What type of fuel you use in your bike?

Octane with petrol


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Bike News

Electric Motorcycle in Bangladesh

Electric motorcycles are one of the most enjoyable vehicles. People of every ages can ride this bikes easily and enjoy the ride. The early history of electric motorcycles is not so clear. But from past information, electric bike was first introduced at 1911. At 1919 Ransomes, sims and jefferie made a demo electric motorcycle in which the batteries were fitted under the seat of the electric bike. W ...

Motrac M3 Motorcycle in Bangladesh

Motrac M3 Most of the motorcycle riders can not trust china motorcycle manufacturing company. Their complain is china motorcycles are not so attractive with their outlooks. Riders can not compare these china motorcycles to other motorcycles like sports or cruiser motorcycle. Riders also tho ...

Bike Reviews

KeeWay RKS100 Bike Ownership Review

KeeWay RKS100 From the childhood I have a dream to buy my own motorcycle. My father never supported me to have a motorcycle, so for three years I had driven my uncle’s Chinese motorcycle with sorrows. After completing my graduation, I got a job and I started to save money to b ...

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Vs Apache RTR 160

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Vs TVS Apache RTR 160 Motorcycle is one most fashionable and enjoyable vehicle. With motorcycle people of every ages enjoy their riding with satisfaction. There are many motorcycles manufacturing company who provides good quality motorcycles ...

TVS Metro 100cc bike ownership review by MD. Samiull Islam Ullas

TVS Metro I have learned to ride motorcycle 11 years ago. From that time I wish I have a bike. But my father had restriction to buy a bike. I was student on that time. After finishing my study, I joined in a job as a Banker. Then one day I bought a bike. Altaf bhai (Owner ...

Yamaha Enticer bike ownership review by Kowel

Yamaha Enticer I bought my first bike on 2003. It was Honda VF. After then I have bought Honda CG125, after this Bajaj Pulsar 150, after this I have bought Bajaj Discover 125 and Yamaha FZ-S. And finally I have bought Yamaha Enticer on 2012. Dear all, I am MD. Abu Hossai ...

Runner Duranto 80cc bike ownership review by MD. Sayed Salam

Runner Duranto 80cc My first motorcycle was Honda HS100 and I bought it for my business purpose. I have a printing press in Rajshahi town and have some land properties in Godagari which is around 17-18km away from Rajshahi town. To take care both of my business I had bought ...

Bike Tips

Importance of Motorcycle Seat Height

Motorcycles are one of the most fashionable and enjoyable vehicle. But if we won't ride it comfortably we can face many difficulties. Riding motorcycle comfortably depends on many different things among them saddle height or seat height is most important. So when someone buys a motorcycle the buyer should be concern about the saddle of that bike. There are many impotence of saddle height or seat h ...

How to prevent from hydroplaning?

What is Hydroplaning? Hydroplaning is a loss of balance or braking control when a layer of water prevents direct contact between tyres and the road, runway, or other surface. It occurs with both two wheels and four wheels vehicles. Hydroplaning occurs with motorcycles more then four wheels vehicles. If we saw the difference between the tyres of four wheels vehicles and motorcycles we will see tha ...

Motorbike Riding with Passenger

Motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable vehicles in our country basis. Motorcycle riding gives the freedom to the riders to enjoy the ride at open air. Those people who loves speed in their life they also loves bike riding. In our country bike riders are increasing day by day. Before a few days past this topic was not so popular at all. But now a day’s motorcycle riding is becoming essential par ...