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Yamaha Exchange Festival Going On


Yamaha Exchange Festival Going On


The Yamaha Exchange Festival is happening now. Come and exchange your old motorcycle for a brand new Yamaha motorcycle at the Yamaha Exchange Festival. Across the country, at 28 Yamaha dealer points, there will be exchange offers along with ongoing cashback offers.

Let's take a closer look at the Exchange Special Cashback.

*Yamaha FZS V2 and Yamaha Saluto 125 bikes, you can get a cashback of 2000 Taka
*Yamaha FZS V3 and Yamaha MT15 bikes, there is a cashback of 2500 Taka.
*Yamaha R15 V3, R15 V4, and R15M bikes come with a special cashback offer of 6000 Taka.

Yamaha Exchange Festival Date = 22-30 November 2023.

Additionally, for all customers, regular offers will be applicable next month along with the exchange offer.

So, don't delay, participate in the Yamaha Exchange Festival today, and enjoy all the fantastic offers.

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