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There is no less of fame of the four wheelers of Mahindra. As they holding a mentionable position in the local market with the four wheelers, same time, they are on the way to hold an excellent place with two wheelers. According to the customers demand, they serving quality bikes in a reasonable price. “Mahindra” always prefers the commuter segments. At the same time, this Indian brand serving the scooter in an affordable price specially for the women. Somehow this brand is famous and each of the bikes of this brand is really amazing to see. Along with the Japanese, Chinese brands, this brand from India gain an excellent place in the market. This is good to say that, this brand has no bike in Bangladesh in the segment of 125cc-150cc, they only do available 100cc-110cc bikes in Bangladesh. The only distributor of this brand in Bangladesh is “Aftab Automobiles Limited” and as they providing quality bikes in a reasonable price to the customers, same way they are going to providing some exciting offer to the customers in this Eid. They are holding slogan “Purchase Mahindra, gain Gold coin” only to make to increase the happiness of the Eid in double number. You just have to purchase Mahindra bikes and scratch the scratch card and you are going to have this chance in any short bike or scooter. You may win a gold coin by scratching the card, same time, you will have the chance to win a Refrigerator or less price of 7000/=. As a certain price, you are going to have a helmet. This offer is available in the each of their bikes. There are so many popular bikes of Mahindra in our roads, lets take a look on the names of those bikes at once:

- Mahindra Arro XT
- Mahindra Centuro Disk Break
- Mahindra Centuro N1
- Mahindra Centuro NXT
- Mahindra Centuro Rockstar
- Mahindra Centuro Rockstar DLX
- Mahindra Pantero
And here are the names of the popular scooter of this brand:
- Mahindra Duro DZ
- Mahindra Gusto 110cc
- Mahindra Rodeo RZ

There bikes are available in the price range of 98000 – 145000 and this is pretty less with the compare of current market of Bangladesh. As the others brands also availing different to attracting the customers, Mahindra is also in the same way to make their customers and well wishers happy. If you are positive with this brand and thinking to have a bike then you should not waste your time to grab the offer. Just make a check on your nearest dealer point.

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