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Top 5 80cc motorcycles in 2017


Motorcycle has made the way easy of the general people to communicate. Wherever a biker is, he/she never has to wait for anyone to commute some where. It is quite easy to travel a long road by dint of a motorbike. As the governments policy and the company's endeavor, motorcycle become easy for the bikers in the recent time. Its no more a aristocratic thing for the specific some people. There are lots of bike in the 80cc segment which have the good design, nice build quality and well mileage. These types of bikes are good enough to travel in the short distance like pastoral parts and empty roads of the cities. “Motorcyclevalley” is introducing some popular 80cc bikes by considering popularity among the users and from their experience. Lets see, which bikes are in the top according to the statement of the customers.


Runner Deluxe
As a domestic brand “Runner” is always trying to introduce good quality bikes for the customers. This one mostly seen in the rural and urban parts of our country. Nice design, strong build quality and reasonable price are the key fact for the Runner to gain a place in the hearts of the customers. As the users claim, this bike serve them the mileage of 55-65 kilometer per liter.

Runner Deluxe


Runner Bike RT
This is stylish then the others 80cc bikes by which the customers attract to this one from the others. This motorcycle has some modern features along with stylish design, muscular fuel tank, nice body kit, Alloy rim and others. These are the key part of this bike which make this one special to the customers. So far we have the information from the users of this bike, its mileage is around 50-60 kilometers per liter.

Runner Bike RT


Roadmaster Prime
Same way as the others domestic brands are serving Roadmaster trying to introduce quality bikes in a reasonable price for the customers and with the same flow, Roadmaster's 80cc bikes name is “Roadmaster Prime”. Powerful enough engine power, nice design, well enough build quality, fuel efficiency by all these this bike gain the trust of the customers. Users claim the mileage of this bike is 55-65 kilometer per liter.

Roadmaster Prime


Honda CD80
From beginning of the journey of Honda, its CD 80 model is seen on the road till now. Its brand value, nice and gentle design and for the good mileage many of the bike rider choose this bike. Its mileage is 60-70 kilometer per liter.

Honda CD80


Victor-R V80 Xpress
Nice design, Modern features, Good seating position, attractive mileage and reasonable price by these all a good quality bike is “Victor-R V80 Xpress”. This one is very suitable for the Bangladeshi roads specially in the rural parts where roads are not easy to pass on even there, this bike performs so nicely by which the bikers keep this bike on their choice list. This will serve the mileage of 55-65 kilometer per liter.

Victor-R V80 Xpress

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