Facebook Motorcycle Groups in Bangladesh
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Facebook Motorcycle Groups in Bangladesh

YamahaMotorcycle is a vehicle which is used by the youngsters to fulfill their desperateness at the roads. Hot-blood, speed, desperateness, fun, riding whatever we talk about of the youth, it is motorbike which is their favorite vehicle. If you need for speed at your riding two wheelers cannot be compared with others that easily. No matters it is city or village quantity of motorbikes are mounting day after day. At the past our country needs to import motorcycles from Japan but that need congested one day. Our country started to import motorcycles from our neighbor country India and China. Nowadays to fulfill the demand of motorbikes are importing from Indonesia, Thailand and many more countries. Our country not started to manufacture full motorbikes but many spare parts are now producing by our country manufacturers. Overall depending on motorcycle business a huge marketing circle has been created. Numbers of motorcycle brands are many and for this youngsters can have lots of option to choose.

In modern days teenage bike users usually prefer to achieve their information about bikes from the internet websites or blogs instead of the showrooms. Bike users are related to many different things such as bike related problems solutions, loving and caring of bikes, touring with bike and many more things which are the part of social service. As their connecting bridge many motorcycle groups are working hard and sole and those groups are mainly linked with the biggest social network FACEBOOK. In our country for exchanging opinions of the bike users many pages and groups can be found at Facebook. They used to discuss about bikes among these groups and pages. Share information and collect also. Few groups are for all kind of bike users and few are for special brand or bikes. It does not matters how many groups are available their main motive is same, which is to help each other. By these groups bike riders connected to each other like brothers. Because of this reason we able to know about the story of riders whose bike was stopped at the middle road for fuel and other member helped him out.

We can know about the fairy-tale of those riders who helped other riders to move across when they faced their bike engine failure. Sometimes story of happiness like all group members went for a Hilsha fish party to unknown destination! Like these stories many fairy-tales can be found of mad riders who went for many miles with their bikes.

Different types of Facebook groups are available who works with motorcycle. In short text it will not be possible to mention those all though let us know about few of those motorcycle groups at Facebook.

In our country as we Know that Honda means motorcycle like that bike group in Facebook means “DUI CHAKKA”. In our country most popular motorcycle group is “DUI CHAKKA”. This group is energetic and alive because of the individual participation of their group members. This group has an admin who is Radbi Reza but it known to all that all of the members are not only a member but they similar to admin. In this group all members are almost same and for this everyone is a king of this group. All are known as legends individually. This bike is working very hard all the time to provide bike information, helping each other, all curriculum which is occurring in our country and many more things. This popular group has few section groups based on different areas.

Group link:

MotorcycleValley is basically the Facebook group of Sharing the posts which are connected to motorbike is the main purpose of this group. Without this providing advice about motorcycle, motorcycle based problems and solution, loving things of motorcycle users are also in the work list of this group.

Group Link:

In Facebook this group belongs to BIKEBD blog. Their main motive is providing bike information about bikes and to create a bonding among their members. This group is also one of the most active and energetic group in Facebook.

Group link:

This is also a bigger motorcycle group in Facebook. Here information about motorcycle and opinion of members can be found very easily. Admin panel is also very concern about this group and to keep this group neat and clean. It is also a pleasant motorcycle group.

Group link:

Though this is a Facebook page but motorcycle related problem and solutions, especially technical problem and their solutions are found in this page. They are trusted and very worthy.

Page link:

In Bangladesh Bajaj Pulsar in one of the most popular and highest selling bike and Bajaj is also a very popular as a brand. This group is created by those users who use this bike. Many Pulsar users are member of this group.

Group link:

This group is created by the fan of popular Italian brand Keeway users. You will find any kind of information related to Keeway motorcycles. And especial caring of the users are also available. All the members are so helpful.

Group link:

This group is operated by the users and fans of popular motorcycle Bangladeshi brand Runner. Conversation about runner motorcycle with each other, information about these bikes, and bike tours are the mains jobs of this group. Nowadays this group is running very actively in Facebook.

Group link:

ZNEN bike users control this Facebook group. Owner of ZNEN is also included and active at this group, for this reason it has been a great pleasure of the group members to be a part of this group.

Group link:

All these groups which are given above are not all. Without them many more pages and groups can be found. Few are about brands, few are about individual models, sometimes they are area based such as GAZIPUR BIKERZ ( or SAVAR BIKE RIDERZ(

The list will not finish that easily. All are biker all are doing their jobs for one target and that is to help each other and creating brotherhood.

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