamaha Motor Company Limited was established on 1955 in Japan. They produce motorcycles, scooters and other motorized vehicles. After starting their journey in India at 1985, they also began to export their products to Bangladesh. Day by day Yamaha becomes much popular as a motorcycle company in our country. They have good market share on 150cc bikes. Yamaha FZ-S, Yamaha Fazer and Yamaha R-15 are the popular model for the young riders. Among these 150 cc bikes Yamaha R-15 is the best ... English
  • Honda CB Trigger motorcycle review
    HONDA CB TriggerPeople of Bangladesh believe that “Honda” is the best motorcycle brand. Many people think the other name of two wheels vehicle is “Honda”. Because of build quality and durability of Honda motorcycles they are one of the most popular motorcycle companies across the whole world. Mainly “Honda” is Japanese Motorcycle Company but nowadays India is manufacturing these Honda motorcycles which are found in our country. Such as Honda Shine, Honda CB twister, Honda CB trigger etc. Le... English
  • Pulsar: Most selling and popular motorcycle in Bangladesh
    Bajaj Pulsar 150Pulsar motorcycle is an Indian brand motorcycle, and it is one of the basic motorcycles which are suitable for every kind of motorcycle riders. People of every ages who knows motorcycle riding and have curiosity about motorcycles they know how much popularity Pulsar contains with it. Bajaj Pulsar is the most selling and popular motorcycle in Bangladesh. Why pulsar is most popular and highest selling motorcycle in our country let's have a look. Design This motorcycle is not so stylish but ... English

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