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Is TVS Apache 125 Going to be Launched in 16th September?

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Is TVS Apache 125 Going to be Launched in 16th September?

TVS is bringing new TVS Apache 125 bikes. It is hearing that TVS is going to launch this new TVS Apache 125 bike in Bangladesh. Hopefully this TVS bike will add a new response and new concepts in the 125cc segments. Let's take a look at the features of the TVS Apache 125 bike.

Special Features of TVS Apache 125 will be:

  • Sporty Street fighter Design

  • Powerful 125cc Engine

  • Race Tuned Fuel Injection

  • LED Headlamps with DRL’s

  • Wave Bite Key

  • Glide Through Technology

  • Split Cradle Chassis

  • Double Barrel Exhaust

  • Digital Instrument Console

  • Alloy Wheels

  • Split Seat

  • LED Instrument Cluster with a Gear Position Indicator

  • Sculpted Tank

There are 160cc variant of this bike is currently on the market and this bike is more attractive to many in terms of the engine so let's take a look at what the engine features are. TVS has used the engine of their TVS Apache 125 bike with BS6 125cc single-cylinder, 4 valve engines which is capable of delivering Max Power 12.5 HP @ 8250 RPM and Max Torque 11 Nm @ 7250 RPM.

Braking system this bike will have a synchronized braking system with single disc brakes. 90 / 90-17 49P section tires will be used at the front and 110 / 80-17 57P section tires will be used at the rear. In all, the weight of the bike can be 130-140 kg. Also with this bike TVS has tried to provide all the facilities for the rider.

Many may have questions about the price. In fact, the price is not yet accurate, but observing the Indian market, it is seen that if this bike comes to the market in Bangladesh, the price could be around BDT 125,000 - 150,000. If less than this, then TVS Apache 125 will be a bike of choice for the customers.

The good news for us is that the TVS Apache 125 bike will be available in India as well as in our country. Customers in Bangladesh are going to see this bike may be on 16th September and are going to get new ideas in the 125cc segment.

Keep an eye on the Motorcycle Valley website for details about the bike.

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