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  • Special Features of UM Motorcycles
    UM BikesDifferent motorcycle companies are manufacturing motorcycles for the riders and exporting them to different country. They are trying to establish their company reputation very strongly and that’s why every manufacturing company tries to give some special facilities or feature at their motorcycles. For this reason dem... more
  • UM motorcycle price list 2016 in Bangladesh
    UM Xtreet RNowadays motorcycles are very popular vehicle across the whole world. Different companies from different Brands are exporting and importing motorcycles to fulfill the demand of motorcycle lovers. In those companies UM Motorcycle Company is included. UM is a motorcycle brand of America. This company manufactures well... more
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  • Hero iSmart 100 Vs Bajaj Discover 100
    Hero iSmart 100 Vs Bajaj Discover 100Hero Moto Corp and Bajaj Auto are the biggest two wheelers and three wheelers manufacturer in India. These two companies not only manufacture motorcycles but they also import their motorcycles to different countries. Many motorcycles will be found in ... more
  • TVS Metro Vs Hero iSmart
    TVS Metro Vs Hero iSmartIn Bangladesh different companies from dissimilar countries are available to provide various types of motorcycles. Among those companies two Indian companies will be found and they are TVS and Hero. These two Indian motorcycles company imports their quality products ... more
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  • Which one is better for your bike? Petrol or octane?
    Fuel is known as the blood of the bike. Without fuel bike can not be run. Though nowadays we have seen some bikes to run by electricity but most of the bikes run with fuel in our country. Two types of fuel engine bike are available in our country. In our country most of the bike lover have a common question. Question is which fuel is better for my bike? Petrol or octane. Generally there ... more
  • Motorcycle dry cell vs wet cell battery
    Battery are used for back up of electricity, especially in the portable device which cannot run without electricity. In the recent time, Battery's has a great importance in those places where main power/national greed is merely available. Before we put our sense in the deep of dry cell and wet cell battery, lets should take a look on t... more