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TVS motorcycle price for August 2017 Bangla Version
2017-08-27 Views: 4188


As we all know popularity of two wheeler vehicles are rapidly raising in Bangladesh. More or less every motorcycle distributers who import different motorcycles are also having great profit. At these days at the local market there is a huge demand of Indian bikes along with Japanese. Indian motorbike selling is now in more progress than before because of their quality durability and price combination. Nowadays one of the popular Indian motorcycle brands in our country is TVS. TVS motorcycles are very popular in our country because of their well featured and user-friendly bikes and their price range is also very sensible as well. TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd is their sole distributer. Due to many reasons motorcycle prices changes time to time and TVS motorcycles are also in that run. So from bellow the lines let us see the latest prices of the available TVS motorbikes in Bangladesh.

TVS Metro KS: One of the most demandable motorbikes among all commuters because of its smaller size, stylish outlooks and huge mileage. Without the mileage and design this motorcycle is well enough configured as 100cc bike that offer pioneer performance. Latest added price of this bike is TK 99900.

TVS Metro ES: Metro ES holds almost the same features as Metro KS but few small changes can be found, this bike contains electric start method and its performance range can be higher than Metro KS for this reason. Most recent price of this motorcycle is TK 109900.

TVS Metro Plus: Keeping the demand of TVS Metro in mind TVS Company offered Metro Plus for their customers with updated features. 109cc engine with good max power and torque, stylish graphics and the same category fuel economy which is loved by all. This bike is available with Disc brakes and those who didn’t want to have Disc brakes for them without Disc. Up to date price of Metro Plus is TK 123900 and Metro plus Disc is TK 132900.

TVS Phoenix: this bike is not that much stylish because it contains very decent and straighter body design but it is one of the most well featured commuter motorcycles from TVS at the 125cc segment. Good color combination and light weighted that holds modern features. This bike is available with the price tag of TK 148900.

TVS Stryker: TVS Stryker is now one of the demand full commuter bikes which are offered with stylish and good color combination and design. Features can fulfill the demand of the users as well. Hot price of this 125cc bike is TK 137900 and it is available with color variants.

Apache RTR 150: RTR 150 is one of the stylish sports commuters in Bangladesh. With its speed and outlooks this motorbike pleased all the RTR users. Its build quality is also very acceptable. Except few flaws this bike is very demandable after its arrival. This bike is available in two kinds. Build quality and features are all the same of both bike but the differences between them are their Braking system and Suspensions. That’s why one is named RTR 150 (Single Disc) and the other one is RTR 150 (Double Disc). RTR double Disc contains Dual disc brakes and better suspension quality than RTR (Single Disc). Most recent price of RTR 150 (Single Disc) is TK 179900 and RTR 150 (Double Disc) is TK 198900.

Apache RTR 150 (Matte Series): Matte Edition of RTR is designed with the previous Body shape of RTR 150 but the color combinations, engine, and other features are more powerful and advanced. New color schemes, braking system, power output, mileage, speed and the other features helped this bike to do well at the Bangladesh market. New added price is TK 184900.

TVS Wego: TVS wego is a Scooter category two wheeler from TVS and a very stylish one. This scooter is available with different color scheme and holds power 109cc engine which offers great power output. More or less this scooter from TVS offer 55 KM/L mileage and 90 KM/H top speed which are great as small size vehicle. Latest price of this scooter is TK 162900.

TVS XL: Another scooter category creation of TVS and this time it’s more unusual then the others. 100cc engine is placed at this bike and that can offer 4.2 PS max power and 6.3 NM max torque, along with that huge mileage is also a specialty of this scooter and that is 67 KM/L. Most important thing about this two wheeler is its price you are going to have all these features within TK 64900.

Keeping the Eid festive in front TVS are bringing a new offer for the customers and they will give free registration, insurance and road tax for their customers and along with that save up to TK 8000. This offer is applicable for almost every available bike of TVS in our country. This offer has started from August 12, 2017 and it will last until the previous day of Eid.

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Al amin
Can you less some price of tvs rtr 150 matte series. Then it will get good market in bangladesh.

09 September 2017, Midnight 04:29

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