Mahindra Pantero Full Specs
Mahindra Pantero

Mahindra Pantero

Tk 143,500*

Price updated on 2017-04-12
  • Engine
    106.7 cc cc
  • Maximum Power
    6.25 KW (8.5 PS) @ 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque
    8.5 N-m @ 5500 rpm
  • Top Speed*
    95 KMPH
  • Mileage*
    70 KMPL
  • Curb Weight
    N/A KG

* Real value may vary. Price updated on 2017-04-12

Bike Reviews
  • Mahindra Pantero Motorcycle Review
    Mahindra Pantero BikeThe two wheeler industry in India is one of the most competitive in the world and there are a number of options in the market. Mahindra without a doubt has a stiff competition to deal with. Mahindra is one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world. They have a gre... more

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Mahindra Pantero Summary

Mahindra Pantero is a product of Mahindra. Mahindra is the brand of India. This bike is powered by 106.7 cc engine which generates Maximum power 6.25 KW (8.5 PS) @ 7500 rpm and its maximum torque is 8.5 N-m @ 5500 rpm. Mahindra Pantero can runs 95 KM per hour and it burns fuel 70 KM per Liter (approx). Its price is Tk 143500.00. Click Here to find Mahindra motorcycle showroom near you.

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Bike Rating

Total: 41
Design: 58%
Comfort: 57%
Control: 57%
Fuel: 58%
Price: 57%

1=Poor, 5=Average, 10=Best


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Bike News

ami chalacci..performance kharap na.

29 January 2012, Night 8:50
please add Km/L for each bike.

08 February 2012, Morning 11:20
arround 40kmpl in dhaka. cruize is better for mileage. but cruize shakes at higher speed!

10 February 2012, Midnight 01:53
Saiful Islam Milon
im usuing fusion.plz. add mobile indicator details

07 March 2012, Afternoon 2:05
Price 19/03/2012

19 March 2012, Night 8:17
I want to take a bike in next month budget 90000... in installment plz someone give me advice which is the best for me as I was a student...

20 March 2012, Night 10:50
Tonoy Basak
আমার হোন্ডা তে ৩৫কিঃমিঃ/লিটারে চলে। এর সমাধান চাই

26 March 2012, Afternoon 5:58
fusion 110cc whole black model ta kotay pabo.ami kno showroom a ata passi na.pls help

28 March 2012, Afternoon 1:38
mahabub patwary
ami fusian110 kinte cai koto bd taka rakha jabe last.thanks; hajigong chandpur

11 April 2012, Midnight 03:21
pls post real picture.
prize koto rakha jabe

04 June 2012, Morning 10:40
akash khan rony
আমার এ হোন্ডা চালাতে খুব ভালো লাগে,কারন আমি ১ লিটারে ৪০ কিঃ মিঃ চালিয়েছি,

09 July 2012, Midnight 01:09
Walton Leo - 90cc Motorcycle 79,000 Taka See Details..
Walton Style - 100cc Motorcycle 84,500 Taka See Details..
Walton Sprint - 100cc Motorcycle - Taka See Details..
Walton Cruize - 100cc Motorcycle 1,03,400 Taka See Details..
Walton Prizm -110cc Motorcycle 1,10,600 Taka See Details..
Walton Fusion -110cc Motorcycle 1,04,600 Taka See Details..
Walton Fusion -125cc Motorcycle 1,11,700 Taka See Details..
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Walton Xplore -140cc Motorcycle 1,39,500 Taka See Details..

09 July 2012, Afternoon 3:21
Dhakate ek liter e average koto kilometer chalano jabe ?

18 July 2012, Afternoon 1:49
Dhakate ek literre 30 km jabe.

28 July 2012, Afternoon 3:09
aei dam-e walton valo na...indian bike gulai fuel kom khai. tvs metro 62 km/l,tvs sport es 65km/l,bajaj platina 60 km/l in dhaka.aar walton fusion 40 km/l, cruize 44 km/l in ogulai fuel efficient.

26 August 2012, Night 9:56
Nayem ahmed
Walton prizm 110 kenbo parsent pore koto dam janaben plz??sylhet

18 September 2012, Night 11:28
mobile phone indicator ta ki,details bolben?

27 September 2012, Afternoon 2:34
sehab rahman
2nd hand walton fusion 110cc kinboo..7000 km cholchee..65000 tk deye kinle kemon hobe...plz janaben..

29 September 2012, Afternoon 1:20
Deshi ponner mullo desher manuser kroy khomotar modhe rakha uchit...

19 October 2012, Night 8:08
walton fussion 110cc 3000 km: chalaichi akhon bikri korbo. contact:008801676633453

31 October 2012, Afternoon 4:03
Bike Lover
@ shimul
you can add your motorcycle for sale at

31 October 2012, Evening 6:27
ame kalo kalarer bick cai,,110cc bazaj ,,, plz ,,when shwroom plz janaben

21 November 2012, Midnight 05:01
I Heared that walton now using new fuel efficient carborutor at
fusion. so what is the mileage per kilometer per liter?

