TVS motorcycle price in Bangladesh 2017
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TVS motorcycle price in Bangladesh 2017


Popularity of two wheeler vehicles is rapidly rising in Bangladesh. Different manufacturers are offering their motorcycles and scooters two our country and they are having good business also. More or less every motorcycle distributors who import different motorcycles are also having great profit. There selling is now in more progress than before because few decisions of our government. At the new budget for this year government has decided to less the import tax over the motorcycle importers and because of this reason almost every distributor has lessen their old prices. After the price reduction selling of motorbike has increased.

Following the others, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer company named TVS also reduced their prices. TVS motorcycles are very popular in our country as an Indian Brand. TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd is their sole distributor. They updated TVS Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh for 2017 by creating an offer named “TV Thunder offer”. Let’s see those new prices.


Apache RTR 150 (Single Disc): One of the stylish sports commuters in Bangladesh. With its speed and outlooks this motorbike pleased all the RTR users. Its build quality is also very acceptable. Old price was TK 199500 and after reduction it is available at TK 179900.

Apache RTR 150 (Dual Disc): Build quality and features are all the same of this bike with RTR 15 (Single Disc). Differences between them are their Braking system and Suspensions. This bike contains Dual disc brakes and better suspension quality than RTR (Single Disc). Previous price of this motorcycle was TK 217500 and it is updated to TK 198900.

Apache RTR 150 (Matt Blue): Matt Blue Edition of RTR is designed with the previous design of RTR 150 but the color combinations, engine, and other features are more powerful and attractive. This newest edition from TVS is doing well allover Bangladesh and its performance is also better than before. New added price is TK 184900.


TVS Phoenix 125cc: One of the stylish and well feature commuter motorcycles from TVS. Good color combination and light weighted. Old price of this bike was TK 166900 and after reduction it is TK 148900.


TVS Stryker: This stylish commuter is offered with good color combination and design. Features can fulfill the demand of the users. Past price of this bike was TK 149900 and recent price is TK137900.


TVS Metro KS: One of the most demandable motorbikes among all commuters because of its smaller stylish outlooks and mileage. Without the mileage and design this motorcycle is well enough configured as 100cc bike. Old price was TK 112900 and ne added price is TK 99900.

TVS Metro ES: Metro ES holds the same features as Metro KS but few small changes can be found, such as this bike contains electric start method. New price of this motorcycle is TK 109900 the old price was TK123900.


TVS Metro Plus: Metro Plus is more updated motorcycle at the metro series. With new style and features this bike is loved by all. Past price of this bike was TK 137900 and newest price is TK 123900.

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I need a bike free of cost

09 October 2017, Midnight 03:54
Md. Shamim Mia
We have any installment facilities for TVS Stryker.

29 January 2018, Afternoon 5:44

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