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Cashback offer on the Yamaha FZS V2 Bike

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Cashback offer on the Yamaha FZS V2 Bike

Now you can get a cashback offer of Taka 6,000 only if you buy a Yamaha FZS version 2 double-disc bike. You can get the cashback offer by pre-booking the Yamaha FZS Version 2 Double Disc Motorcycle of your choice between 15th and 22nd July at Yamaha Authorized Dealer Point. After Cashback the new price of Yamaha FZS V2 DD is 2,24,000 Taka. Armada Blue and Dark Night color are available in this model.

We all know that the Yamaha FZS V2 DD is a very popular and demandable bike in the Bangladesh market. Comfort, engine performance, quality, brand value, etc. are valued in this bike many ways. This Yamaha FZS version 2 double-disc is on the list of the best bikes in 150cc segment. The demand for these bikes is increasing day by day and the import of bikes is being disrupted due to the Corona epidemic which has resulted in Yamaha not being able to supply the maximum quantity of bikes in the current Corona situation. Currently, this Yamaha FZS V2 DD is now available in the market of Bangladesh and Yamaha is trying to offer this bike to the customers at a reasonable price. This is why Yamaha has come up with a cashback offer. You can pre-book at Yamaha Dealer Point with booking money of 50,000 Taka.

This cashback offer and pre-book offer are valid as long as stock is available. Stock limited.

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