2. If I go to buy a new fusion then how I will understand that I am
buying new carborutor fusion which will give me better mileage? or
walton plaza seller are not giving me old carborutor fusion ? or old
carborutor fusion still available at all walton plaza?

3. will walton give any discount at 16 december?

4. If i will give money for licence then with in how many days i will
get licence number

5. pink or full red color available?

6. what is the price now in cASH?

10 December 2012, Afternoon 1:37
Vai keu ki bolben dhaka te motorcycle chalate hole ki driving licence korte hobe?

10 December 2012, Afternoon 1:40
vai new carborator wala fusion naki 75km per liter chole?

10 December 2012, Afternoon 1:42
I want to buy second hand walton fussion. If someone want to sel this bike pls cotact me at this no. 01715855249

26 December 2012, Morning 10:51
walton fusion kinbo kamon hoby 2 hand 35000/- TK.

24 January 2013, Afternoon 12:26
40/45 cholche per ltr e but tao oneek kom hen indian bike. is there any solution about oil efficiency?

28 January 2013, Evening 6:42
i have walton Fusion 110 cc 18000 K/M colck akon par liter koto colbe.

05 February 2013, Afternoon 12:30
Ata akta vuaaaa bike. Ami amar mama-r jonno Fusion-110 kinechilam,but 3 mash por Ingine-a khub sound hote lage, R damta-o onek beshi. Er che-o Dayang Kingba Indian bike kena valo......

19 February 2013, Night 11:27
দেশিয় পন্য কিনে হও ধন্য, কিন্তু এই মটরসাইকেল গুলোর যত দাম তার তুলনায় জ্বালানী সাশ্রয়ী না। এর সর্বচ্চ গতিবেগ ও বেশি না। সুতরাং দেশিয় পন্য কিনে লাভ কি হবে।

10 March 2013, Evening 6:46
e balo kharap dekhar cheya per liter koto kilomiter jabe ta dekhe motorcycle kinben

03 April 2013, Midnight 02:54
Md.Amin vai... ami bikri korte chai amar Walton Fusion Bike 110cc(Red Color)... only 65,000km running... All paper ok... But price is fixed: 60,000tk.if u wish then contact me in this no. 01683111759(urgent sell).. only real buyer can call me plz..

23 May 2013, Midnight 04:26
ভাই walton এর বাইক সব দিক থেকে ভালো কিন্তু তাদের বাইকের ব্যাক সাইট এর ডিজাইন টা একদম বাজে।

12 July 2013, Evening 6:13
shah adat fahim
walton prizm110 kinte chacchi i m student....

80 kilo/litre jay ata... bolben pls

13 July 2013, Midnight 05:27
Amader desher ponno jodi ato dam hou.tahole manus nibe kivabe?nijer desher ponno,nijeder deshe kom dam rakha uchit.

30 August 2013, Afternoon 4:11
I want to buy second hand walton fussion. If someone want to sel this bike pls cotact me at this no. 01917962055.

30 August 2013, Evening 7:37
al amin
ami chalacci 64-65km/L cholse.. performance o kharap na...

19 October 2013, Afternoon 3:59
সাইকেলের পেছন দিক উছু হয়ে গেছে ইমোসনাল ভাব নেই৷

27 October 2013, Night 10:41
Ami vul kora walton fusion 110cc bike kiny 11000 km chalaichi tata amar monahoy walton brandar bike gulaka bike bolla vul hoba. ata bikear kono joggota nai baslau kau nayna.

20 November 2013, Afternoon 2:21
Abraham Rozario
this is beautiful
I like this

13 December 2013, Afternoon 4:49
please send me contact number...

18 December 2013, Evening 7:21
fusion, EX-110 সম্পূর্ন নতুন শোরুমে আছে সেখান থেকেই বিক্রয় করবো। আমার ২টি মটরসাইকেল আছে তাই বিক্রয় করছি।

please add Km/L for each bike

17 January 2014, Afternoon 2:18
shahid ullah
ami walton fusion kishtita kinta chai.advance payment koto deta hoba?And kishtiti kotho?total rice kotho?

01 February 2014, Morning 07:14
Engine china 3 yrs pore oil beshi khai. Power kome jai. Body jon jon kore. Hai walton Motorcycle.

20 February 2014, Evening 6:29
Motor baik valona

12 March 2014, Night 10:58
md.sobuz rana
আপনারা যে অনলা্নে মটর বাইক গুলো দিয়েছেন তা কি সব গুলো পাওয়া যাবে।

20 May 2017, Night 10:03

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