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  • Top 10 100cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
    In Bangladesh demand of motorcycles are increasing very rapidly at present. To provide various types of motorcycles in this country numerous motorcycle manufacturing companies are available. Different categories and segments of motorcycle are at the local motorcycle market from these companies. ... more
  • KEEWAY Superlight 150 is present at the local market
    KeeWay Superlight 150 MotorcycleIn Bangladesh there are many motorcycle brands are available for fulfill the demand of motorcycle riders. In those motorcycle brands Keeway is now getting popular because of their stylish products and reasonable price. Speedos limited are the importers and sol... more
Bike Reviews
  • Bajaj Platina 100 Motorcycle User Review by Bokul
    Bajaj PlatinaAt modern days motorcycles are one of the most loving and attractive vehicles. It saves time and gives a very enjoyable riding experience. I also belong to modern society and that is why I am also attracted to this vehicle from my childhood. I used to s... more
  • TVS Metro Ownership Review by Ashik Islam
    TVS Metro ReviewMotorcycle is one of the most attractive vehicles at present world. I am also attracted to this vehicle very badly from the childhood. Because of my attraction and passion about this vehicle I have learned to ride motorcycle when my age was fifteen or six... more
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  • Which one is better for your bike? Petrol or octane?
    Fuel is known as the blood of the bike. Without fuel bike can not be run. Though nowadays we have seen some bikes to run by electricity but most of the bikes run with fuel in our country. Two types of fuel engine bike are available in our country. In our country most of the bike lover have a common question. Question is which fuel is better for my bike? Petrol or octane. Generally there ... more
  • Motorcycle dry cell vs wet cell battery
    Battery are used for back up of electricity, especially in the portable device which cannot run without electricity. In the recent time, Battery's has a great importance in those places where main power/national greed is merely available. Before we put our sense in the deep of dry cell and wet cell battery, lets should take a look on t... more