Yamaha Family Day 2019 was held
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Yamaha Family Day 2019 was held


This program has been held on Hannan’s Convention Center located at 300 Feet, Dhaka. In that program there were so many events for the bikers. To be clear about this program, ACI Motors organized this program in the whole new way to celebrate with all the family members at a time. In the following program there were present all the officials of Yamaha and at the same time, bike lovers as well with their family members. This program was not only for the bike riders rather this program was arranged for the family of the bikers as well. This was a well decorated program for the biker’s family and there were the programs in the following way:

-Scooter test ride
-Kids bike test ride
-Kids playing zone
-Swimming pool
-Balloon shooting
-Carom playing
-Food zone

Kid’s bike test ride is special one to mention. As we all know that Yamaha is always introducing bike just according to the demand of customers with all modern features and specialty. So there were so many tiny bikes for the tiny riders which they can ride easily they did in the best way in the following program.

Meanwhile, there were Scooter test ride for the lady’s. This event especially for those who like to ride scooter. By considering whole the program, this was an endeavor to gather most of biker’s family of ACI Motors means Yamaha.

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