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TVS Apache RTR 150 user review by Sohel Rana


In the world of motorcycles TVS Apache RTR 150cc is one of the most popular motorcycle brand. Apache is a well known name. I am using both Bajaj Discover 125cc and TVS Apache RTR 150cc at a time. But I enjoy ridding my TVS Apache RTR-150cc more. First let me introduce myself. I am Md Sohel Rana and by profession I am a businessman. My house is situated in Bagatipara, Natore and I live in here. I always need a better transportation for my business purpose which will always with me. Not only for my business purpose but also for other purpose I really need a better transportation for my own. So I chosen a motorcycle as my best friend. At first I bought Bajaj Discover-125cc motorcycle and besides I also using TVS Apache RTR-150cc. I am using this motorcycle for 8 months. In this short time I have some experiences about this motorcycle. And I have positive feelings about its performances. Today I am going to share my ridding experience with you all.


As a 150cc commuter motorcycle the outlook and the design is really very good to me and the build quality is also very strong and I am satisfied with it. The outlook is like a beast. The design, color combinations, style everything make the motorcycle attractive. I really like this. The build quality is very hard. Sitting position and handlebar is well managed. I am happy with it. It provide me a very good ridding. I often travel in villages but I don't felt any problems at all. As the suspensions are really good they provide me a smooth ride and even after ridding for whole day I don't feel any back pain at all. The switches are well qualified. Headlamps are very good and give me enough lights and make the ride comfortable at night. And all this make me fall in love with this motorcycle.

The engine performance is very good till now. I am very satisfied with the engine performance. As a 150cc motorcycle the engine power is very good. I am getting very good mileage. At present I am getting 55 KMPL. This is my daily measurement. But I think it can give more mileage on highway. I never ride my motorcycle at top speed but it is good at top speed. In a word the controlling is really good. I can control this motorcycle on any road at any situation. Good braking and suspensions make the ride safe. When I ride this motorcycle with someone else on my back seat the suspensions perform very good. So I can say that there is no problems in this motorcycle to my opinion.

I have traveled the servicing center for some minor problems, but their behavior was not good. I think the servicing should be developed. They are well trained.

Good side-
*The design and the build quality is very good and like a beast.
*Engine and switches are very good.
*No back pain at long tours.
*Provide smooth riddibg.

Bad sides-
*Mileage is average
*Service center is not good at all.

At last I want to say that this is a stylish motorcycle. This motorcycle is perfect for young aged people. Design, build quality, look can impress anyone. So those who want to do style and need a motorcycle than one can buy this motorcycle. The price is very perfect for this motorcycle than other 150cc motorcycles. This is a perfect motorcycle in a perfect price and can give very good mileage and comfort. Thank you.
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