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Honda Dream Neo user review by Shojibul Islam


It is really nice to introduce my bike through “Motorcyclevalley” My name is MD. Shojibul Islam and professionally I am a Marketeer. My current location is in Puthia Upazila of Rajshahi. As I have mentioned that I am a marketeer and to manage my job I need a bike in crying need basis. It is known to all that marketing job is almost not possible to manage without a bike and from this point of view, currently I am with “Honda Dream Neo 110cc” same time, it is good to mention a line, I am using this bike from the last 2 years and I have gained a lots of idea about the quality and the performance of this bike so today I am going to uphold my experience with people and I hope this will be helpful enough for you to make your decision if you are thinking about this motorcycle for your personal use.

Its engine performance is just nice and clean till now, I don't sense any major problem in the engine. Same time, its design and build quality is outstanding in my view. Build quality is strong enough till now by which I can ride it with confident. As to say about the design, it is as good that it can snatch anyone view. Seating position is good enough to serve the actual comfort and this have to confess by anyone who sit on it. Meanwhile the handlebar is well combined with position of seating by which I feel the pleasure of an actual bike riding. Switches on the handlebar is good enough to mention and the headlamps light is sharp enough to have the clear view of the front.

When the question is about the comfort of this bike? Its control is just like a Honda should be that means it is so good. But one thing is better to mention in the same time, this one vibrates lightly in the high speed. Braking system is good enough to control this one but the suspension would be better then as it is. On the other hand, wheels have the grip by which I don't sense any skidding till now.

On the matter of fuel expense of this one? I am pretty happy with the matter of fuel expense when it is serving 60 kilometer per liter. As a professional marketeer this mileage is good enough for me.
After have visited their servicing center several times and each of the time, I found them gentle and sincere enough to the customers. Basically, I serve my bike from the Banesshor, Rajshahi showroom.

Good sides:
- Comfortable in riding
- Mileage is good enough
- I don't have wait for the speed in highways.

Negative sides:
- An irritating noise from the chain and from the chains system.

As its performance, quality and others features its price is just nice and clean from my view. If someone wants to purchase this bike then I would like to say that it is ok from all the side ignoring some normal problem. You are not going to depress by having bike rather you will be enjoy this one.

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