Best Engine Oil For Bajaj Pulsar


Best Engine Oil For Bajaj Pulsar


Bajaj is a well known Indian bike manufacturing brand, they produce all kind of bike including, commuter, naked sports, sports and adventure touring bike, there most popular bikes are Bajaj discover series and Bajaj pulsar series, pulsar is a 150 cc naked sports bike, also it is one of the top selling 150cc bike in Bangladesh in previous we mention top 5 best engine oil for Bajaj discover, today we will talk about the top 5 best engine oil for Bajaj pulsar bikes, including mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic oils.

1. Castrol power 1 racing:
castrol power 1 racing 10W50-1670834527.jpg

Castrol power 1 racing is one of the budget friendly synthetic oil from Castrol, it gives a superior performance and smoothness to engine, and also it has a great user review and a good drain interval, price of this engine oil is BDT 1000TK.

2. Havoline 20W50 Mineral:
havoline 20W50-1670834591.jpg

This engine oil has a user base since long, most of the users prefer Havoline as mineral engine oil for pulsar, and it can be use up to 1000 kilometers, price of this engine oil is BDT 520TK.

3. Mobil Superᵀᴹ 4T 20W-50:

As we know Mobil is a world class lubricant manufacturing brand, they offering value for money engine oil and Mobil Superᵀᴹ 4T 20W-50 is suitable for pulsar bikes, and it has a good user review, price of this engine oil is BDT 515Tk.

4. Motul 7100 4T 20W50:
motul 4t 20w50-1632381460-1670834689.jpg

One of the best selling synthetic engine oil in Bangladesh and its one of the best engine oil for pulsar and quality of this engine oil is pretty good, it can be used up to 2500 kilometers, price of this engine oil is BDT 1250Tk.

5. BP Visco 20W50:
BP Visco Bikes - 20W50 , 4T - 1 Ltr-1646023614-1658049841-1670834426.jpg

BP is a leading lubricants brand, there users are much satisfied with their performance and smoothness, it’s widely available engine oil in Bangladesh, price is slightly higher than other brand mineral engine oil, but as a well know brand you can use it without any reliable issue, price of this engine oil is BDT 580Tk.

So these are the best engine oil for Bajaj pulsar bikes, these engine oil are widely available in Bangladesh and the list based on user opinion and review.

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