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Hero motorcycle price January 2018 Bangla Version
2018-01-03 Views: 1878


“New Year starts with Hero” Hero comes with a huge offer by headline this slogan. They have reduced the price of their bikes in this January. They have done it before and they want to keep their bikes affordable to their customers. Each of the bikes of Hero has good features, good performance same time, “Hero” gained the believe of their customers. By checking out the current market, it is easily noticeable that the “Hero” is the only bike company who service quality bikes to their customers in a very reasonable price. Let see the bikes which price have reduced in this January.

Hero Splendor Plus
This 100cc bikes design is very gentle same time with the design, it has some noticeably nice graphics on it. Engine has 5.5 kilowatt max power and 7.95 NM max torque. Hero claim that, this 100cc bike will serve the mileage of 60 kilometer per liter and the top speed will be 90 kilometer per hour. Its weight is 109kg. Now its price is 10990 BDT.

Hero HF Deluxe
This one has gentle look, nice design and dimension same time affordable price in this 100cc bike. This one is not behind from the others 100cc bikes. Engine has 97.2cc, max power is 5.78 BHP, and max torque is 8.04 NM. According to the claim of Hero, this bike will serve the mileage of 60 kilometer per liter and the top speed will be 90 kilometer per hour. Its weight is 112kg and its price is now 100990 BDT.

Hero iSmart 110
This 110cc bike has some ultra modern features and eye catching design which is really mind blowing for the customers. As to say about the design, its has nice shape fuel tanker, long and wide seating position and the Engine build with ultra modern i3s technology which is able to serve an excellent mileage. “Hero” claims that this bike will serve 75 kilometer mileage in each liter. Current price of this bike is 114990 BDT.

Hero Hunk
One of the legendary bike among the 150cc bikes. This one is one of the top among the customers in the 150cc segment. Its muscular look, good engine power and nice structure nicely attract the customers to it. Its engine has 15.6 BHP max power and 13.5 NM max torque. By having all these, this bikes current price is 15990 BDT.

Hero Glamour
Most of the corporate level people mostly use this bike on the other hand, because of its gentle look, young people attracting to it as well. Nice design and graphics, muscular look as a 125cc bike, good engine power and mileage makes it popular to its customers. Its last price is 124990 BDT.

Hero Achiever
Its price is now downward according to the others 150cc bikes of the market. On the other hand, this one has a nice look and has all the features which are need to have as a 150cc bike. “Hero” claims that, this bike will serve 50 kilometer per liter mileage. Its price is now 135100 BDT.

You don't better waste any more time if you are thinking to have a bike from “Hero”. Pay a visit to your nearest showroom to have your chosen one and make this year special to you and off-course your family.

Total view: 1878

Mofizur Rahman
here available in installment system. if available then how much down payment on "i smart 110". and monthly installment also..

22 January 2018, Midnight 02:11

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