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  • New Bajaj Discover 125cc
    Bajaj Discover 125ccBajaj Automobiles producing 125cc bike in a whole new format as it is never before. This is really a good news for those bikers who choose standard bike. It has almost no difference in the model but possess difference in Engine. This bikes Engine is more powerful this time then it was. The m... more
  • Bangladeshi 150cc motorcycles
    Runner TurboNowadays two wheeler vehicles has become a part of our day-today life. There are many reasons which make this vehicle Popular. Such as comfortable and easy riding, fuel consumption, stylish and attractive vehicle, perfect for the road situation for our country etc. after introducing this vehic... more
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  • Freedom Royal ES 100cc Bike Price & Review
    Freedom Royal ES 100cc BikeAs to know about the Freedom Royal ES, first of all let’s take a look over the company Runner automobiles, the importer of Freedom brand. Runner automobile is one of the largest bikes selling company of Bangladesh. This company has all the category of the bike. You don’t have to go anywhere, once ... more
  • Freedom Runner F100-6A Bike Price and Review
    Freedom Runner F100-6A BikeRunner is doing something like revolution in the Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, Runner is the only company who has a big amount of models of the bikes in their showroom that no one have to be hopeless due to the budget. At the same time, Runner automobiles producing their all bikes with... more
  • Freedom Royal KS Bike Price and Reviews
    Freedom Royal KS BikeIn the recent time in our country, Runner automobile is one of major motorbike selling company as well as they have a huge popularity all over the Bangladesh. If you ask me why/how they doing this? They did nothing but measure the budget of the people of Bangladesh. You know Runner automobile has all the qual... more
  • Dayang Runner Bullet 135cc bike price and review
    Dayang Runner Bullet 135ccRunner automobiles are making their place in the market so strongly that any other motorbike can hardly compete with them. As a matter of fact, Runner company doing in the perfect thing in the Bangladesh. You know, Bangladeshi people are hard worker in the entire sector. Maximum time they dont want to ... more
  • Bajaj Discover 125ST Bike Price and Reviews
    Bajaj Discover 125ST BikeBajaj Discover 12ST is a flagship products from Bajaj Auto Ltd. Bajaj Discover 125ST came to the market on May 2012. It sporty commuter bike from Bajaj. Bajaj Auto pulls Discover 125ST due to poor sales in Indian market but will continue to produce it for exports. There are two major causes to pull it... more
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  • Which one is better for your bike? Petrol or octane?
    Fuel is known as the blood of the bike. Without fuel bike can not be run. Though nowadays we have seen some bikes to run by electricity but most of the bikes run with fuel in our country. Two types of fuel engine bike are available in our country. In our country most of the bike lover have a common question. Question is which fuel is better for my bike? Petrol or octane. Generally there ... more
  • Motorcycle dry cell vs wet cell battery
    Battery are used for back up of electricity, especially in the portable device which cannot run without electricity. In the recent time, Battery's has a great importance in those places where main power/national greed is merely available. Before we put our sense in the deep of dry cell and wet cell battery, lets should take a look on t... more
  • Why you should purchase Chinese bike?
    There is a believe/proverb in our community that Chinese products are not so durable or quality-less. Is it really true? Lets take a look on the back, what were the condition of Chinese products in the past: The people who are senior citizen, they had seen a bicycle name "China Phoenix" this brand of bicycle is very much famous in all the part of our country. It has the quality in all the side of ... more