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An exceptional protest activity organized by the bikers in Dhaka for harassing a biker without no reason. As the a video viral on the social site, the bikers gathers in so many points in Dhaka and demanding the punishment of the guilty police constable. The bikers opened a facebook group with the name of “careful bikers” and gathering each of the bikes in the same platform.
Last Friday at “Farmgate of Dhaka” a traffic constable beat a biker mercilessly in the middle of dispute. Someone capture the whole thing in the mobile camera and set this out in the facebook and social medias.

The protesters don't know who was the person thats face such assault but their point is, they are hurt equally as a biker. From this protest, the biker claims that,

- The guilty police constable must have to be suspended
- Authority must have to reduce the harassment of the bikers without any specific reason.
- Stop such case that make no sense.
- The traffic police must have to behave gently as like human being.

The organizers of this protest said, after the incident of the “Farmgate” bikers community made a group on the facebook with the name of “We want punishment of the traffic police” and the number of the members in this group are increasing with hopeful number. Later Monday in the morning a “human chain” program was to be organized according to their information.

On the right time, more then 100 of bikers made their appearance on the front of “Rajdhani High School” but police remove them from their. Later on the Farmgate, in front of the “Al Raji Hospital” they made their protest with peaceful activities with human chain. There is one more group settle their activity in the TSC of Dhaka University and then all of them gathered in the “National press club” and turned the end of the program.

One of the organizers is a student of “University of Dhaka” his name is “Mamunur Rahman” he said to “Dhaka times” that “the incident of last Friday is very sorrowful for the bikers community and the whole police department should feel shame for it. We just want to throw a message to the administration and to the police that we are also humans”.

He further said that, “we tried to make a sign on the eye of our Prime minister and head of the police of the Dhaka metropolitan police that is their any law by which a police constable can make such heinous thing of beating a biker in the merciless way? Each of them serving their family from our paid taxes then how can they even think this matter in such way of beating a biker. We want to remind our government that they should take proper steps against that police constable and show reasonable punishment which will be a mentionable for all in the later time.

On the other hand, Dhaka metropolitan traffic police (west) deputy commissioner “Liton Kumar Roy” said, the accused police constable is been closed as the matter is no more in the cool level.

He further said to the “DhakaTimes” that, the accused already been closed and we are look into the matter and we are assuring to all that the further step will be taken against the accused constable. As the incident has the eye witness and the victim has to suffer physically, we are not going to any pleasing behave to that accused constable.

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Abdul Muied
what is this, close kora hoise..we want justice

15 August 2017, Afternoon 5:55
Ripon Khan
We want justice

15 August 2017, Night 11:45

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